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The Cornish Language Partnership was set up in 2005 to oversee the implementation of the Cornish Language Development Strategy.

The Partnership includes language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have come together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life.

The programme of work it is undertaking is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and by Cornwall Council.


Ampthill w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Woja gwayn da gans An Vorladron (40-11) a-varra y’n seson, y feu desevys y fia an gam ma moy tynn yn unn sewya gwellheans yn performyans a-gensow a Ampthill. Kyn whrug An Vorladron dalleth yn crev, yth o Ampthill a scoryas kensa y’n 10ves mynysen gans assay treylyes. 4 mynysen woja hemma, Ampthill a ystynnas aga led dhe 10-0 dre bot spal. Byttegyns, woja 17 mynysen An Vorladron a scoryas pot spal, meur ras dhe’n botasen a Will Cargill, ha gans 10 mynysen moy war an clock, Cargill a dhegeas an aswa gans ken pot spal. Yth o tro Ampthill lemmyn dhe scorya, an pyth a wrussons y dre bot spal woja 33 mynysen. Gans an scor dhe 13-6 rag Ampthill, yth o prys rag An Vorladron gul neppyth – an pyth a wrussons y y’n 36 mynysen. Hemma a sewyas spas a wari cooth hag a welas an vowardys ha’n geynoryon omjunya dhe ri assay dhe Rory Parata. Y’n lakka prys, Will Cargill a fyllas gans an pot treylyans cales. Scor dhe hanter-termyn, 13-11.

Y’n nessa hanter, hag ogas ha dystowgh dhyworth an kynsa pot, An Vorladron a waynyas an bel ha Robyn Wedlake a dremenas an linen rag assay, an dro ma treylyes gans Cargill. Kynth esa nebes gwaryoryon gans prevyans Pennroweth ha Keswlasek y’n para Ampthill, yth o An Vorladron esa ow talleth rewlya an gam, ha scon yth esens y ow corra gwask rag ken assay, ha woja niver a linennow-tuch ha spalyow res gans Ampthill, Dan Frost a scoryas assay. Kynth o ansewen an treylans, yth esa An Vorladron lemmyn ow ledya 23-13. Ampthill a brederas dell wrussens y scorya assay woja y dhe resek warbynn pot, mes an breusydh a rewlyas yn faver an Vorladron. Remenant an gam a longyas dhe’n Vorladron gans Dan Frost ow scorya y nessa assay, ha gans Cargill unnweyth arta ow corra an whegrew war an desen gans y dreylyans. Hemma o yn 71ns mynysen hag a brovas bos an diwettha scor. Scor finel: Ampthill 13, An Vorladron Gernewek 30. Gans kows a-dro dhe’n park y halja bos an gam ma an diwettha an seson awos an virus Covid-19, gwren ny gwaytya na vydh hemma an cas.

Ampthill v. The Cornish Pirates.

After a good win by the Pirates (40-11) earlier in the season, it was expected that this game would be tighter following an improvement in Ampthill’s recent performance. Although The Pirates started strongly, it was Ampthill who scored first in the 10th minute with a converted try. 4 minutes later, Ampthill extended their lead to 10-0 through a penalty kick. However, after 17 minutes on the clock The Pirates scored a penalty kick, thanks to the boot of Will Cargill, and with 10 minutes more on the clock, Cargill closed the gap with another penalty kick. Now it was Ampthill’s turn to score, which they did with a penalty kick after 33 minutes. With the score at 13-6 to Ampthill, it was time for The Pirates to do something – which they did in the 36th minute. This followed a period of excellent play which saw the forwards and the backs combining to give Rory Parata a try. Unfortunately Will Cargill failed with the difficult conversion kick. Score at half-time, 13-11.

In the second half, and almost immediately from the kick off, The Pirates won the ball and Robyn Wedlake crossed for a try, this time converted by Cargill. Although there were some players with Premiership and International experience in the Ampthill side, it was the Pirates who were ruling the game, and soon they were applying pressure for another try, and after a number of line-outs and penalties given away by Ampthill, Dan Frost scored a try. Although the conversion was unsuccessful, The Pirates were now leading 23-13. Ampthill thought that they had scored a try following a charge down, but the referee ruled in favour of The Pirates. The remainder of the game belonged to The Pirates with Dan Frost scoring his second try, and with Will Cargill once again putting the icing on the cake with his conversion. This was in the 71st minute, and proved to be the last score of the game. Final score: Ampthill 13, The Cornish Pirates 30. With talk around the ground that this game could be the last of the season because of the Covid-19 virus, let us hope that this is not the case.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Nottingham

Ynwedh arta yth esa edhom a dhiw whithrans a’n park y’n myttinweyth awos moy a law poos dres an seythen. Y’n gwella prys, an golow gwer a veu res ha’n fyt eth yn-rag. Dres an kynsa hanter, An Vorladron a rewlyas an gam yn unn wul niver a wayansow hag a worras Nottingham war an droos dhelergh. An Vorladron o an kensa dhe scorya gans assay gans Rory Parata – Will Cargill ow keworra an treylyans. An Vorladron a scoryas arta y’n 20ves mynysen pan wrug Will Wilson trehy linen vryntin dhe folsa an defens Nottingham, yn unn dava warnans yn-dann an peulyow rag treylyans es rag Cargill. 3 mynysen woja hemma Nottingham a gavas aga hynsa foyntyow gans pot spal – 14-3. Gans an Vorladron whath ow quarthevya maters, tressa assay a dheuth y’n 35ns mynysen pan wrug Dan Frost gweles ajwa yn linen Nottingham ha scorya ogas dhe’n peulyow, yn unn ry dhe Cargill ken treylyans es. Gans an scor ma a 21-3, an dhew bara a asas an park rag hanter-termyn.

Y’n nessa hanter, An Vorladron a besya dell wrussens y gasa an kynsa hanter, hag y heveli bos an peswara assay ha’n poynt mas scon y’n sagh. An Vorladron eth pur ogas dhe scorya teyrgweyth dhe’n lyha, mes an defens Nottingham a omsynsas fast hag y’n 50ns mynysen Nottingham a ladras an bel war aga linen aga honan ha scon yth esens y dhe benn aral an park. Hemm a brovas bos poynt treylya y’n gam. Yn le An Vorladron ow quarthevya an gam, yth o Nottingham. Woja niver a spalyow ha carten velin rag Fa’atiga Lemalu, Nottingham a waynyas aga hynsa assay – attent treylyans an pyth a gronkyas warbynn an peul. Lemmyn gans Nottingham ow korra meur a wask war dhefens an Vorladron, y a scoryas aga nessa assay dhe dhry an score dhe 21-15. Lemmyn y’n le a wayn poynt mas es, yth esa An Vorladron ow batalya rag an gwayn, hag yth esa 10 mynysen pur nervus ragdhans – ha’n scodhoryon kekeffrys. Byttegyns, pub huny a anellas hanasen dhown a dhifresyans pan wrug breusydhes Sarah Cox sinela heb tu ha Will Cargill a botyas an bel yn tuch. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 21, Nottingham 15.

The Cornish Pirates v. Nottingham

Once again there had to be two pitch inspections in the morning after more heavy rain during the week. Fortunately, the green light was given and the match went ahead. For the first half, The Pirates ruled the game, making a number of moves which put Nottingham on the back foot. The Pirates were the first to score with a try by Rory Parata – Will Cargill adding the conversion. The Pirates scored again in the 20th minute when Will Wilson cut a brilliant line to split the Nottingham defence, touching down under the posts for an easy conversion for Cargill. 3 minutes after this, Nottingham got their first points with a penalty kick – 14-3. With the Pirates dominating maters, a third try came in the 35th minute when Dan Frost saw a gap in the Nottingham line and scored close to the posts, giving Cargill another easy conversion. With this score of 21-3 the two teams left the field for half-time.

In the second half, The Pirates continued as they had left off in the first half, and it was seeming that the fourth try and the bonus point would be soon in the bag. The Pirates went very close to scoring on three occasions at least, but the Nottingham defence held fast and in the 50th minute they stole the ball on their own line and soon they were at the other end of the pitch. This proved to be a turning point in the game. Instead of The Pirates dominating the game, it was Nottingham. After a number of penalties and a yellow card for Fa’atiga Lemalu, Nottingham gained their first try – the conversion attempt of which hit the post. Now with Nottingham putting a lot of pressure on the Pirates’ defence, they scored their second try to bring the score to 21-15. Now instead of an easy bonus point win, The Pirates were fighting for the win, and there was a nervous 10 minutes for them – and also the supporters. However, everybody breathed a deep sigh of relief when Referee Sarah Cox signalled full-time and Will Cargill kicked the ball into touch. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 21, Nottingham 15.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Coventry

Woja kewer lyp heb let, yth o marthys dhe weles bos an park in studh da rag an gam. Kynth o semlant an enep moy avel henna a dreth, yth o soled ha fast, prevys gans tooth ha kewerder an gwary dhyworth an dhew bara. An Vorladron o an kensa dhe scorya y’n 6es mynysen dre bot spal gans Will Cargill. Coventry byttegyns a worthybis gans spal aga honan 3 mynysen woja hemma. An Vorladron a yncressyas aga led y’n 13ves mynysen gans ken spal. Ena, y’n 20ves mynysen ha’n ruth ow takkya diwla rag skodhyans an Campyorieth warbynn an trogh yn arhasans gans an RFU, Will Wilson a gavas aswa yn defens Coventry ha scorya assay kooth yn-dann an peulyow, hag a askorras takkya diwla creffa ha gans garm cowrek. Coventry a worthybis a-dhistowgh gans spal, mes rag remenant an hanter, nyns esa dyffrans ynter an dew bara, gans pub ow potya spal, dhe dhiskwedhes scor dhe hanter-termyn 19-12.

Ogas ha distowgh woja dalleth an nessa hanter, higer Dan Frost a guntellas delivrans hag yn unn dhistrewy an defens Coventry, ev a scoryas yn-dann an peulyow. Semlant a daclow o gwell lemmyn rag an Vorladron gans an scor ma mes Coventry a sewenis gans spal hag a veu sewyes yn scon gans assay, yn unn dhegea an aswa ynter an dhew bara dhe 4 poynt. A-dhistowgh yth esa gwask war An Vorladron dhe ygery an aswa arta ha hemma a wrussons y. Movyans oberys yn ta a welas Kiri Kiri kavos assay y’n gornel ha tamm a-woja, discarga bryntin gans Frostie dhe A.J.Cant, a yncressyas pella an score. Mes, dell veu desevys, ny wrug Coventry omblegya, hag y a scoryas dew assay a’ga honan. Byttegyns, y’n 76ns mynysen Will Cargil a wrug an gam salow gans pot spal sewen, ha dhe worfenna, gans Coventry assaya resek gans a bel dhyworth aga linen-assay, y a gnoukyas yn-rag, ha Robyn Wedllake a lammas war an bel ha scorya y’n gornel. Will Cargill, yn unn ventena y roweth potya a 100%, a sewenis gans an treylyans. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 47, Coventry 31 – gwayn hag a ros dhe’n Vorladron le y’n hanter-finelyow.

The Cornish Pirates v. Coventry

After continuous wet weather, it was amazing to see the pitch in such a good state for the game. Although the appearance of the surface was more like that of a beach, it was solid and firm, proven by the speed and accuracy of the play from both sides. The Pirates were the first to score in the 6th minute through a penalty kick by Will Cargill. Coventry however responded with a penalty of their own 3 minutes later. The Pirates increased their lead in the 13th minute with another penalty. Then, in the 20th minute with the crowd applauding to support the Championship against the cut in funding by the RFU, Will Wilson found a gap in the Coventry defence and scored an excellent try under the posts, which produced stronger applause and a huge cheer. Coventry replied immediately with a penalty, but for the remainder of the half there was no difference between the two sides with each kicking a penalty, to show the score at half-time, 19-12.

Almost immediately after the start of the second half, hooker Dan Frost a gathered a pass and destroying the Coventry defence, scored under the posts. Things looked much better now for the Pirates with this score, but Coventry succeeded with a penalty which was soon followed by a try, closing the gap between the two sides to 4 points. Suddenly there was pressure on the Pirates to open the gap again and this they did. A well-worked move saw Kiri Kiri get a try in the corner and just after, a brilliant offload by Frostie to A.J.Cant, further increased the score. But, as was expected, Coventry did not fold and scored two tries of their own. However, in the 76th minute Will Cargill made the game safe with a successful penalty kick, and to finish, with Coventry trying to run the ball from their try-line, they knocked on, and Robyn Wedlake pounced on the ball and scored in the corner. Will Cargill, in maintaining his 100% kicking rate, succeeded with conversion. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 47, Coventry 31- a win which gave the Pirates a place in the semi-finals.

Falhunes Castelnowydh w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Hemm o vyaj a ogas dhe 500 mildir dhe’n barth cledh a Bow an Sowson, ha gans an nowodhow fest drog degemerys a-varra y’n seythen dhyworth an ERFU, yth esa bern y whrussa hemma effeytha an para, mes ny wrug – pub anedha a worras aga holon ynno warbynn para gans gwaryoryon – ha arhasans – an nivel Pennroweth. An gwyns a wrug an gam cales, mes an Falhunes o yn form bryntyn ha kemeres pub chons a deuth dhedha. Ynwedh, pub tra eth yn ewn ragdha – ny vern an pyth a wrussons assaya. Yth o ober cales rag an Vorladron, hag a-jy dhe 6 mynysen Castelnowydh a gavas aga hensa assay. Hemma a veu sewyes gans dew voy gans 16 mynysen war an clock. An Vorladron a vatalyas yn cales ha woja tewlel a-ji uskys y feu prederys bos assay dhedha, mes y’n lakka prys y feu breusyes na wrug an towl mos 5 meter. An Falhunes byttegyns o whath para an creffa hag y’n 35ves mynysen i a scoryas aga feswara assay ha cavos an poynt mas. Orth hanter-termyn an scor o 26-0.

Y’n nessa hanter yth esa menydh dhe grambla rag an Vorladron, mes i a omsevys dhe’n oberen ha tamm ha tamm a dheuth creffa hag i o anfeusik na wrussons i scorya. Lemmyn yth esa an Falhunes neb esa o cul cammwryansow, yn unn potya an bel yn fenowgh heb tira ha kelly nebes a’ga linennow tewlel, mes whath i o an nessa dhe scorya, gans assay y’n 51ns mynysen. War an diwedh gwask an Vorladron a vew pewashes, hag y’n 66ns mynysen i a scoryas. Castelnowydh byttegyns a’s teva an diwettha ger gans aga 6es assay woja 75 mynysen. Y’n diwttha 5 mynysen an Vorladron a worras meur a wask war linen an Falhunes mes ny aljens i scorya. Scor finel: An Falhunes Castelnowydh 40, An Vorladron Gernewek 7.

Newcastle Falcons v. The Cornish Pirates

This was a trip of almost 500 miles to the north of England, and with the terrible news received earlier in the week from the ERFU, there was a concern that this would affect the team, but it didn’t – every one put their heart into it against a team with players – and funding – of Premiership level. The wind made the game difficult, but the Falcons were on top form and took every chance which came to them. Also, everything went right for them, no matter what they tried. It as a difficult task for the Pirates, and within 6 minutes Newcastle got their first try. This was followed by two more with 16 minutes on the clock. The Pirates battled hard and after a quick throw-in it was thought that they had scored, but unfortunately it was adjudged that the throw did not go 5 metres. The Falcons however were still the stronger team and in the 35th minute they scored their fourth try and had the bonus point. At half-time the score was 26-0.

In the second half there was a mountain to climb for the Pirates, but they rose to the task and gradually became stronger and were unfortunate not to score. Now it was the Falcons who were making mistakes, often kicking the ball out on the full and losing some of their line-outs, but still they were the next to score, with a try in the 51st minute. Finally, pressure from the Pirates was rewarded, and in the 66th minute they scored. Newcastle however had the last word with their 6th try on 75 minutes. In the last 5 minutes the Pirates put a lot of pressure on the Falcons line but were unable to score. Final score: Newcastle Falcons 40, The Cornish Pirates 7.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Marrogyon Cardhana

Gans dout y whrussa an fyt ma mos yn rag dhe unn eur, an park a veu whithrys ha’n golow gwer a veu res bos puptra yn ta. Byttegyns, ny veu prederys y fia meur a rugby uskys y’n fyt mes nynj o henna an cas, gans An Vorladron ow quary orth tooth men ha gans lowr a rugby resek. Kyn whrug An Vorladron dalleth gans movyans a neb 30 agwedh, yth o an Varrogyon a scoryas an kensa, gans 3 foynt dhyworth an votasen a Olver y’n 8ves mynysen. Ny wrug hemma onweles An Vorladron neb a omsettyas dell wrussens y orth an dalleth, ha woja 13 mynysen an kensa assay a dheudh der assay gans Callum Paterson. 7 mynysen woja hemma, Callum a scoryas arta dhe dhri an scor dhe 10-3. An nessa dhe scorya o Alex o’Meara neb gans 35 mynysen war an clock, a droghas dre dhefens an Varrogyon ha dhyworth 40 meter orth tooth men, scorya ogas dhe’n gornel. An dro ma, an gwyns fell o nebes kerra dhe Javier Alvarez, neb o sewen gans an treylyans. An scor dhe hanter-termyn: 17-3.

Y’n nessa hanter gans An Vorladron ow quary gans an gwyns, moy a assayow a veu desevys, mes yth esa tybyansow dyffrans dhe Gardhana neb a vatalyas yn crev der an hanter. Byttegyns, yth o An Vorladron a scoryas an nessa assay – unnweyth arta gans Callum Paterson – dhe ri dhe’n Vorladron aga peswara assay ha raghenna an poynt mas. Ena y’n vynysen nr.70, Cardhana, woja meur a ober, a gavas assay dendilys yn-ta, pan wrussons y notya ajwa byhan yn defens An Vorladron ha scorya assay yn-dann an peulyow. Gans an treylyans sewen an scor lemmyn o 22-10. Mes yth o An Vorladron a gavas an diwettha ger der Alex O’Meara, neb yn unn dhegemeres delivrans sempel dyworth Javier Alvarez woja omsettyans an vowardys war an linen Gardhana, a scoryas assay y’n gornel. Gans treylyans ansewen arta der an gwyns crev, an breusydh a dhros an fyt dhe benn, Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 27, Marrogyon Cardhana 10.

The Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster Knights

With a doubt that this match would go ahead at one o’clock, the pitch was inspected and the green light given that everything was okay. However, it wasn’t thought that there would be much fast rugby in the match but this was not the case, with The Pirates playing at top speed and with plenty of running rugby. Although The Pirates started with a move of some 30 phases, it was the Knights who scored first, with 3 points from the boot of Sam Olver. This did not upset The Pirates who attacked as they had at the start and after 13 minutes the first try came via Callum Paterson. 7 minutes later, Callum scored again to bring the score to 10-3. The next to score was Alex o’Meara who with some 35 minutes on the clock, cut through the Knights’ defence and from 40 metres at top speed, scored close to the corner. This time the cruel wind was kinder to Javier Alvarez, who was successful with the conversion. The score at half-time: 17-3.

In the second half with The Pirates playing with the wind, more tries were expected, but Doncaster had different ideas, who battled strongly throughout the half. However, it was The Pirates who scored the next try – once again by Callum Paterson – to give the Pirates their fourth try and therefore the bonus point. Then in the 70th minute, Doncaster, after a lot of work, got a well earned try, when they spotted a small gap in The Pirates’ defence and scored a try under the posts. With the successful conversion the score now was 22-10. But it was The Pirates who had the last word through Alex O’Meara, who, receiving a simple pass from Javier Alvarez after a forwards’ attack on Doncaster’s line, scored in the corner. With the conversion again unsuccessful because of the strong wind, the referee brought the game to an end. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 27, Doncaster Knights 10.

Coventry w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Rag an fyt ma, An Vorladron a wrug nebes chanjyow gans kensa dalleth rag Harry Davey, hag yn unn dhewheles wosa brew o Hayden King ha Fa’atiga Lemalu. An Vorladron a scoryas kensa pan wrug Javier Alvarez potya spal, mes 6 mynysen woja hemma, Coventry a worthebis ynwedh gans spal. Y’n 11ves mynysen Alvarez o sewen gans ken pot spal hag a veu sewyes y’n 16ves mynysen gans assay gans Callum Patterson. Hemma a veu treylyes gans Alvarez dhe wul an scor 3-13. Kynth esa An Vorladron ow ledya, Danny Cutmore ha Callum Patterson yn unn sewya niver a spalyow, a veu res cartennow melyn. Gans An Vorladron lehes dhe 13 den, Coventry a gemeras prow leun ha scorya dew spal moy dhe dhri an scor orth hanter-termyn dhe 9-13.

Ogas ha dystowgh dhe dhalleth an nessa hanter, An Vorladron a scoryas aga nessa assay, meur ras dhe Jack Andrew, and pyth a veu treylyes gans Alvarez. Orth an prys ma an fyt, y hevely y whrussa An Vorladron martesen recordya gwayn da yn Coventry, mes y’n lakka prys Coventry a’n jeva tybyansow dyffrans. Dew vynysen woja hemma Coventry a scoryas aga hensa assay, treylyans an pyth aga gorra namoy es 4 poynt a-dhelergh An Vorladron orth 16-20. Lemmyn Coventry a allja blasa tryhans ha gans 58 mynysen war an clock, Luke Wallace, nowydh sinys dhyworth Harlequins, a scoryas assay hag a veu treylyes dhe wul an scor 23-20. 5 mynysen woja hemma, Coventry a gavas aga thressa assay dhe dhri an scor dhe 28-20. An Vorladron a vatalyas yn crev mes ny alljens cavos namoy es 3 foynt dhyworth pot spal gans Alvarez. Martesen hen o fyt y codhvia dhe’n Vorladron gwaynya, mes ny wrussons ha res o dhodhans dewheles dhe Gernow gans namoy es unn poynt. Scor finel: Coventry 28, An Vorladron 23.

Coventry v. The Cornish Pirates

For this match, The Pirates made a number of changes with a first start for Harry Davey, and returning from injury, Hayden King and Fa’atiga Lemalu. The Pirates scored first when Javier Alvarez kicked a penalty, but 6 minutes later, Coventry replied, also with a penalty. In the 11th minute Alvarez was successful with another penalty kick which was followed in the16th minute with a try by Callum Patterson. This was converted by Alvarez to make the score 3-13. Although the Pirates were leading, Danny Cutmore and Callum Patterson following a number of penalties, were given yellow cards. With The Pirates down to 13 men, Coventry took full advantage and scored two more penalties to bring the score at half-time to 9-13.

Almost at the start of the second half, The Pirates scored their second try, thanks to Jack Andrew, which was converted by Alvarez. At this point in the match, it seemed that The Pirates would record a win at Coventry, but unfortunately Coventry had different ideas. Two minutes later Coventry scored their first try, the conversion of which put them only 4 points behind The Pirates. Now Coventry could smell victory and with 58 minutes on the clock, Luke Wallace, newly signed from Harlequins, scored a try which was converted to make the score 23-20. 5 minutes later Coventry got their third try to bring the score to 28-20. The Pirates battled hard, but they could get no more than three points from a penalty kick by Alvarez. Perhaps this was a match that the Pirates should have won, but they didn’t and had to return to Cornwall with no more than one point. Final score: Coventry 28, The Cornish Pirates 23.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Glesyon Bedford.

Fyttow warbynn Glesyon Bedford yw pub prys cales ha tynn ha ny veu hemma dyffrans, yn despit dh’aga sewyansow a-varra y’n seson. Mars esa whath dout, woja moy es 15 mynysen yth o prevys gans an scor alwhedhys orth 0-3, sewyans a spal rag an Lesyon. An dhew bara a vatalyas rag an kensa assay, mes an defensow o soled dhe bub tu. Byttegyns An Vorladron o a kensa dhe dhialwedha an studh gans cachya ha herdhya ha gans an bel synsys yn diwla salow Tom Duncan, ev a dremenas an linen. Will Cargill a geworras an treylyans dhe dhri an score dhe 7-3. Nebes woja hemma, yn unn sewya movyans bryntin dallethys gans Kyle Moyle, Robyn Wedlake a scoryas y’n gornel. Y’n lakka prys nag o attent treylyans Will Cargill sewen. Lemmyn yth o tro Glesyon Bedford scorya, ha dell wrug An Vorladron, i a scoryas der assay cachya ha herdhya. An treylyans o sewen dhe dhisquedhes an scor dhe hanter-termyn, 12-10.

An nessa hanter o yn gwir batel cales, mes dew spal sewen gans Will Cargill ha kemerydh Javier Alvarez, An Vorladron a yncressyas aga led dhe 18-10 gans an skians lemmyn y fia edhom dhe Bedford scorya diwweyth dhe waynya. Bedford a dewlis puptra orth an Vorladron hag i a veu pewashes pan wrug aga Nr. 11 scorya y’n gornel. An treylyans o ansewen ha gans an scor dhe 18-15 ha deg mynysen war an clock, Bedford a alja gweles ken assay a wrussa ri dhodhans an fytt. Mes in despit dhe’n pyth a wrug Bedford a dewlis ortans, defens an Vorladron o soled hag y’n diwettha diw vynysen, Javier Alvarez a alja ladra an bel hag yn unn sewya kevres a dervansow gans an vowardys, An Vorladron a withas an bel pell lowr rag voward Bedford dhe sedha dres an tervans yn unn ri dhe’n brusydh an ervirans es dhe bewashe spal. Alvarez a dhros an fyt dhe benn dre botya an bel yn tuch. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 18, Glesyon Bedford 15. Nyns o hemma an gwella performyans An Vorladron, mes ny alja den vyth naha a wrug aga defens dendil an peswar poynt.

The Cornish Pirates v. Bedford Blues.

Matches against Bedford Blues are always difficult and tight and this one was no different, in spite of their results earlier in the season. If there was still doubt, after more than 15 minutes it was proven with the score locked at 0-3, result of a penalty for the Blues. Both sides battled for the first try, but the defences on both sides were solid. However, The Pirates were the first to unlock the situation with a catch and drive and with the ball in the safe hands of Tom Duncan, he crossed the line. Will Cargill added the conversion to bring the score to 7-3. Just after this, following a brilliant move started by Kyle Moyle, Robyn Wedlake scored in the corner. Unfortunately, Will Cargill’s conversion attempt was unsuccessful. Now it was the turn of Bedford to score, and as did the Pirates, they scored via a catch and drive. The conversion was successful to show the score at half-time, 12-10.

The second half was truly a hard battle, but two successful penalties by Will Cargill and replacement Javier Alvarez, The Pirates increased their lead to 18-10, with the knowledge now that Bedford needed to score twice to win. Bedford threw everything at the Pirates and they were rewarded when their No. 11 scored in the corner. The conversion was unsuccessful and with the score at 18-15 and ten minutes on the clock, Bedford could see another try would give them the match. But in spite of what Bedford threw at them, The Pirates’ defence was solid and in the last two minutes, Javier Alvarez was able to steal the ball and following a series of rucks by the forwards, The Pirates kept the ball long enough for a Bedford forward to dive over the ruck giving the referee the easy decision to award a penalty. Alvarez brought the match to an end by kicking the ball into touch. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 18, Bedford Blues 15. This wasn’t the best Pirates’ performance but nobody could deny that their defence earned the four points.

Jersenys w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Hemma o an 100ves gam rag capten an Vorladron, Brett Beukaboom, ha pyth a via gwell ragdho es an kensa gwayn war an enys yn 8 bledhen? A wrussa an Vorladron cowlwul an sewyans ma? An Vorladron a dhallathas yn ta, yn unn worra meur a wask war Jersenys, mes yth o Jersenys neb o an kensa dhe scorya y’n 7ves mynysen, pan wrug aga Nr.8 tremena rag assay, treylyes gans Brendan Cope. 9 mynysen woja hemma Jerseny a scoryas arta pan wrug Brendan Cope seweni gans pot spal. 10-0. Byttegyns, ny wrug an scor ma omwheles An Vorladron, neb a besya omsettya, hag y feu prederys del wrussa Tom Cowan-Dickie scorya assay, mes an breusydh a leveris bos an bell synsys yn-bann. Ena, nebes kens hanter-termyn, An Vorladron a veu pewashes spal a-dherag an peulyow ha ny wrug Will Cargill fyllel gans y bot. Hanter-termyn 10-3.

A-varr y’n nessa hanter, Jersenys a gollas aga hapten dre garten melen rag dalhen uhel. Lemmyn yth esa chons rag An Vorladron ha hemma a dheudh dre spal, an pyth a wrug Will Cargill treylya heb cudyn. Kynth esa niver a gammwriansow gwres gans an dhew bara – ha niver a gemerydhysy – y’n 55es mynysen hag yn unn sewya lewyas nerthek, Tom Channon a ros an led dhe’n Vorladron rag an kensa tro, pan wrug e’ scorya assay, an pyth arta, a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill. Gans levow crev aga scodhyoryon war aga lergh, An Vorladron a ystynnas an led ma gans ken spal sewen gans Will Cargill – 10-16. Gans penn an fyt yn golok, Jersenys a omsettyas war linen An Vorladron, mes sleyneth a gapten Brett Beukaboomn a ladras aga linen-duch ha’n Vorladron a layuryas aga fordh bys y’n 22 Jersenys, le may whrug Robyn Wedlake scorya y’n gornel, gans Will Cargill ow pos sewen arta gans an treylyans. An scor ma a nahas Jersenys poynt mas kelly. Scor finel – Jersenys 10, An Vorladron Gernewek 23.

Jersey v. The Cornish Pirates.

This was the 100th game for the captain, Brett Beukaboom, and what would be better for him than the first win on the island in 8 years? Would the Pirates achieve this result? The Pirates started well, applying a lot of pressure on Jersey, but it was Jersey who were the first to score when their Nr.8 scored a try, converted by Brendan Cope. 9 minutes later Jersey scored again when Brendan Cope succeeded with a penalty kick. 10-0. However, this score did not upset The Pirates who continued to attack, and it was thought that Tom Cowan-Dickie had scored a try, but the referee said that the ball had been held up. Then a few minutes before half-time, The Pirates were awarded a penalty in front of the posts and Will Cargill did not fail with his kick. Half-time, 10-3.

Early in the second half, Jersey lost their captain through a yellow card for a high tackle. Now there was a chance for The Pirates and this came via a penalty, which Will Cargill converted without a problem. Although there were a number of mistakes by both sides – and a number of replacements – in the 55th minute and following a powerful drive, Tom Channon gave The Pirates the lead for the first time, when he scored a try, which was again converted by Will Cargill. With the strong voices of their supporters behind them, The Pirates extended this lead with another successful penalty by Will Cargill – 10-16. With the end of the match in sight, Jersey attacked The Pirates’ line, but the skill of captain Brett Beukaboom stole their line-out, and The Pirates worked their way up to the Jersey 22, where Robyn Wedlake scored in the corner, with Will Cargill successful again with the conversion. This score denied Jersey a losing bonus point. Final score – Jersey 10, The Cornish Pirates 23.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Carnegie Pow Evrek.

Kynth eus Phil Davies orth an lew Carnegie Pow Evrek lemmyn dhe assaya treylya aga fortunnyow, unnweyth arta an seythen ma y bara a wodhevys ken fethans poos, yn unn dhisquedhes bos meur a ober ragdho dhe wul rag Pow Evrek durya y’n kesunyans ma. An Vorladron a omsettyas a’n dalleth ha warbynn 6 mynysen, yth esa aga hensa assay scoryes gans Rob Wedlake, an pyth a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill. Pow Evrek byttegyns a vatalyas yn crev, mes yn despit dhe Joe Ford ha Tom Varndell war an park ragdha, ny yllens lesta an omsettyans heb let dhyworth an Vorladron. Pow Evrek a assaya nebes movynasow omsettyans aga honen, mes defens An Vorladron ow re grev ragdha. Yth esa An Vorladron ow controlya yn tien an gam ha nyns o pell kens dos an nessa assay, meur ras dhe Tom Cowan-Dickie, ha tressa wosa resek nerthek gans Steren an Fyt James McRae, an dhew ma ynwedh treylyes gans Will Cargill. Yth o prederys dell veu an peswara assay scoryes poran dhe hanter-termyn, mes kyn whrug an breusyas sinya assay, an is-breusyas a leveris bos delivrans yn-rag. Ytho dhe hanter–termyn an scor a drigas dhe 21-0.

Kyn feu assay denahys dhe benn an kensa hanter, a-ji dhe vynysen a’n nessa, JB Bruzulier a scoryas y’n gornel. Hemma a veu sewyes teyr mynysen a’y wosa gans assay nr. 5 gans Rob Wedlake. Kynth esa Pow Evrek ow tefendya yn hardh, ny yllens i synsy tooth na sleyneth an Vorladron, hag yth o apert y fia assayow moy ow tos – hag o a cas. Kynth esa liv a gemerydhysy comendys a-varr y’n hanter, ny wrug hemma nasya nivel an gwari. Jay Tyack o an kynsa dhe scorya gans our war an clock, ha whath ny wrug An Vorladron esya aga omsettyans hag assayow pella a veu desevys. Gans 5 mynysen gesys, Shae Tucker, neb esa ow quary y gensa fyt rag An Vorladron, a scoryas y’n gornel, hag y’n diwettha mynysen Rhodri Davies a scoryas yn-dann an peulyow. Eth assay oll war-barth, whegh an pyth a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 52, Carnegie Pow Evrek 0.

The Cornish Pirates v. Yorkshire Carnegie.

Although Phil Davies is now at Yorkshire Carnegie’s helm to try an turn their fortunes, once again this week his team suffered another heavy defeat, showing that he has a lot of work to do for Yorkshire to survive in this league. The Pirates attacked from the start and by six minutes Rob Wedlake had scored their first try, which was converted by Will Cargill. Yorkshire fought hard, but in spite of Joe Ford and Tom Vardell being on the field for them, they could not stem the persistant attacking. Yorkshire made some attacking moves of their own, but the Pirates’ defence was too strong for them. The Pirates were completely controlling the game and it wasn’t long before the second try came thanks to Tom Cowan-Dickie, and a third after a powerful run by Man of the Match James McRae, both tries converted by Will Cargill. It was thought that a fourth try was scored right on half-time, but although the referee signalled a try, the assistant referee said that there had been a forward pass. So the score at half-time remained at 21.0.

Although a try was denied at the end of the first half, within a minute of the second, JB Bruzulier scored in the corner. This was followed three minutes later with try No. 5 by Rob Wedlake. Although Yorkshire were defending bravely, they could not equal the pace or skill of the Pirates, and it was clear that there would be more tries coming – which was the case. Although there was a flood of replacements introduced early in the half, this did not affect the level of play. Jay Tyack was the first to score with an hour on the clock, and still the Pirates did not ease their attacking and further tries were expected. With 5 minutes left, Shae Tucker, who was playing his first game for the Pirates, scored in the corner, and the last minute Rhodri Davies scored under the posts. Eight tries all together, six of which were converted by Will Cargill. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 52, Yorkshire Carnegie 0.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Hartpury.

Tri foynt dhe’n lyha dhyworth an fyt ma a wrussa gweles an Vorladron yn nessa le y’n vosen mes a aljens i y wul? Kens dalleth an fyt ha’n dew bara owth omdomma war an park, yth esa hagergowas euthyk – mar grev dell wrug e’ degy ‘mes an tylda byhan esa ow cudha an hogh rostyes! Gans park leysek ha’n bel kepar ha baren a seban, ny veu desevys rugby uskis ha resek, ha henn o dell o va. Dhe leverel dell o va strif grysyl a via ydhyl-lavar! Byttegyns an dhew bara a assayas gwary rugby mes yth o apert wosa an kensa hanter, unn scor a alja gwaynya an gam, ha gans niver a jonsow y’n kensa hanter scollyes der a studhow, an Vorladron o an unn para a droblas an bord scor wosa 14 mynysen dhe dhysquedhes 3-0 dhe hanter-termyn.

An nessa hanter o an keth, gans niver a chonsow kellys dre gammkemeryansow skilys gans an bel slinkek hag ynwedh yn-dann troos. Kepar an kensa hanter, nyns esa mes unn scor – arta gans an Vorladron – 3 foynt dhyworth pot spal a-dherag an peulyow. Niver an skodhyoryon a leveris y codhvia dhe’n Vorladron potya dhe’n gornel, mes yth o ervirans ewn dhe gemeres an tri foynt, drefen y vos apert an para neb a scoryas assay a alja gwaynya an gam, ha mar fyllas an Vorladron y’aga assay dhe’n pols ma, Hartpury a alja ladra an gam. Defens an dhew bara a omsynsis crev ha gans skyrmys dhe’n Vorladron y’n diwettha diw vynysen, i a synsas an bel bys pan dherivas an breusyas bos termyn. Kyn na wrug an Vorladron gwary mar dha es dell yllons i, ny wrussons i dascor unn poynt, a waymyas an fyt, cavos 4 poynt ha cowlwul nessa le y’n vosen.

The Cornish Pirates v. Hartpury.

Three points at least from this match would see the Pirates in second place in the table but could they do it? Before the start of the match as the two teams were warming up on the pitch, there was a dreadful squall – so strong that it carried away the little tent which covered the hog roast! With a muddy pitch and the ball like a bar of soap, fast and running rugby was not expected, and this is how it was. To say that it was dire struggle would be an understatement! However, the two teams tried to play rugby but it was clear after the first half that one score could win the game, and with the number of chances in the first half lost through the conditions, The Pirates were the only team who troubled the scoreboard after 14 minutes the show 3-0 at half-time.

The second half was the same, with a number of chances lost through mistakes cause by a slippery ball – – and also underfoot. As the first half, there was only one score – again by the Pirates – 3 points from a penalty kick in front of the posts. A number of supporters said that the Pirates should have gone to the corner, but it was the right decision to take the three points, because it was clear that whoever scored a try could win the game, and if the Pirates failed with their attempt at this moment, Hartpury could have stolen the game. The defence of both sides held strong and with a scrum to the Pirates in the last two minutes, they held on to the ball until the referee called time up. Although the Pirates did not play as well as they could, they did not concede a single point, won the match, got 4 points and achieved second place in the table.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Albanyon Loundres.

Gans hemma an diwettha fyt kensa rond an hanav, yth esa an Vorladron ow whilas dhe’n lyha peswar poynt, mes dhe gavas chons gwell a fyt tre y’n finelyow quarter, pymp poynt. Byttegyns, ny wrussons i cavos an dalleth a vynnens i drefen woja 11 mynysen war an clock an bord-scorya dhe redya an Vorladron 0, Albanyon Loundres 14, meur ras dhe pot clerhe Javier Alvarez ow bos resegys war y bynn hag a ros dhe’n Albanyon assay sempel, hag ena linen duchya a veu gordewlys yn tien hag a ledyas dhe’n nessa assay. Nyns o pell woja hemma, an Albanyon a waynyas spal, mes dhe dhyfresyans an scodhyoryon, an pot eth yn-mes an peulyow. Woja ugens mynysen, an Vorladron a fasthas an gorhel ha tamm ha tamm, i a dho moy y’n gam, hag yn unn sewya lewyans linen duchya sewen, bern a 12 den a omherdhyas dres an linen ha neb peswar mynysen woja hemma, an Vorladron a scoryas assay hevelep – an dhew assay treylyes gans Javier Alvarez. Nyns esa scor namoy kens hanter-termyn, ytho an parys a asas an park gans an bord-scorya ow dysquedhes 14-14.

An nessa hanter a welas an Vorladron owth ynkressya aga determyans hag a omsettya ogas ha heb let war an Albanyon, neb ny alja gwaynya tiredh vyth yn hanter an Vorladron. An gwask ma war an diwedh a ros dhe’n Vorladron an sewyans a vynnens i – assay ogas dhe’n peulyow. Torr dhyworth tervans gans James McRae a’n gwelas ogas ha drehedhes an linen kens y vos dalghennys, mes yth esa Jack Andrew orth y sewya hag ev a alja kemeres an bel ha tremena an linen. 21-14 ha chons da rag an Vorladron cavos peswara assay rag an poynt mas – an pyth a wrussons i gans quarter our gesys, pan wrug nebes handla bryntin gweles an bel tremenys dhe Rob Wedlake, neb a scoryas y’n gornel. Albanyon Loundres a vatalyas yn crev, mes ny aljens i terry defens an Vorladron hag yth o an Vorladron neb a gavas an ger finel gans pot spal sewen gans Will Cargill. Gans henna an breusyas a whybanas penn an fyt. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 29, Albanyon Loundres 14, yn unn ry dhe’n Vorladron fyt tre warbynn Coventry y’n finelyow quarter.

The Cornish Pirates v. London Scottish.

With this the last match of the first round of the cup, the Pirates were looking for at least four points, but to have a better chance of a home match in the quarter finals, five points. However, they didn’t get the start they wanted because with 11 minutes on the clock, the scoreboard read the Cornish Pirates 0, London Scottish 14, thanks to a Javier Alvarez’s clearing kick being charged down which gave an Scottish a simple try, and then a line-out which was completely overthrown leading to the second try. Not long after this, Scottish won a penalty but to the relief of the supporters, the kick went outside of the posts. After twenty minutes, the Pirates steadied the ship and gradually they came more into the game, and following a successful line-out drive, a pile of 12 men pushed over the line and four minutes later the Pirates scored a similar try – both tries converted by Javier Alvarez. There was no further score before half-time, so the teams left the field with the scoreboard showing 14-14.

The second half saw the Pirates up their determination and relentlessly attacked the Scottish, who were not able to gain any territory in the Pirates’ half. This pressure eventually gave the Pirates the result they wanted – a try close to the posts. A break from a ruck by James McRae saw him almost reach the posts before he was tackled, but Jack Andrew was following up, and he was able to take the ball and cross the line. 21-14 and a good chance for the Pirates get the fourth try for the bonus point – which they did with a quarter of an hour left, when some slick handling saw the ball passed to Rob Wedlake, who scored in the corner. London Scottish fought hard, but they could not break the Pirates’ defence and it was the Pirates who had the final say with a successful penalty kick by Will Cargill. With this, the referee blew for time. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 29, London Scottish 14, giving the Pirates a home match against Coventry in the quarter finals.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Carnegie Pow Evrek.

Woja sewyans tollys an seythen kens, yth esa govenek dell alja an Vorladron gwaynya an fyt ma dhe witha yn few aga chons rag an finelyow quarter, ha ny veu an scodhyoyryon tollys, yn despit an gewer dhrog. An Vorladron a gavas aga hensa assay a-jy dhe diw vynysen gans Alex o’Meara, an pyth a wrug Will Cargill treylya warbynn an gwyns crev. Pow Evrek a settyas yn le movyans teg hag i a worthebis gans assay y’n gornel, mes an potyer o anfeusik gans y bot, hag a gronkyas warbynn an peul. Robin Wedlake o a nessa dhe scorya, neb, der y ervirans stowt ha tooth a scoryas y’n gornel. An dro ma, Will Cargill a fyllas gans an treylyans – y bot cales ow bos kemerys gans a gwyns adherag enep a’n peulyow. Kynth o an Vorladron lemmyn omsettya heb let war an linen Pow Evrek, ny yllens i scorya – cammow handla cawsys dre vras der an gewer yeyn ha gwynsek – mes gans an clock ow tisquedhes 36 mynysen, Alex o’Meara a gavas y nessa assay, treylyes gans Will Cargill, hag a dhros an scor dhe hanter-termyn dhe 19-7.

Dres hanter termyn, perghen an Club Dicky Evans a dherivas dhe’n scodhyoryon an nowodhow bryntin fatel o war an diwedh an tir rag Sportva Kernow yn perghenyeth an Bagas Sportva, ha fatel alja ober sevur dalleth lemmyn rag pareusy an desinyow drehevyans. Dell hevel, an nowodhow ma a wrussa ynnya an waryoryon dhe ynkressya aga ferformyans, rag y’n nessa hanter i a scoryas 5 assay moy dre Dan Frost, Marlen Walker, James McRae, Javier Rojas Alvarez ha’n diwettha gans Matt Evans, neb a dhegemeras treuspot perfydh gans Patterson dhe resek dres an linen. Pub an pymp assay a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill (neb a scoryas y 500ves poynt rag an Vorladron), hag Alvarez. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 54, Carnegie Pow Evrek 5. Gans an 5 pymp poynt ma gwaynyes, an keth result a bymp poynt an seythen a dheu a wra surhe plas y’n finelyow quarter – martesen gans fyt tre.

The Cornish Pirates v. Yorkshire Carnegie.

After a disappointing result the previous week, it was hoped that the Pirates would win this match to keep alive their chance for the quarter finals, and the supporters were not disappointed, in spite of the bad weather. The Pirates got their first try within two minutes by Alex o’Meara, which was converted by Will Cargill against the strong wind. Yorkshire set up a fine move and they replied with a try in the corner, but the kicker was unfortunate with his kick which hit the post. Robin Wedlake was the next to score, who, through is determination and speed, scored in the corner. This time Will Cargill failed with the conversion – his difficult kick being taken by the wind across the front of the posts. Although the Pirates were continuously attacking the Yorkshire line, they could not score – handling mistakes caused in the main by the windy and cold weather – but with the clock showing 36 minutes, Alex o’Meara got his second try, converted by Will Cargill, which brought the score at half-time to 19-7.

Over half-time, Club owner Dicky Evans announced to the supporters the brilliant news that at last the land for the Stadium for Cornwall was in the ownership of the Stadium Group, and that serious work could now start on preparing the construction drawings. It seemed that this news had urged the players to increase their performance, for in the second half they scored five more tries through Dan Frost, Marlen Walker, James McRae, Javier Rojas Alvarez and the last by Matt Evans, who received a beautiful cross-kick from Patterson to race over the line. All five tries were converted by Will Cargill (who scored his 500th point for the Pirates), and Alvarez. Final Score, The Cornish Pirates 54, Yorkshire Carnegie 5. With these five points gained the same 5-point result next week will ensure a place in the quarter finals – perhaps a home match.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Nottingham.

Rag an kensa fyt a dry dhe dre y’n Hanav an Gampyoryeth, yth esa mall gans pub huny gweles an ‘bejethow nowydh’ comendys ragdho. Byttegyns, an waryoryon nowydh warbarth gans niver a janjyow erell y’n para ny wrug ascorra an sewyans a veu desevys. Yn fenowgh yth yw cales cavos a-dhystowgh kessenyans y’n gwary gans chanjyow avel hemma – ha hemma a veu prevys dres an fyt ma. Nottingham o an kensa dhe scorya, pan wrussons y cavos ajwa meur yn defens an Vorladron hag yth o mater sempel rag aga higer dhe scorya yn-dann an peulyow. Mes an Vorladron a worthebis yn uskys dre pot spal gans Will Cargill, ha nyns o pell kens an Vorladron dhe scorya dew assay a-jy dhe spas a nebes mynysennow dhe dry an scor dhe 17-7. Y hevely y whrussa an Vorladron lemmyn kemeres charj an gam, mes an preder ma ny wrug bewa pell, drefen nebes kens hanter termyn – yn unn sewya an pyth an scoodhyoryon a brederis bos lestans – Nottingham a dhegeas an aswa gans aga nessa assay – 17-14, ha’n parys ow casa an park.

A-varr y’n nessa hanter, an Vorladron a wrug niver a janjyow ha lemmyn gans cressyans a nerth yn aga gwary, yth esa govenek y whrussa an chanjyow ma gul dyffrans, mes y’n lakka prys ny wrug – kyn whrug Will Cargill seweny gans pot spal, dhe ledanhe an aswa. An dhew bara a assaya scorya ha gans an clock ow tysquedhes agan bos y’n diwettha quarter, yth o war an diwedh, Nottingam neb a kavos an scor, mes gans marth ha dyffresyans an scoodhyoryon, an treylyans a veu kellys. Lemmyn gans an scor 20-19, res o dhe’n Vorladron scorya nessa dhe assaya selya an gam, mes ny vern fatel wrens y assaya, pub omsettyans a godhas a-les, ha dhe dull an scoodhyoron, yth o Nottingham a scoryas. Kyns esa chons whath dhe selwel an gam, hag yn termyn keworrys, Nottingham a waynyas spal a-dherag an peulyow. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 20, Nottigham 27.

The Cornish Pirates v. Nottingham.

For the first of three matches at home in the Championship Cup, everyone was looking forward to seeing the ‘new faces’ introduced for it. However, the new players together with a number of other changes in the team did not produce the result hoped for. Often it is difficult to immediately obtain harmony in the play with changes such as this – and this was proven throughout this match. Nottingham were the first to score, when they found a large gap in the Pirates’ defence and it was a simple matter for their hooker to score under the posts. But the Pirates quickly responded with a penalty kick by Will Cargill and it wasn’t long before the Pirates scored two tries within a space of a few minutes to bring the score to 17-7. It seemed now that the Pirates would take charge of the game, but this thought did not live long, as a little before half-time – following what many supporters considered to be an obstruction – Nottingham closed the gap with their second try – 17-14 as the teams left the field.

Early in the second half, the Pirates made a number of changes and now with an increase in power in their play, it was a hope that these changes would make a difference, but unfortunately it did not – although Will Cargill succeeded with a penalty kick to widen the gap. Both teams tried to score and with the clock showing that we were in the last quarter, it was finally Nottingham who scored, but to the amazement and relief of the supporters, the conversion was missed. Now with the score at 20-19, the Pirates had to score next to try and seal the game, but no matter how they tried, every attack fell apart, and to the disappointment of the supporters, it was Nottingham who scored. There was still a chance to save the game, but in added time, Nottingham gained a penalty in front of the posts. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 20, Nottingham 29.

Albanyon Loundres w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Ynwedh arta hevlyna, An Vorladron Gernewek eth dhe Loundres gans an govenek y fia war an diwedh an bocka kelly delyvrys a-dhywar aga heyn. A wrug hemma wharvos? Y’n lacka prys woja eth bledhen whath ny aljens i y wul. An gam a dhalathas gans liv a spalyow, mes yth o an Vorladron a scoryas an kensa 3 foynt. Byttegyns, an led tanow ma ny duryas pell, awos Albanyon Loundres dhe scorya dew assay treylyes warbydn 20 mynysen. An bush da a scodhyoron an Vorladron a sevis an para ha scon yth esa an Vorladron owth omsettya yn crev warbydn an Albanyon, ha woja Robin Wedlake dos pur ogas dhe scorya, Callum Paterson a gowlwrug an oberen ha scorya. Y’n lacka prys Javier Alvarez o ansewen gans an treylyans. An Vorladron a besya gorra gwask war aga enebieth a woja Albanyon Loundres dhe dhegemeres carten velyn, Alvarez a sewenis gans spal, dhe dhry an scor dhe hanter-termyn, 14-11.

Y’n nessa hanter, An Vorladron a besya aga gwask, mes yth o an Albanyon neb a waynyas an nessa spal dhe yncressya tamm aga led. Ena an Vorladron a dhrehevis omdowl lewya crev ogas dhe linen an Albanyon, hag ynwedh arta, Callum Patterson eth dres an linen rag y nessa assay – an pyth an dro ma a veu treylyes gans Alavarez, ha led pur danow a unn poynt. Tamm woja hemma, Albanyon Loundres a dhegemeras nessa carten velyn, hag Alvarez a yncressyas an led dhe 20-24. Govenek o uhel lebmyn y halja an Vorladron gwitha an led ma rag remenant an gam, mes gwari da a welas an Albanyon scorya assay andreylyes dhe ri dhodhans led a unn poynt. An Vorladron a vatalyas dhe’n penn mes heb sewen, gans an Albanyon war an diwedh ow cavos an bel ha’y fotya yn tuch. Scor finel: Albanyon Loundres 25, An Vorladron Gernewek 24. An govyn whath yn mysk scodhyoryon an Vorladron yw, “Pan vo an bucka ma gorrys dh’y wely?”

London Scottish v. The Cornish Pirates.

Once again this year, The Cornish Pirates went to London with the hope that they would eventually get the losing hoodoo off their back. Did this happen? Unfortunately after eight years they still could not do it. The game started with a flood of penalties but it was the Pirates who scored the first 3 points. However, this slender lead did not last long, as London Scottish scored two converted tries by 20 minutes. The good crowd of Pirates supporters raised the Pirates and soon the team were strongly attacking the Scottish, and after Robin Wedlake had come close to scoring, Callum Patterson completed the job. Unfortunately Javier Alvarez was unsuccessful with the conversion. The Pirates continued to apply pressure on their opponents and after London Scottish received a yellow card, Alvarez succeeded with a penalty, to bring the score at half-time to 14-11.

In the second half, the Pirates continued their pressure, but it was Scottish who succeeded with the next penalty to increase a little their lead. Then the Pirates built a strong driving maul close to the Scottish line, and once again, Callum Patterson went over the line for his second try – which this time was converted by Alvarez, and a very slim lead of one point. A little while after this, London Scottish got a second yellow card and Alvarez increase the lead to 20-24. Hope was high now that the Pirates could keep this lead for the remainder of the game, but good play saw the Scottish score an unconverted try to give them a lead of one point. The Pirates battled to the end but without success, with the Scottish eventually getting the ball and kicking it into touch. Final Score: London Scottish 25, Cornish Pirates 24. The question still is amongst Pirates supporters, “When will this hoodoo be put to bed?”

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ampthill.

Rag an tressa fyt tre yn rew, yth en ni fortunyes cavos jorna segh yn mysk seythennow a law heb let. Woja taw mynysen rag covheans an re na neb a omros aga bewnans y’n dhew vresel, an gam a dhallathas. Yth o Ampthill neb a scoryas kensa dre bot spal, ha scon a’y woja yth esa chons dhe’n Vorladron egwalhe an scor mes yn ancrysadow, Javier Alvarez a gollas an pot. Dres an kensa quarter an Vorladron a withas Ampthill y’ga hanter aga honen, mes ny ylly an Vorladron scorya – yth esens y ow kul niver a gammow andeythyek – mes y’n 20ves mynysen y a wrug gwaynya aga hensa assay meur ras dhe A.J.Cant. Alemma rag, An Vorladron a gemmeras charj an gam ha kens hanter-termyn, dew assay moy a sewyas – an kensa gans Robin Wedlake y’n gornel gledh, ha’n nessa y’n 34ns mynysen gans Calum Patterson woja omdowl cawrek. Nebes kens hanter-termyn, Ampthill a scoryas nessa spal dhe dhry an scor dhe 19-7.

Woja namoy es 2 vynysen a’n nessa hanter, Robin Wedlake a scoryas assay marthys woja gul resek bryntin a-hes an linen duch dres moy es hanter an park. An assay ma a ros dhe’n Vorladron an poynt mas. Lemmyn An Vorladron a synsas control dyen an fyt hag yn despit a niver a spalyow angrysadow res warbynn an Vorladron – y’ga mysk carten velyn dhe Rory Parata, hag a fanjas sonyow a eryow drog dhyworth an scodhyoryon – an gwask ma a dhelivras dew assay moy rag An Vorladron, an kensa y’n 70ns mynsen, meur ras dhe Alex o’Meara yn omdowl rolya a dredhek den, ha’n nessa gans Sam Matavesi gans an diwettha gawry an fyt Yth esa Sam ow yn quary y gensa gam woja dewheles dhyworth Hanav an Bys yn Nihon. Toth An Vorladron o re rag an para nowydh devedhys y’n kevrysyans hag a veu dhysquedhys y’n scor finel – An Vorladron Gernewek 40, Ampthill 11.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ampthill

For the third consecutive home match we were lucky to have a dry day amongst weeks of continuous rain. After a minutes’ silence in memory of those who sacrificed their lives in the two wars, the game started. It was Ampthill who scored first through a penalty kick, and soon afterwards there was a chance for the Pirates to draw level, but unbelievably, Javier Alvarez missed the kick. Over the first quarter the Pirates kept Ampthill in their own half, but the Pirates could not score – they were making a number of uncharacteristic mistakes – but in the 20th minute they did gain their first try thanks to A.J. Cant. From now on, the Pirates took charge of the game and before half-time, two more tries followed – the first by Robin Wedlake in the left corner, and the next in the 34th minute by Callum Paterson after a huge drive. A little before half-time, Ampthill scored a second penalty to bring the score to 19-7.

After no more than two minutes of the second half, Robin Wedlake scored a marvellous try after making a fantastic run along the touch line over more than half of the field. This try gave the Pirates the bonus point. Now the Pirates had complete control of the game and in spite of a number of unbelievable penalties against the Pirates – including a yellow card to Rory Parata, which received sounds of disapproval from the supporters – this pressure delivered two more tries for the Pirates, the first in the 70th minute, thanks to Alex o’Meara in a thirteen man rolling maul, and the second by Sam Matavesi with the last play of the game. Sam was playing his first game after returning from the World Cup in Japan. The speed of the Pirates was too much for the newcomers to the league which showed in the final score – The Cornish Pirates 40, Ampthill 11.

Nottingham w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Woja gwayn da a 42-7 y’n Hanav yn mis Hedra, yth esa govenegow y fia ken gwayn da y’n fyt ma, mes, a wrug hemma wharvos? JB Bruzulier a wrug y gynsa omdhysquedhyans rag an Vorladron ha Tom Cowan-Dickie ha Will Wilson a dhewhelis woja brewyon. An Vorladron a ygoras an scoryans gans spal gans Alvarez, mes scon woja an dastalleth, Nottingham a gavas spal dhe egwalhe an scoryow, hag i a yncressyas aga scor gans assay andreylyes y’n 14ves mynysen. Byttegyns, An Vorladron a worthybis y’n 18ves mynysen gans spal ha pymp mynysen woja hemma, yn unn sewya skyrmys crev gans an Vorladron, Tom Duncan a dremenas an linen rag assay, an pyth a veu treylyes gans Alvarez – 8-13. Tamm kens hanter-termyn, Nottingham o sewen gans spal ha nebes eylennow kens hanter-termyn, Matt Bolwell o anfortunyes na wrug ev scorya assay. Hanter-termyn, 11-13.

Yn 7ves mynysen an nessa hanter hag yn unn sewya linen-dewlel, an Vorladron a settyas yn le herdh may wrug Duncan tremena rag y nessa assay treylyes. Yth esa govenegow dell bassya an nessa hanter, y whrussa na Vorladron cavos copel a assayow moy dhe waynya poynt mas, mes nyns o hemma an cas, hag yth o Nottingham neb a dhallathas gorra gwask war dhefens an Vorladron ha gans spal sewen rag Nottingham, an ajwa y’n linen-scor o lehes dhe 14-20. Unnwedh arta byttegyns, an votasen diogel a Alvarez a ros dhe’n Vorladron spas anella a dhew scor, hag yn despit a wask pella dhyworth Nottingham ha carten velen rag Brett Beukaboom, defens an Vorladron o solid ha’n gam a worfennas gans an scor – Nottingham 14, An Vorladron Gernewek 23. Sewyans da yn gorthewer a gewer euthyk.

Nottingham v. The Cornish Pirates

After a good 42-7 win in the Cup in October, there were hopes of another good win in this game, but, did this occur? JB Bruzulier made his first appearance for the Pirates and Tom Cowan-Dickie and Will Wilson returned after injuries. The Pirates opened the scoring with a penalty by Alvarez, but soon after the re-start, Nottingham had a penalty to level the scores, and they increased their score in the 14th minute with an unconverted try. However, the Pirates replied in the 18th minute with a penalty and five minutes later, following a strong scrum by the Pirates, Tom Duncan crossed the line for a try, which was successfully converted by Alvarez – 8-13. A little before half-time, Nottingham were successful with a penalty and a few seconds before half-time, Matt Bolwell was unfortunate not to score a try. Half-time, 11-13.

In the 7th minute of the second half following a line-out, the Pirates set up a drive from which Duncan crossed for his second converted try. There were hopes as the second half passed of a couple more tries to gain a bonus point, but this wasn’t the case and it was Nottingham who started to put pressure on the Pirates’ defence, and with a successful penalty by Nottingham, the gap in the score-line narrowed to 14-20. Once again however, the reliable boot of Alvarez gave the Pirates a two-score breathing space, and in spite of further pressure from Nottingham and a yellow card for Brett Beukaboom, the Pirates’ defence was solid and the game finished with the score – Nottingham 14, The Cornish Pirates 23. A good result in an evening of horrible weather.

An Vorladron Gernewek v. An Falhunes Castel Nowydh.

A-dherag an pyth o ogas dhe ‘chy leun’ orth an Meneghy, hemma o kesstrif ynter an dhew bara na veu whath fedhys y’n kefrysyans. An kensa chons a scor a godhas dhe’n Vorladron a-jy dhe’n kensa copel a vynysennow, mes yn’n lakka prys Alvarez a fyllas gans an pot. Byttegyns ev o sewen gans y nessa pot woja 4 mynysen. Toby Flood ena a worthybis gans pot spal woja 10 mynsen dhe dhry an scoryow egwal. An Vorladron a spenas meur a dermyn owth omsettya warbynn an Falhunes hag yn unn sewya movyans bryntin ynter Marlen Walker, John Stevens ha Tom Channon, an Vorladron a scoryas yn ogas assay, aga bos hedhys yn anlafyl gans Josh Matavesi, neb a dhegemeras carten velyn rag y dhrogober. Yth o an Falhunes neb a scoryas an kensa assay y’n 15ves mynysen, treylyans an pyth a veu kellys gans Toby Flood. An Vorladron a gavas dew bot spal moy dhe synsy an led bys y’n 36ns mynysen pan wrug Flood potiga yn-rag yn perfydh rag Stevenson dhe scorya. Nyns esa scor aral kens hanter-termyn, hag a worfennas gans an Falhunes ow ledya 15-9.

Dres an nessa hanter, Lemalu hag Alvarez a welas ‘melyn’ dhyworth an breusyas, mes yn despit an tanbelennans heb let gans Castel Nowydh, ny wrug an Vorladron dascor poynt, aga defens ow synsy pub tra a wrug an Falhunes assaya. Del heveli, gans le es unn skor whath ynter an dew bara, yth esa govenek y hylli an Vorladron, woja copel a resegow crev gans Cant hag o’Meara, kemeres an led, mes na veu an govenegow ma collenwys hag yth o Toby Flood, woja kelly dew bot sempel, neb a selyas an gam rag an Falhunes. Yth esa unn diwettha chons rag an Vorladron cavos poynt mas kelly mes y’n lakka prys Alavarez a fyllas gans an pot. An pot spal sewen gans Flood o an unn scor an nessa hanter. An Vorladron a vatalyas dhe’n penn ha der aga ober heb let, a dhendilas unn poynt, mes ny wrussons i y gafos. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 9, Falhunes Castel Nowydh 18.

The Cornish Pirates v Newcastle Falcons.

In front of nearly a ‘full house’ at the Mennaye, this was a contest between the two teams who had not yet lost in the league. The first chance of a score fell to the Pirates within the first couple of minutes, but unfortunately Alvarez failed with the kick. However, he was successful with his next kick after 4 minutes. Toby Flood then replied with a penalty kick after 10 minutes to bring the scores level. The Pirates spent a lot of time attacking the Falcons and following a fantastic movement between Marlen Walker, John Stevens and Tom Channon, they almost scored, being stopped illegally by Josh Matavesi, who received a yellow card for his misdemeanour. It was the Falcons who scored the first try in the 25th minute, the conversion of which Toby Flood missed. The Pirates got two more penalties to hold the lead until the 36th minute when Toby Flood kicked a prefect grubber for Stevenson to score. There was no other score before half-time, which finished with the Falcons leading 15-9.

During the second half, Lemalu and Alvarez saw ‘yellow’ from the referee, but in spite of the ceaseless bombardment by Newcastle, the Pirates did not concede a point, their defence holding everything that the Falcons tried. It was seeming, with less than one score still between the two teams, there was a hope that the Pirates, after a couple of strong runs by Cant and o’Meara, could take the lead, but these hopes were not fulfilled and it was Toby Flood, after missing two easy kicks, who sealed the game for the Falcons. There was one last chance for the Pirates to get a losing bonus point but unfortunately Alvarez failed with the kick. The successful penalty kick by Toby Flood was the only score of the second half. The Pirates battled to the end and through their ceaseless work, deserved one point, but they did not get one. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 9. Newcastle Falcons 18.

Kardhana w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Gans tryhans splann a Ealing an seythen kens ha Tom Cowan-Dickie ow quary y 50ves gam, an Vorladron a ygoras aga acont woja 2 vynysen dre bot spal gans Javier Alvarez, mes Kardhans a dhewhelis ogas ha distowgh gans assay andreylyes – 5-3. Byttegyns ny wrug aga led durya pell, drefen Alvarez dhe scorya assay woja 9 mynysen, an pyth a dreylyas ev. Y’n lakka prys, res o dhe Cowan-Dickie gasa an park woja 13 mynysen dre vrew dh’y ar, hag y le a veu kemerys gans Tom Channon. Kardhana lemmyn a worras an An Vorladron yn-dann meur a wask, mes defens an Vorladron o solid. Ena, gans 20 mynysen war an clock, Alvarez a botigas yn-rag yn perfydh, an pyth a wrug Battista sewya dhe scorya. Kardhana o an nessa dhe scorya, an pyth a wrussons y dre Tyson Lewis, mes dell wrug an Vorladron kens, y a dhewhelis ogas ha distowgh gans Brett Beukaboom ow scorya assay y’n 36ns mynysen. Byttegyns, Kardhana a gavas diwettha ger an hanter gans pot spal dhe ry scor a 15-24.

A-jy an kensa nebes mynysennow a’n nessa hanter, an dhew bara a gollas dew waryor dhe’n trog-drog, mes woja namoy es 6 mynysen Alex o’Meara a gavas an peswara assay- ha’n poynt mas – yn unn helhya ha seweny gans ken potik yn-rag gans Alvarez. Ny veu Kardhana whath fethys, hag yn unn sewya karten velen rag Malik Holden, y a scoryas pot spal y’n 51ns mynysen sewyes gans assay treylyes dhe dhry an scor dhe 25-31. Led an Vorladron lemmyn o namoy es 6 poynt. Byttegyns, yth o an Vorladron neb a worfennas an gam an creffa, gans dew spal moy meur ras dhe’n botasen a Alvarez ha gans diwettha gwary an fyt, an pympes assay scoryes gans Callum Patterson, an pyth arta a veu treylyes gans Alvarez, neb a scoryas 24 poynt y honan der an dohajedh. Scor finel dhe Bark Castel: Kardhana 25, An Vorladron Gernewek 44.

Doncaster v. The Cornish Pirates.

With a fine defeat of Ealing the week before and Tom Cowan-Dickie playing his 50th game, The Pirates opened their account after 2 minutes via a penalty kick by Javier Alvarez, but Doncaster replied almost immediately with an unconverted try by Tyson Lewis – 5-3. However, their lead did not last long as Alvarez scored a try after 9 minutes, which he converted. Unfortunately, Cowan-Dickie had to leave the field after 13 minutes because of a leg injury, and his place was taken by Tom Channon. Doncaster now put the Pirates under a lot of pressure, but the Pirates’ defence was solid. Then, with 20 minutes on the clock, Alvarez chipped ahead perfectly, which Battista followed up and scored. Doncaster were the next to score through Tyson Lewis, but as the Pirates did before, they came back almost immediately with Brett Beukaboom scoring in the 36th minute. However, Doncaster had the last word of the half with a penalty kick to give a score of 15-24.

Within the first few minutes of the second half, both teams lost a player to the sin-bin, but after no more than 6 minutes Alex o’Meara got the fourth try – and bonus point – chasing and succeeding with another chip ahead by Alvarez. Doncaster were not yet beaten, and following a yellow card for Malik Holden, they scored in the 51st minute a penalty, followed by a converted try to bring the score to 25-31. The Pirates’ lead now was no more than 6 points. However, it was the Pirates who finished the game the stronger with two more penalty kicks thanks to the boot of Alvarez and with the last play of the game, the fifth try scored by Callum Patterson, which again was converted by Alvarez, who scored 24 points during the afternoon. Final Score at Castle Park: Doncaster 25, The Cornish Pirates 44.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ealing.

Woja dedhyow a gewer lyb ha drog, studhow o perfydh rag kensa fyt y’n Gampyorieth ewn, ha gans an bord-scoryya nowydh electronyk y’n gornel Lulyn, an park nowydh dashasys ha desehys, an gam a dhallathas. An kensa assay rag an Vorladron a dheuth woja 9 mynysen pan wrug Lemalu a dorras dhe-ves yn crev, yn unn dhelivra an bel dhe Malik Holden dhe scorya y’n gornel. Ena, gans 12 mynysen war an clock, Holden unnweyth arta a dhegemeras an bel hag yn unn sewya y bot perfydh yn-rag, De Batista a waynyas an res dhe’n bel ha scorya an nessa assay, treylyes gans Alvarez. An Vorladron o yn control an fyt ha ny yll Ealing kavos moy es 3 poynt kens hanter-termyn, pan wrug aga fotyer Johnson seweny gans pot spal. Y feu bredeys y fia hemma an scor dhe hanter termyn, mes Brett Beukaboom a’n jeva tybyansow dyffrans ha scorya ogas dhe’n peulyow dhe dhry an scor dhe hanter termyn dhe 22-3.

Y’n nessa hanter Ealing a dheuth ‘mes gans pub gonn ow tywy, mes defens an Vorladron o solid, yn despit dhe niver a omsettyansow heb let y’n barth rudh dres spas a dheg mynysen. Byttegyns, yth o an Vorladron a scoryas nessa pan wrug Ealing ry dhe-ves spal dhe ry dhe Alvarez an chons a 3 foynt moy, an pyth a wrug ‘e degemeres gans gras. Y’n 67ns mynysen, hanter skyrmys Ealing, Burns, a welas bulgh yn defens an Vorladron, hag yn unn sewya resek unnyk splann, ev a scoryas yn-dann an peulyow. Hemma a sevis spyrysyon Ealing, mes ny wrug hemma pesya pell, drefen y’n 72ns mynsen, An Vorladron, yn unn sewya movyans ‘cachya ha lewya’ may whrug brassa rann an para omjunnya, a scoryas an peswara assay rag an poynt mas. Rag tressa tro an dohajedh, Alvarez a gronkyas an peul gans y assay treylyans! An Vorladron o re grev rag Ealing dres an fyt oll hag orth an whythel finel, an gam a worfennas gans an scor: An Vorladron Gernewek 30, Ealing 10.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ealing.

After days of wet and bad weather, conditions were perfect for the first match proper of the Championship, and with the new electronic scoreboard in the Newlyn Corner, and the pitch newly re-seeded and drained, the game got under way. The first try for the Pirates came after 9 minutes when Lemalu broke away strongly, passing the ball to Malik Holden to score in the corner. Then, with 12 minutes on the clock, Holden once again a received the ball and following his perfect kick ahead, De Batista won the race to the ball and scored the second try, converted by Alvarez. The Pirates were in control of the game and Ealing could not find more than 3 points before half-time, when their kicker Johnson succeeded with a penalty kick. It was thought that this would be the score at half-time, but Brett Beukaboom had different ideas and scored near to the posts to bring the half-time score to 22-3.

In the second half Ealing came out with all guns blazing, but the Pirates’ defence was solid, in spite of ceaseless attacks in the red zone over a period of ten minutes. However, it was the Pirates who scored next when Ealing gave away a penalty to give Alvarez the chance of three more points, which he gratefully accepted. In the 67th minute, Ealing scrum-half Burns saw a gap in the Pirates’ defence, and following a fine solo run, he scored under the posts. This raised Ealing’s spirits, but this did not last long, as in the 72nd minute, the Pirates, following a ‘catch and drive’ move, in which the best part of the team joined, scored the fourth and bonus point try. For the third time in the afternoon Alvarez hit the post with his conversion attempt! The Pirates were too strong for Ealing throughout the match and at the final whistle, the game finished with the score: The Cornish Pirates 30, Ealing 10.

Nottingham w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Gans an Vorladron war an fordh rag an tressa seythen yn rew, y feu desevys y fia hemma fyt cales. An Vorladron a wrug an kensa pot hag a-ji dhe deyr mynysen, Javier Alvarez o sewen gans dew bot spal. Nottingham a vatalys yn tysysyk dhe scorya mes yth o an Vorladron woja pymthek mynysen hag a scoryas nessa gans assay andreylyes gans Alex o’Meara. Ena gans 27 mynysen war an clock, Alvarez o sewen gans y dressa pot spal dhe dhry an scor dhe 0-11. Morlader Nr.8 Will Wilson o an nessa dhe scorya rag an Vorladron pan wrug e’ tremena an linen y’n 32ns mynysen rag assay niver dew, ha whegh mynysen woja hemma Alex o’Meara a bonyas dres an linen Nottingham rag y nessa assay – an dhew assay ma treylyes gans Alvarez. An Vorladron o yn control an fyt, yn unn asa an park dhe hanter termyn gans an scor 0-28.

Woja namoy es 7 mynysen gyllys y’n nessa hanter, Nottingham a scoryas assay gans Harry Graham hag a veu treylyes gans Tom Stephenson dhe dhegea an bulgh dhe 7- 28. An assay ma byttegyns a welas gorthyp tromm dhyworth an Vorladron neb gans aga gwarthevyans whath dres Nottingham, a scoryas dew assay moy – meur ras dhe Alex o’Meara, neb y’n 51ns mynysen ha der y dooth, a asas an dhefendyoryon war y lergh – an assay ma treylyes arta gans Alvarez – hag ena y’n 72ns mynysen y beswara assay a’n fyt, treylyes an dro ma gans kemerydh Will Cargill. An Vorladron a dhros war an park aga hemerydhysy tamm ha tamm dhyworth dalleth an nessa hanter ha warbynn triugens mynysen, gans pub a’ga eth kemerydh ow pos comendys, mes hemma ny wrug dyffrans vyth dhe berformyans an Vorladron, neb a worfennas an fyt gans an scor, Nottingham 7, An Vorladron Gernewek 42.

Nottingham v. The Cornish Pirates.

With the Pirates on the road for the third time in a row, it was expected that this would be a tough match. The Pirates kicked off and within three minutes, Javier Alvarez had succeeded with two penalty kicks. Nottingham a fought keenly to score but it was the Pirates after fifteen minutes who scored next with an unconverted try by Alex o’Meara. Then with 27 minutes on the clock, Alvarez was successful with his third penalty kick to bring the score to 0-11. Nr. 8 Will Wilson was the next to score for the Pirates when he crossed the line in the 32nd minute for try number two, and six minutes later Alex o’Meara ran over the Nottingham line for his second try – both these tries being converted by Alvarez. The Pirates were in control of the match, leaving the field at half-time with the score 0-28.

After no more than seven minutes in the second half, Nottingham scored a try by Harry Graham which was converted by Tom Stephenson to close the gap to 7-28. This try however saw an immediate response from the Pirates who with their dominance still over Nottingham, scored two tries more – thanks to Alex o’Meara, who in the 51st minute and through his speed, left the defenders behind – this try converted again by Alvarez – and then in the 72nd minute his fourth try of the match, converted this time by replacement Will Cargill. The Pirates gradually brought their replacements on to the field from the start of the second half up until sixty minutes, with each of their eight replacements being introduced, but this made no difference at all to the Pirates performance, who finished the match with the score, Nottingham 7, The Cornish Pirates 42.

Resrudh e. An Vorladron Gernewek

Hemm o an kynsa fyt kowethek ragseson rag an Vorladron ha mall o gans pub huni a weles an bejethow nowydh yn gwrians- ha ny wrens i tollys. Yth o fyt dien a 80 mynysen ynter an Vorladron ha Resrudh, gans an Vorladron ow korra dew bara dyffrans war an park rag pub hanter, ynwedh gans niver a gemerydhysi. Resrudh a worras ‘mes para krev hag ynwedh gul niver a gemerydhysi der an dohajydh. An dhew bara a warias gans spyrys ha ny ylli an Vorladron skorya dres an kynsa ugens mynysen awos bos defens krev Resrudh. Byttegyns war an diwedh an Vorladron a ygeras aga skor gans assay skoryes – ha treylyes – gans Xavier Alvarez. Yth esa chonsow erel dhe’n Vorladron mes i a fyllas dres niver a gamwriansow sempel. Resrudh ynwedh a warias yn tiwysyk ha batalya gans an Vorladron heb let. Gans hanter termyn ow neshe, an Vorladron a skoryas aga nessa assay gans Rory Parata mes soweth ny wrug Alvarez seweni gans an treylyans. Ha henn o an skor dhe hanter termyn – Resrudh 0, An Vorladron 12.

Y’n nessa hanter an Vorladron a ynkressyas an tooth ha skon i a skoryas yn unn sewya pot dres park gans Will Cargill – an bel dhe aslamma yn kledhek rag Resrudh ha gasa Alex o’Meara dhe skorya. Resrudh a besya defendya yn ta mes ny yllens i handla tooth an Vorladron ha nyns o pell kyns an Vorladron dhe skorya arta dre Matt Bolwell dhe dhri an skor dhe 0-24. Bythkweth ny wrug Resruth omri mes a vatalya yn krev rag assay, mes defens an Vorladron o solid ha ny ylli Resrudh terri aga linen. An Vorladron a ventena an gwask ha skorya dew assay moy, an dhew gans Robin Wedlake. Resrudh a’s teva ‘namm purpur’ dres an diwettha pymp mynysen , mes yn despit a oll aga ober, ny yllens skorya an assay na. Skor finel – Resrudh 0, An Vorladron 36.

Redruth v. The Cornish Pirates.

This was the first pre-season friendly match for the Pirates, and everybody were keen to see the new faces in action – and they were not disappointed. It was a complete 80-minute match between Redruth and the Pirates, with the Pirates fielding two different teams for each half, also making a number of replacements. Redruth put a strong team on the field and also made a number of replacements during the afternoon. Both teams played with spirit and the Pirates were unable to score during the first twenty minutes, due to a strong Redruth defence. However, finally the Pirates opened their score with a try scored – and converted – by Xavier Alvarez. There were further chances to the Pirates but these failed due to simple mistakes. Redruth played keenly and ceaselessly battled with the Pirates. With half time approaching, the Pirates scored their second try through Rory Parata but unfortunately Alvarez did not succeed with the conversion. An that was the score at half time – Redruth 0, The Pirates 12.

In the second half the Pirates upped the pace and soon they scored following a cross-field kick by Will Cargill – the ball bouncing awkwardly for Redruth allowing Alex o’Meara to score. Redruth continued to defend well but they could not handle the Pirates’ speed and it wasn’t long before Matt Bolwell brought the score to 0-24. Still Redruth didn’t give up but strongly fought for a try, but the Pirates’ defence was solid and Redruth could not break their line. The Pirates maintained pressure and scored two more tries, both by Robin Wedlake. Redruth had a ‘purple patch’ during the last five minutes, but in spite of all their work, they could not score that try. Final score – Redruth 0, The Pirates 36.

Albanyon Loundres w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Woja hav hir heb rugby, mal o gans pub huny gweles dalleth an seson nowydh. Yn dann howlsplan dhe Richmond, An Vorladron a gavas an dalleth perfydh pan wrug Alex o’Meara scorya an kensa assay rag an Vorladron – an pyth a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill. Albanyon Loundres rag aga hensa fyt ma a worras bush a waryoryon nowydh war an park, neb a wrug, woja dalleth tabm ansur, dry an scor egwal pymp mynysen woja hemma. Yth esa an Vorladron ow tyspletya performyans solid hag y hevely dell wrussa Rory Parata scorya nessa assay gans hanter termyn ow neshe, mes an breusyas a’n jeva tybyansow dyffrans. Ytho an skor whath dhe hanter termyn o 7-7.

Y’n nessa hanter, gans An Vorladron ow pesya gwary yn crev, y a veu pewashes gans pot spal sewen gans Will Cargill. Byttegyns, Albanyon Loundres a dallathas omwellhe hag a welas an diwettha ugens mynysen ‘y’n mantol’. An ostys a scoryas dew assay dre Jack Ingall ha Josh Barton gans an dhew assay treylyes yn sewen gans aga fotyer, Dan Barnes. An Vorladron a scoryas dew assay a’ga honan gans AJ Cant hag Alex o’Meara, mes y’n lakka prys nyns o Will Cargill sewen gans onan a’y dhew bot treylya. An scor lebmyn o 21-20. Gans copel a vynysen gesys, hag yn unn sewya skyrmys, Albanyon Loundres a waynyas spal ha ny wrug aga fotyer gul cabm, yn unn selya an gam 24-20 rag an ostys. Nyns o hemma an dalleth a vynnen nei gweles ha nyns yw an pystry hag a veu ow cregy dres an Vorladron dres eth bledhen yw passys whath terrys!

London Scottish v. The Cornish Pirates

After a long summer without rugby, everybody was eager to see the start of the new season. Under sunshine at Richmond, The Pirates had the perfect start when Alex o’Meara scored the first try for the Pirates – which was converted by Will Cargill. London Scottish for the first match a put a host of new players on the field, who, after a somewhat uncertain start, brought the scores level five minutes later. The Pirates were displaying a solid performance and it seemed that Rory Parat had scored a second try with halftime approaching, but the referee had different ideas. So the score still at halftime was 7-7.

In the second half, with the Pirates continuing to play strongly, they were rewarded with a successful penalty kick by Will Cargill. However, London Scottish started to improve which saw the last twenty minutes ‘in the balance’. The hosts scored two tries through Jack Ingall and Josh Barton, both tries successfully converted by their kicker Dan Barnes. The Pirates scored two tries of their own but unfortunately Will Cargill was successful with only one of his two conversion kicks. The score now was 21-20. With a couple of minutes remaining and following a scrum, London Scottish gained a penalty and their kicker made no mistake, sealing the game 24-20 for the hosts. This wasn’t the result we wanted to see and the spell which has been hanging over the Pirates over the past eight years is still not broken!

Carnegie Sir Evrok w. An Vorladron Gernewek

An Vorladron eth dhe Sir Evrok gans an edhom dhe dhyala aga holl dyswaytus yn Loundres an seythen kens, ha hemma a wrussons y yn gis brav. An dhew bara a dhyspletyas niver a janjyow – Sir Evrok dhe assaya omguntell woja aga dystruyans warbynn Nottingham, ha’n Vorladron dhe ry pub gwaryer chons. An Vorladron a scoryas an kensa poyntyow y’n nessa mynysen, meur ras dhe votasen a Javier Alvarez. Hemma a veu sewyes gans assay treylyes gans Callum Patterson – 0-10. Ena woja gwary da gans Matt Evans, J.B. Bruzulier a scoryas. Y’n lakka prys gans 34 mynysen war an clock, res o dhe Tom Duncan bos arlehes gans John Stevens, awos bos brew dh’y asennow. Peder mynysen woja hemma, Callum Patterson a scoryas y nessa assay dhe dhry an scor dhe hanter-termyn dhe 0-22.

Kynth o Sir Evrok creffa es an seythen kyns, nag ens y egwal dhe’n Vorladrom ha pesya dhe ry dhe-ves niver a spalyow. Yn unn sewya onan an re ma, Alvarez a botyas dhe’n gornel ha’n Vorladron eth dres an linen rag aga feswara assay ha’n poynt mas, an assay skoryes gans Marlen Walker. Ny wrug an Vorladron lehe an gwask ha gans 55 mynysen gyllys, Callum Patterson a gavas y ‘gast-hot’ dhe dhry an scor dhe 0-36. Sinans nowydh dhyworth Guhy, Will Wilson, a scoryas y gensa assay rag an klub, ha gans gwary finel an gam, Tom Cowan-Dickie, yn unn wul dewheles wolcum woja nebes misyow pystigys, a scoryas assay andreylyes dhe dhysquedhes an scor finel: Carnegie Sir Evrok 0. An Vorladron Gernewek 48.

London Scottish v. The Cornish Pirates.

The Pirates went to Yorkshire with the need to avenge their disappointing loss in London the week before, and this they did in grand style. Both sides showed a number of changes – Yorkshire to try and pick themselves up after their destruction against Nottingham, and The Pirates to give every player a chance. The Pirates scored the first points in the second minute, thanks to the boot of Javier Alvarez. This was followed by a converted try by Callum Patterson – 0-10. Then after some good play by Matt Evans, J.B. Bruzulier scored. Unfortunately with 34 minutes on the clock, Tom Duncan had to be replaced by John Stevens, because of an injury to his ribs. Four minutes later Callum Patterson scored his second try to bring the score at half-time to 0-22.

Although Yorkshire were stronger than the week before, they were no match for the Pirates and continued to give away a number of penalties. Following one of these, Alvarez kicked to the corner and the Pirates went over the line for the fourth and bonus point try – the try being scored by Marlen Walker. The Pirates did not let up the pressure and with 55 minutes gone, Callum Patterson got his ‘hat-trick’ to bring the score to 0-36. New signing from Wasps, Will Wilson, scored his first try for the club, and with the final play of the game, Tom Cowan-Dickie, making a welcome return after some months injured, scored an unconverted try to show the final score: Yorkshire Carnegie 0, The Cornish Pirates 48.