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The Cornish Language Partnership was set up in 2005 to oversee the implementation of the Cornish Language Development Strategy.

The Partnership includes language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have come together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life.

The programme of work it is undertaking is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and by Cornwall Council.


Hartpury e. An Vorladron Gernewek

Dydh yeyn yn Syr Karlywi gans ergh desevys. Kynth esa Hartpury ow kwari erbynn gwyns krev, i o an kynsa dhe skorya gans assay andreylys. Byttegyns an Vorladron a dhehwelis a-dhistowgh ha wosa omdowl lewya a 15 den, i a skoryas aga hynsa assay. Wosa meur a boes ha lu a spalyow res dhe-ves gans Hartpury, an Vorladron a dhallathas ynkressya an skor ha skon yth esa dew assay moy y’n sagh. An re ma a veu sewys gans an assay poynt mas gans Tom Duncan ha dhe hanter-termyn yth esa pymp assay war an folen gans an skor 33-5 dhe’n Vorladron.

Y’n nessa hanter an gwyns a favera Hartpury hag i a dhallethas krambla yn-bann an menydh ha skorya aga nessa assay wosa 48 mynysen. An Vorladron a dhaskavas an dyffrans gans assay Alex o’Meara hag a veu sewys gans tressa assay rag Hartpury. Gans an Vorladron ow trehevel poes war an linen Hartpury, an ragwarioryon a lewyas Tom Duncan dresti dhe wul an skor 15-45. Byttegyns ny wrug Hartpury omri ha gans 14 mynysen gesys i a gavas an assay poynt mas dhe ri an skor finel 20-45 gans 5 poynt rag an Vorladron kemeres tre dres an Tamar.

Hartpury v. The Cornish Pirates

A chilly day in Gloucestershire with snow expected. Although Hartpury were playing against a strong wind, they were the first to score with an unconverted try. However, the Pirates immediately returned and after a 15-man driving maul they scored their first try. After a lot of pressure and a host of penalties given away by Hartpury, the Pirates started to increase the score and soon two more tries were in the bag. These were followed by the bonus try by Tom Duncan and at half-time there were five tries on the sheet with the score at 33-5 to the Pirates.

In the second half the wind favoured Hartpury and they started to climb the mountain and scored their second try after 48 minutes. The Pirates restored the difference with an Alex o’Meara try which was followed by a third try for Hartpury. With the Pirates building pressure on the Hartpury line, the forwards drove Tom Duncan over to make the score 45-15. However, Hartpury didn’t give up and with 14 minutes left they got their bonus point try to make the final score 45-20, with 5 points for the Pirates to take home across the Tamar.

An Vorladron Gernewek e. Kardhana

Gans an gwaytyans a waynyow keyn dhe geyn, yth esa edhomm a nerth bras y’n gam ma erbynn para da. Byttegyns, yth o Kardhana neb a dhallathas an gwella hag a-ji dhe 10 mynysen i a gavas an kynsa skor. An Vorladron a dhasvatalyas dhe gavas aga hynsa skor mes y’n lakka prys nyns esa aga linennow tuchya owth oberi yn ta, ha dhe ruttya holen y’n goliow, Kerdhana a skoryas aga nessa assay poran dhe hanter-termyn der omdowl lewya – 0-12.

Res o dhe’n Vorladron kavos skor a-varr y’n nessa hanter ha dhe 47 mynysen i a resegas erbynn pot ha skorya y’n gornel – 5-12. Mes taklow a dhehwelis dhe bedrak onan pan skoryas Kardhana yn-dann an peulyow dhe wul an skor 5-19. Lemmyn y heveli bos poynt mas kelli a via kales heb prederi a-dro dhe wayn. Byttegyns an Vorladron yw gwrys a dhaffar kreffa, ha skonn yth esens i ow talleth gwaynya tir hag yn unn sewya omdowl lewya, a skoryas – 12-19. Ena spal rag an Vorladron a dhros an skor dhe 16-19 ha gans an klock dhe dhiskwedhes 79 mynysen, Kardhana a ros dhe-ves dew spal yn rew hag yn unn sewya linen duchya hag omdowl lewya kowrek, Tom Lawday a omdorras dhe-ves hag yn unn derri dalghen, ev a omdewlis penn a-rak yn-dann an peulyow – 20-19! Treylans es rag Laurence May – 22-19, an hwibanans finel ha gwayn meur!!

Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster

With the hope of back-to-back wins, a big effort was required in this game against a good team. However, it was Doncaster who started the better and within 10 minutes had the first score – 0-5. The Pirates fought back to get their first score but unfortunately their line-outs were not functioning well, and to rub salt into the wounds, Doncaster claimed their second try right on half-time through a driving maul – 0-12.

The Pirates had to score early in the second half and on 47 minutes they charged down a kick and scored in the corner – 5-12. But things were back at square one when Doncaster scored under the posts to make the score 5-19. Now it seemed that a losing bonus would be difficult without thinking about a win. However, the Pirates are made of tougher stuff and soon they were gaining ground and following a driving maul, scored – 12-19. Then a penalty for the Pirates brought the score to 15-19 and with the clock showing 79 minutes, Doncaster gave away two penalties in a row and following a gigantic rolling maul, Tom Lawday broke loose and breaking a tackle, dived over under the posts – 20-19! An easy conversion for Laurence May – 22-19 the final whistle and a great win!!

Nottingham Away Match Report by Rod Lyon & Phil Lanc

An kynsa hanter o yn gwir An Vorladron oll gans assay a-varr gans Batista. Ena poes kowrek a ledyas dhe spal hag a wrug an skor 0-10. Skoedhyoryon An Vorladron o yn lev da – dell yw usys. Nottingham a wrug an moyha a’ga nebes chonsow dhe ynnhe an aswa dhe 8-10 orth hanter-termyn. Yn gwiryonedh, An Vorladron a lavuryas ma na wrussons i daskor nessa assay kyns hanter-termyn.

An nessa hanter a dhallathas kepar dell wrug an kynsa – skoedhyans levek kowrek hag assay kowrek rag An Vorladron. 8-17. Byttegyns wrynch An Vorladron yn unn dhaskor spalyow a asas Nottingham y’n gam yn unn wul an skor 15-17 gans 10 mynysen dhe wari. Spal es rag Nottingham eth yn stray ha’n Vorladron a veu gesys dhe wari.

An Vorladron a dhallathas dhe wari dhe’n klock gans perghenogeth da hag y heveli y hwrussens i y selya gans 2 vynysen gesys. Mes ken spal a asas Nottingham herdhya yn-rag dhe benn aral. An Vorladron a dhefolas arta ha Nottingham, gans diwettha pot an gam, yn ewn a-dherag an peulyow, a gemeras an gwyns ‘mes goelyow an Vorladron. 18-17 an skor finel dhe Nottingham.

Ken fytt arta hag a veu kellys poran dhe dhiwedh an gam.


The first half was virtually all Pirates with an early  try from Batista. Then huge pressure leading to a penalty 0-10. Pirates supporters in good voice – as usual. Notts made the most of their few chances to bring it back to 8 – 10 at half time. Indeed  Pirates worked hard not to concede a second try just before half time.

The  second half started like the first  – huge vocal support and a huge try for Pirates. 8 -17 .  Pirates knack of conceding penalties let Notts back into the game making it 15 -17 going into the last 10 minutes . An easy penalty for Notts sailed wide and  Pirates were let off.

Pirates started to wind down the clock with good possession and looked to seal it with 2 minutes to go. But another penalty allowed  Notts to surge back to the other end. Pirates infringed again and Notts,  with the last kick of the match, in front of the posts, took the wind out of Pirates sails. 18 -17 the final score.

Yet another game lost at the very end.

An Vorladron a dremenas an avon gans edhomm a wayn poynt mas – aga fytt “tre” gwarys a-ves awos bos gwel devrek.
10-0 dhe’n Vorladron dhe hanter-termyn hag i ow kwarthevya an fytt, y heveli bos hemma possybyl. Wosa hanter-termyn, Hartpury a dheskrifas an Vorladron avel “effeythus yn tibita”, hag y teuth ev ha bos moy es possybyl. Skon tressa ha peswara assay a surhas poynt mas, gans pympes assay ow selya an fytt. Troha’n diwedh, dew assay moy a worras an dehen molys war an penn. An assayow a veu skorys gans O’Meara, Coronel, Day (2), Duncan (2) ha Cowan-Dickie. Skor finel: Hartpury 0, An Vorladron Gernewek 41.
Steren an fytt? Pub an ragwarioryon!
Ytho y fydh kwarter–finel a-ves dhe Ealing Trailfinders, neb yw nessa y’n kesunyans, an 31ns a vis Meurth. Gwren ni preydha aga gorhel!!


So Pirates crossed the river in need of a bonus point win – their “home” match being played away due to a waterlogged pitch.
10 – 0 up at half time, and virtually dominating the match, it looked possible. After half time Hartpury described the Pirates as “ruthlessly efficient” and it became more than possible. After half time a third and then a fourth try ensured a bonus point. With a 5th try on the hour sealing the match. Two further tries were the clotted cream on the top. Tries for O’ Meara, Coronel, Day (twice), Duncan (twice) Cowan-Dickie. Final Score: Hartpury 0, Cornish Pirates 41.
Man of the match? All of the forwards!
So a quarter final away to second placed Ealing Trailfinders. 31st March. Let’s board their ship!!!

An Vorladron yn Bro an Rosen Wynn!

Dalleth marthys gans poes a-varr hag a welas An Vorladron 0-3 yn-rag. Rotherham a leskas yn gwrians ha worthybi gans dew assay treylys – 14-3. Assayow pella gans an dhew bara a wrug an skor dhe hanter-termyn 21-10. Yth esa dalleth da y’n nessa hanter gans an skoedhyoryon yn lev da. Assay Kapten Chris Morgan a dhros an skor dhe 21-17. An Titans ena a veu lehes dhe 14 den dres 10 mynysen, mes na veu prow gwrys a hemma.
Gans termyn ow slynkya dhe-ves, Tom Duncan a worras an Vorladron yn-rag 21-24. Byttegyns, dew spal Rotherham diwedhes a’n gwrug 27-24 dhe benn an fytt.

The Pirates in White Rose country!

Terrific start with early pressure. Pirates 0-3 up. Rotherham stung into action replied with two converted tries 14-3. Further tries by both sides made the half time score 21 -10.
Good start in the second half with Pirates supporters in full cry. Captain Chris Morgan’s converted try making it 21-17. Titans down to 14 men for 10 minutes but no advantage taken. Tom Duncan gave the Pirates the lead at 21 -24 with time slipping away. Two late Rotherham penalties made it 27 -24 at the end.

Ulster erbynn An Vorladron

Kynsa goes a veu tennys gans an wodrigoryon gans spal Laurence May dhe 12 mynysen. Mynnas gans Ulster a veu gobrys gans dew assay, onan an pyth a veu treylys. 12-3.  An Vorladron a veu res nessa spal dhe ri an skor 12-6 dhe hanter termyn.

Dalleth meur rag an Vorladron dhe’n nessa hanter gans O’Meara orth y wul 12-11 gans assay. Gorthyp Ulster distowgh gans assay a dhros an skor dhe 17-11. An Vorladron ynwedh a worthybis yn ta gans Ulster ow ri tri spal ogas dh’aga linen. Mes ple’th esa an assay spal na? Wortiwedh spal Morladron hag a veu dileys gans Ulster a wrug an skor 20-14. An dhew bara a vatalyas rag an gwayn mes yth o Ulster orth y wari yn ledan a skoryas an assay poynt mas.

Gwask diwedhes gans an Vorladron rag poynt mas kelli y’n gornel o heb sewena dhe asa an skor finel 25-14.

Ulster v. The Pirates

First blood for the visitors with a Laurence May penalty on 12. Followed by Ulster intention being rewarded with two tries and one conversion. 12-3.  A second Pirates penalty left it 12-6 at half time.

A great start for Pirates to the second half with O’Meara making it 12- 11. An immediate Ulster response with a try made it 17-11. A great response from Pirates with Ulster giving away three penalties near their line. Where was that penalty try? Eventually a Pirates penalty cancelled out by a Ulster reply took it to 20-14. Both sides have all to play for – and Ulster play it wide for a bonus point try.

Late Pirates pressure in the corner for a losing bonus point was unsuccessful. And so it ended 25-14.


Scarlets Away – Match Report by Philip J Lanc & Rod Lyon

Dynnargh tomm yn nos yeyn rag an Vorladron. Wosa dalleth a dhiskwedhas ambos – 10 mynysen yn hanter an enebieth – An Goghyon a dhehwelis y’n gam yn unn skorya spal hag assay andreylys. 8-0. Laurence May a worthybis gans spal a 40m.  An Gochyon a worthybis gans spal orth 45 mynysen hag assay treylys orth 49 mynysen. 18-3. Orth 55 mynysen Dan Frost a skoryas assay rag an Vorladron, gans treylyans gans Mr. May. 18-10 dhe’n Goghyon. Ha henn o fatel drigas ev bys y’n hwithell finel. Nyns esa poynt mas kelli dhe dhon dres an Havren hag a-dreus dhe’n Tamar.

A warm welcome on a cold night for Pirates. After a promising start – 10 minutes in the opposition half – Scarlets came back into the game scoring with a penalty and an unconverted try. 8-0 Laurence May responding with a 40m penalty. .  Scarlets responded with a penalty on 45 minutes and a converted try on 49 minutes. 18 -3. On 55 minutes Dan Frost scored a try for Pirates, conversion by Mr. May. 18 -10. to the  Scarlets. And that’s  how it stayed to the final whistle. No losing bonus point to carry over the Severn and  across the Tamar.

Brystow erbynn an Vorladron – Match Report by Rod Lyon

Brystow, penn a’n kesunyans, heb kelli fyt an seson ma ha gans pub a’ga linen dhelergh leun a warioryon geswlasek, o gwaynyoryon gans 56-19 (8 assay – 3). Yn despit a’n skor, ny wrug An Vorladron bytkweyth omri mes a vatalyas bys y’n diwedh. Brystow a dhesevis gwaynya der aga sleyneth ha toeth mes An Vorladron yn gwiryonedh a dhesevis dhe’n lyha unn poynt mas kelli.

Bristol v. The Pirates

Bristol, top of the league, undefeated for the season and with their back line full of internationals, were winners by 56-19 (eight tries to 3). In spite of the score, the Pirates never gave up but fought right up to the end. Bristol deserved to win by virtue of their skill and speed but the Pirates in truth deserved at least a losing bonus point.

An Vorladron erbynn Jersenys

Wosa bos fethys war Jersenys yn mis Gwynngala, mall o gans an Vorladron kovlyvra gwayn y’n fyt ma.
An Vorladron a dhallathas yn ta ha wosa 10 mynysen eth yn-rag 3-0 gans spal. Byttegyns, Jersenys a worthybis gans assay trelys – 3-7. An dhew bara a skoryas arta kyns hanter-termyn dhe dhiskwedhes an skor 12-10 dhe Jersenys.
Y’n nessa hanter yth o kompes ynter an dhew bara, mes poester kowrek an ragwarioryon Jersenys a brovas bos an dyffrans hag i a worfennas gwaynioryon 19-15. An Vorladron a brederas dell wrussens i skorya an assay gwaynya orth diwedh an fyt mes yn despit an breusyas dhe sinella assay, rag neb acheson ha dhe’n marth a bub huni, ev a dreylyas y vrys. Dell heveli, nyns o va pur lowen gans neppyth.

The Pirates against Jersey

After being defeated in Jersey in September, the Pirates were keen to register a win in this match. The Pirates started well and after 10 minutes went ahead 3-0 with a penalty. However, Jersey a replied with a converted try – 3-7. Both teams scored again before half-time to show the score 12-10 to Jersey.
In the second half it was level between the two teams, but the colossal weight of the Jersey forwards proved to be the difference and they finished 19-15 winners. The Pirates thought that they had scored the winning try at the end, and in spite of the referee signalling a try, for some reason and to the surprise of everybody, he changed his mind. It seemed that he wasn’t very happy with something.