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Cornish Pirates – Awards 2019/20

Posted: April 21, 2020
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Cornish Pirates – Awards 2019/20
Award 3

John Stirling Memorial Cup for Commitment

This trophy has been presented annually since 1999 in memory of a former player and committee man John Stirling. It is traditionally awarded to someone who has displayed commitment in a considered special way (actually, the first presentation was to a couple, David & Sue Holmes!). Over the years John’s widow Wendy, who continues to be a great supporter of the Pirates, has presented the award.

Previous winners are: 1999 David & Sue Holmes, 2000 Geoff & Kathy Oxenham , 2001 Michael Leah, 2002 Michael Leah, 2003 Viliami Ma’asi, 2004 Steve Evans, 2005 Will James, 2006 Alan Paver, 2007 Alan Paver, 2008 Scott Dugdale & Matt Evans, 2009 Treve Stirling, 2010 Alan Paver, 2011 Tom Luke, 2012 Chris Morgan, 2013 Phil Burgess, 2014 John Stevens, 2015 Geoff Read, 2016 Paul Greaves, 2017 Adrian Bick, 2018 Toby May, 2019 Brett Beukeboom.

Confirming the winner for 2020 is of no surprise and has been a relatively easy choice. Since joining the Cornish Pirates from Plymouth Albion in 2015 this player has throughout displayed wholehearted honesty and commitment, never ceasing to help where he can. The winner is – Brett Beukeboom.

Cornish Pirates’ Joint Head Coach Alan Paver has commented:

Brett embodies everything you think about when using the word commitment to this club. His contribution as a player, a leader and out in the community has been second to none. I know he has left us now but his commitment to this club as a whole will never be forgotten with the legacy he has left behind.


Note: The next 2019/20 award to be announced will be at 7pm this evening.

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