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The Cornish Language Partnership was set up in 2005 to oversee the implementation of the Cornish Language Development Strategy.

The Partnership includes language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have come together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life.

The programme of work it is undertaking is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and by Cornwall Council.


Hartpury e. An Vorladron Gernewek

A kynsa fyt an seson a-ves o derby leel gans Hartpury – neb pellder a 222 mildir! Gwask a-varr gans Hartpury a dhros dhedha led a 7-0 wosa 5 mynysen. Eyl assay Hartpury a ystynnas aga led dhe 12-0. Hartpury a besyas gans an gwask hag esa ow previ assay gwiw rag an Vorladron. Byttegyns, assay Robin Wedlake sewyes gans onan gans Callum Patterson a levenhas an skoryow gans treylyans yn unn wul an led dhe’n Voradron. Ena, Wedlake a gontrewaytyas delivrans yn y 22 y honan ha ponya an 80 meter dhe blansa an bel dres an linen. Spal dhe’n Vorladron a’n gwrug 12-24 hag gans an klock ow nesa hanter-termyn, an ragwrioryon Hartpury a omherdhyas dres an linen dhe omwitha y’n batel – 17-24. Byttegyns, potya diogel Will Cargill a wrug an dyffrans.

Assay poynt mas dhe’n Vorladron a dheuth wosa 6 mynysen an eyl hanter a dhri an skor dhe 17-29, mes Eves a Hartpury yn unn hedhi an Vorladron yn anlaghel a veu diskwedhys karten velyn – ervirans breusyas hag a veu akordys gans skoedhyoryon An Vorladron. Gwask heb hedhi gans an Vorladron a ledyas dhe assay wrynch-hatt rag Wedlake – 17-34. Mes ny wrug Wedlake esedha war y lorwydh wosa hemma hag ystynna an led dhe 17-39. Gans 10 mynysen gesys Hartpury a dhallathas derevel gwask rag aga peswara assay, ha kyn hwrug an Vorladron daskor niver a spalyow ogas dh’aga linen, an defens a synsas fast, yn unn witha Hartpury heb skor der an nessa hanter. Kyfeyth kynsa war an splytt yw gwiw mes an dehen war wartha a’n gwra marthys, k’ar dell wrug an seythves assay rag an Vorladron, skoryes ha treylyes gans Harvey Skinner dhe ri an skor finel – Hartpury 17, An Vorladron Gernewek 46.

Dhyworth dalleth drog-dharganus a 0-12 wosa 8 mynysen, an Vorladron a wolyas yn kerdh gans gwayn marthys.

Hartpury v Cornish Pirates

The first away match of the season was a local derby with Hartpury – a distance of 222 miles! Early pressure from Hartpury brought them a 7-0 lead after 5 minutes. A second Hartpury try extended their lead to 12-0. More pressure from Hartpury was making this is a real test for the Pirates’ resolve. A Robin Wedlake try followed by one by Callum Patterson 2 minutes later levelled the scores with the conversion giving the Pirates the lead. Westlake then intercepted a pass in his own 22 and ran the 80 metres to dot down. A Pirates penalty made it 12 -24 and Just on half-time the Harpury forwards rumbled over to keep them in it at 17–24. However, Cargill’s reliable kicking made all the difference.

A bonus Pirates try after 6 minutes of the second half brought the score to 17–29. Eves of Hartpury in stopping the Pirates illegally was shown a yellow card – a decison by the referee which was endorsed by the Pirates supporters. Continual Pirates’ pressure lead to Wedlake hat trick – 17–34. But Wedlake didn’t sit on his laurels and extended the lead to 17–39. With 10 minutes left Hartpury pushed hard for a fourth try and although the Pirates conceded a series of penalties close to their line, the defence held fast keeping Hartpury scoreless in the second half. Jam first on the split is proper, cream on the top makes it brilliant – as did the seventh try for the Pirates, scored and converted by Harvey Skinner to give the final score – Hartpury 17, the Cornish Pirates 46.

From an ominous position of 0-12 after 8 minutes, The Pirates sailed away with a great win.

An Vorladron Gernewek e. Coventry

Gans Coventry nowydh avonsys dhe’n Gampyorieth hag yn unn brena niver a warioryon a savon ughel, fyt kales a veu desevys. Henna a veu prevys der an kynsa pymp mynysen gans an dhew bara ow kwari orth toth men. Byttegens yth o an Vorladron a skoryas kynsa gans poot spal sewen gans Will Cargill. Ogas ha dhystowgh, Coventry a worthebis gans aga spal aga honen, 3-3. Wosa kwarter our nebes gwari krev gans an Vorladron a welas Tom Duncan tremena an linen rag kynsa assay an Vorladron. Coventry a besyas gwari gans gallos mes yth o an Vorladron a skoryas arta gans poot spal sewen gans Will Cargill. Ny wrug Coventry lehe aga assay mes poran dhe hanter termyn, an Vorladron a skoryas arta. Yn unn sewya linen duch, an bel a veu danvenys heb let a-hys an linen, ow korfenna gans Harry Strong neb a dremenas y’n gornel. Will Cargill o sewen gans an treylyans kales dhe wul an skor dhe hanter termyn 20-3 dhe’n Vorladron.

An nessa hanter a besyas yn kethsam maner gans an dhew bara ow strivya skorya, mes yth o an Vorladron neb a ynkressyas aga skor gans poot spal. Hemma a veu sewyes gans tressa assay rag an Vorladron hag yth o Tom Duncan arta neb a dremenas an linen. 28-3. Hwath nyns esa chanj vyth yn toth an gwari yn despit niver a gemerydhysi gwrys gans an dhew bara. Lemmyn rag an kynsa tro, Coventry a ylli terri defens an Vorladron ha kyns-Morlador Tom Kessel a skoryas y’n gornel. An treylyans o sewen dhe wul an skor 28-10. Byttegyns yth o an Vorladron a gavas an diwettha ger gans Sam Matevesi ow kwia der an defens Coventry hag yn unn gnoukya kopel dhe’n dor, a skoryas an assay poynt mas rag an Vorladron. Gans treylyans sewen gans Harvey Skinner, hemm o an skor finel – An Vorladron Gernewek 35, Coventry 10.

The Cornish Pirates v. Coventry.

With Coventry newly promoted and buying a number of players of a high standard, a hard match was expected. This was proved during the first five minutes with both teams playing at top speed. However, it was the Pirates who scored first with a successful penalty kick by Will Cargill. Almost immediately Coventry responded with a penalty of their own. 3-3. After a quarter of an hour some powerful play by the Pirates saw Tom Duncan cross the line for the Pirates’ first try. Coventry continued to play with power but it was the Pirates who scored again with a successful penalty kick by Will Cargill. Coventry never lessened their effort but exactly on half-time the Pirates scored again. Following a line-out the ball was sent unhindered along the line, finishing with Harry Strong scoring in the corner. Will Cargill was successful with the difficult conversion to make the score at half-time 20-3 to the Pirates.

The second half continued in the same manner with both sides striving to score, but it was the Pirates who increased their score with a penalty. This was followed by the Pirates’ third try and it was Tom Duncan again who crossed the line – 28-3. There was still no change in the speed of the play in spite of a number of replacements by both sides. Now for the first time, Coventry were able to breach the Pirates’ defence and former Pirate Tom Kessel scored in the corner. The conversion was successful to make the score 28-10. However, it was the Pirates’ who had the last word with Sam Matavesi weaving through the defence and after knocking a couple to the ground, scored the bonus point try for the Pirates. With a successful conversion, this was the final score – The Cornish Pirates 35, Coventry 10.

An Vorladron Gernewek e. Marrogyon Kardhana

Wosa rag-seson sewen, hemm o an prov gwiw. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn krev, yn unn spena brassa rann an kynsa deg mynysen a-ji dhe’n 22 Marrogyon. Byttegyns, yth o an Varrogyon neb a dennas kynsa goes yn unn wertha fekler hag orth y wul, ow kavos aswa ledan yn defens Morladron dhe weles an kynsa skor. Skon wosa hemma, an Vorladron a veu pewashes spal mes poot Will Cargill eth yn-mes an peulyow. Byttegyns an Vorladron a besya omsettya ha skon Sam Matavesi a dreusas an linen dhe wul an skor egwal, 7-7. Ogas ha distowgh an Varrogyon a skoryas aga nessa assay, hag arta an Vorladron a worthybis gans aga nessa assay i, 14-14. Dell hwarva kyns, an Varrogyan a dehwelis hag a skoryas aga thressa assay dhe synsi an led ynwedh arta. Mes ny via an Vorladron fethys ha kyns hanter-termyn i a skoryas aga thressa assay dhe dhri an skor egwall ynwedh. Ytho, dhe hanter-termyn yth o 21-21.

Gans hwegh assay skoryes y’n kynsa hanter, yth esa prederow yn-mysk an skoedhyoryon a lies moy y’n nessa hanter, mes dell hwarva, nyns esa marnas onan. An kynsa chons a godhas dhe’n Varrogyon neb a veu pewashes spal, mes aga foot a gronkyas erbynn an peul ha’n Vorladron a ylli klerhe aga linen. Gwari o mantollys lemmyn mes an Varrogyon a veu pewashes spal yn ewn a-dherag an peulyow ha ny wrug aga fotyer Charlie Folet fyllel. 24-21 dhe’n Varrogyon. Mes yth esa an mordid ow treylya tamm lemmyn ha’n Vorladron a skoryas aga feswara assay yn unn ri dhedha poynt mas ha’n led rag an kynsa tro, 28-24. Ena spal rag an Vorladron ha Will Cargill a veu gelwys dhe gemeres tenn orth an peulyow y’n pyth a wrug e’ seweni. Res o dhe’n Varrogyon lemmyn skorya assay treylyes dhe gavos orth an gwella, kesskor, mes ny wrug hemma hwarvos ha’n gam a worfennas – An Vorladron Gernewek 31, Marrogyon Kardhana 24.

The Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster Knights.

After a successful pre-season, this was the real test. The Pirates started strongly, spending the best part of the first ten minutes inside the Knights 22. However, it was the Knights who drew first blood in selling a dummy and finding a wide gap in the Pirates’ defence to see the first score. Soon after this the Pirates were awarded a penalty but Will Cargill’s kick went wide of the posts. However, the Pirates continued to attack and soon Sam Matavesi crossed the line to equal the scores, 7-7. Almost immediately the Knights scored their second try, and again the Pirates responded with their second try, 14-14. As happened before, the Knights returned and scored their third try to take the lead again. But the Pirates wouldn’t be beaten and before half-time they scored their third try to equal the scores again. So, at half-time it was 21-21.

With six tries scored in the first half, there were thoughts amongst the supporters of a lot more in the second half but as it happened, there was only one. The first chance fell to the Knights who were awarded a penalty but their kick hit the post and the Pirates were able to clear their line. Play was balanced now, but the Knights were awarded a penalty right in front of the posts and their kicker, Charlie Foley, didn’t fail. 24-21 to the Knights. But the tide was turning somewhat now and the Pirates scored their fourth try, giving them the bonus point and the lead for the first time, 28-24. Then a penalty for the Pirates and Will Cargill was called upon to take a shot at the posts which he did successfully. The Knights now had to score a converted try to draw at the best, but this wasn’t to happen and the game finished, The Cornish Pirates 31, Doncaster Knights 24.

An Vorladron Gernewek e. Albion Aberplymm

An vysyt ma dhe Aberplymm a brovis bos fytt pur gales rag an Vorladron, neb a gavas Albion ‘knowen grev’ dh’y krackya. Yth o para Morladron dyffrans yn tien a dhallathas dy’Sadorn es henna a fethas An Chyftens an seythen kyns, mes yth esens i skon owth omsettya orth an linen Albion. Byttegyns, an defens Albion a omsynsas fast hag a-dro dhe hanter fordh y’n kynsas hanter, yth o tro Albion dhe omsettya orth linen an Vorladron. Mes nebes yn-mes an 22, Morlader Maliq Holden a dhalghennas bel lows ha ponya y honen hys an park dhe ygeri folen skorya an Vorladron. Hemma a veu sewys gans gwayans skentyl gans hantrer skyrmys Alex Schwartz, neb a dhanvonas Alex o’Meara rag an nessa assay dhe wul an skor 12-0 dhe’n Vorladron dhe hanter-termyn.

Y’n nessa hanter Abion a-dhystowgh a omsettyas orth linen an Vorladron hag i a veu pewashes gans assay y’n gornel. Albion a besyas dhe worra gwask war linen an Vorladron hag y’n omdowl hag a sewyas linen duch, John Stevens a veu diskwedhys karten velyn rag ‘knouk dhe’n dor’ a-borpos yn unn ri y’n kettermyn assay spal dhe Albion. Lemmyn gans an skor 12-12, an diwettha ugens mynysen a dherivas termyn kales rag an Vorladron, mes nyns o pell kyns Dan Koster a bonyas tre yn-dann an peulyow, sewyes gans Harvey Skinner neb a worras an Vorladron dew skor a-rag gans spal – 12-22. Ny wrussa Albion omri ha pesya omsettya, mes yth o an Vorladron neb a gavas an diwettha ger gans assay – poot treus-park gans Harvey Skinner a veu kemerys yn perfydh gans Robyn Wedlake neb a skoryas ogas dhe’n peulyow. Skor finel: Albion Aberplymm 12, an Vorladron Gernewek 29.

The Cornish Pirates v. Plymouth Albion.

This visit to Plymouth proved to be a very hard match for the Pirates, who found Albion a ‘tough nut’ to crack. It was a completely different Pirates’ team that started Saturday to that which beat the Chiefs the week before, but they were soon attacking the Albion line. However, the Albion defence held fast and around the half-way mark in the first half, it was Albion’s turn to attack the Pirates’ line. But just outside the 22, Pirate Maliq Holden seized a loose ball and ran solo the length of the field to open the Pirates’ score sheet. This was followed by a clever move from scrum-half Alex Schwartz who sent in Alex o’Meara for the second try to make the score 12-0 to the Pirates at half-time.

In the second half Albion immediately attacked the Pirates’ line and were rewarded with a try in the corner. Albion a continued to put pressure on the Pirates’ line and in the maul following a line-out, John Stevens was shown a yellow card for a deliberate ‘knock down’ giving at the same time a penalty try to Albion. Now with the score at 12-12, the last 20 minutes heralded a hard time for the Purates, but it wasn’t long before Dan Koster ran home under the posts, followed by Harvey Skinner who put the Pirates two scores ahead with a penalty – 12-22. Albion would not surrender and continued to attack, but it was the Pirates who had the last word with a try – a cross-field kick by Harvey Skinner was perfectly taken by Robyn Wedlake who scored close to the posts. Final score: Plymouth Albion 12, The Cornish Pirates 29.

An Vorladron Gernewek e. An Chyftens Karesk

Rag an nessa fyt kowethek a’n seson nowydh, an park o ‘gwerthys dien’ – 3,000 skoedhyer – pub anedha gans mall meur dhe weles fyr marthys, ha ny vons i diswaytys! Karesk a worras para gans meur a brevyans ha nerth war an park, mes yth o an Vorladron hag a dennas an kynsa goes – wosa namoy es an tressa mynysen – gans Callun Patterson yn unn skorya y’n gornel. A-dhystowgh wosa an dastalleth, an Vorladron a skoryas arta yn-dann an peulyow. Dew assay a-ji dhe’n kynsa 5 mynysen! Skor, 12-0. Henna a veu sewyes skon gans spal – 15-0. Gwari o uskis penn dhe benn, gans an Vorladron yn unn skorya unn assay moy ha’n Chyftens dew assay. Ogas dhe hanter termyn, Kyle Moyle a veu res karten velyn – tamm ahweg y’m brys – ha der an spal a sewyas, Karesk a skoryas aga thressa assay. Hanter termyn ha 22-21 dhe’n Vorladron.

Yth esa pub huni ow tesevos Karesk dhe gemeres prow a’n 8 mynysen gans Kyle y’n trog-drog, mes an Vorladron a’s teva tybyansow dyffrans ha nagha Karesk skor. Yn gwir, an Vorladron o mar vreselus es dell yns i kyns, ha wosa 60 mynysen, i a skoryas aga feswara assay, gans Christian Judge yn unn gemeras an bel orth toth men ha skorya ogas dhe’n peulyow, yn unn gemeres dew warier Karesk dres an linen ganso. Lemmyn an dhew bara a wrug devnydh a lies arlehor, ha kyn wrug an Chyftens aga gwella, ny yllens i terri defens an Vorladron. Y’n lakka prys, gans pymp mynysen gesys, Sam Morley a Garesk a wodhevis pystik drog ha res o dhodho bos kemerys a-dhiworth an park war rava. An Chyftens a vatalyas yn kales, mes gans spal dhe Vorladron, an bel a veu potyes yn tuch, ha’n gam o gorfennys. Skor finel, 29-21, ha gwayn kowrek rag an Vorladron.

The Cornish Pirates v. Exeter Chiefs.

For the second friendly match of the new season, the ground was a ‘sell-out’ – 3,000 supporters – all of them expecting a great game, and they weren’t disappointed! Exeter put out a team with plenty of experience and strength, but it was the Pirates who drew the first blood – after only the third minute with Callum Patterson scoring in the corner. Right from the restart, the Pirates scored again under the posts. Two tries in the first 5 minutes! Score, 12-0. That was followed soon after with a penalty – 15-0. Play was fast end-to-end, with the Pirates scoring another try and the Chiefs scoring two. On almost half-time, Kyle Moyle was given a yellow card – rather harsh to me – and from the resulting penalty, Exeter scored their third try. Half-time and 22-21 to the Pirates.

Everyone was expecting Exeter to take advantage of the 8 minutes with Kyle in the sin-bin, but the Pirates had different ideas, denying Exeter a score. In fact, the Pirates were as aggressive as they were before, and after 60 minutes they scored their fourth try, with Christian Judge taking the ball at full speed and scoring near to the posts, taking two Exeter players over the line with him. Now both teams made use of plenty of substitutes, and although the Chiefs did their best, they couldn’t break the Pirates’ defence. Unfortunately, with five minutes to go, Exeter’s Sam Morley suffered a bad injury and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher. The Chiefs battled hard, but with a penalty to the Pirates, the ball was put into touch, and the game was over. Final score, 29-21, and a gigantic win for the Pirates.