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An Vorladron Gernewek – The Cornish Pirates

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The Cornish Language Partnership was set up in 2005 to oversee the implementation of the Cornish Language Development Strategy.

The Partnership includes language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have come together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life.

The programme of work it is undertaking is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and by Cornwall Council.


Resrudh e. An Vorladron Gernewek

Hemm o an kynsa fyt kowethek ragseson rag an Vorladron ha mall o gans pub huni a weles an bejethow nowydh yn gwrians- ha ny wrens i tollys. Yth o fyt dien a 80 mynysen ynter an Vorladron ha Resrudh, gans an Vorladron ow korra dew bara dyffrans war an park rag pub hanter, ynwedh gans niver a gemerydhysi. Resrudh a worras ‘mes para krev hag ynwedh gul niver a gemerydhysi der an dohajydh. An dhew bara a warias gans spyrys ha ny ylli an Vorladron skorya dres an kynsa ugens mynysen awos bos defens krev Resrudh. Byttegyns war an diwedh an Vorladron a ygeras aga skor gans assay skoryes – ha treylyes – gans Xavier Alvarez. Yth esa chonsow erel dhe’n Vorladron mes i a fyllas dres niver a gamwriansow sempel. Resrudh ynwedh a warias yn tiwysyk ha batalya gans an Vorladron heb let. Gans hanter termyn ow neshe, an Vorladron a skoryas aga nessa assay gans Rory Parata mes soweth ny wrug Alvarez seweni gans an treylyans. Ha henn o an skor dhe hanter termyn – Resrudh 0, An Vorladron 12.

Y’n nessa hanter an Vorladron a ynkressyas an tooth ha skon i a skoryas yn unn sewya pot dres park gans Will Cargill – an bel dhe aslamma yn kledhek rag Resrudh ha gasa Alex o’Meara dhe skorya. Resrudh a besya defendya yn ta mes ny yllens i handla tooth an Vorladron ha nyns o pell kyns an Vorladron dhe skorya arta dre Matt Bolwell dhe dhri an skor dhe 0-24. Bythkweth ny wrug Resruth omri mes a vatalya yn krev rag assay, mes defens an Vorladron o solid ha ny ylli Resrudh terri aga linen. An Vorladron a ventena an gwask ha skorya dew assay moy, an dhew gans Robin Wedlake. Resrudh a’s teva ‘namm purpur’ dres an diwettha pymp mynysen , mes yn despit a oll aga ober, ny yllens skorya an assay na. Skor finel – Resrudh 0, An Vorladron 36.

Redruth v. The Cornish Pirates.

This was the first pre-season friendly match for the Pirates, and everybody were keen to see the new faces in action – and they were not disappointed. It was a complete 80-minute match between Redruth and the Pirates, with the Pirates fielding two different teams for each half, also making a number of replacements. Redruth put a strong team on the field and also made a number of replacements during the afternoon. Both teams played with spirit and the Pirates were unable to score during the first twenty minutes, due to a strong Redruth defence. However, finally the Pirates opened their score with a try scored – and converted – by Xavier Alvarez. There were further chances to the Pirates but these failed due to simple mistakes. Redruth played keenly and ceaselessly battled with the Pirates. With half time approaching, the Pirates scored their second try through Rory Parata but unfortunately Alvarez did not succeed with the conversion. An that was the score at half time – Redruth 0, The Pirates 12.

In the second half the Pirates upped the pace and soon they scored following a cross-field kick by Will Cargill – the ball bouncing awkwardly for Redruth allowing Alex o’Meara to score. Redruth continued to defend well but they could not handle the Pirates’ speed and it wasn’t long before Matt Bolwell brought the score to 0-24. Still Redruth didn’t give up but strongly fought for a try, but the Pirates’ defence was solid and Redruth could not break their line. The Pirates maintained pressure and scored two more tries, both by Robin Wedlake. Redruth had a ‘purple patch’ during the last five minutes, but in spite of all their work, they could not score that try. Final score – Redruth 0, The Pirates 36.