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The Cornish Language Partnership was set up in 2005 to oversee the implementation of the Cornish Language Development Strategy.

The Partnership includes language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have come together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life.

The programme of work it is undertaking is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and by Cornwall Council.


Rudhyon Jersenys w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Rag an diwettha fytt ma an seson coynt ma – ha’n kensa tro rag an Vorladron – yth esa scoodhyoryon y’n park ow mires orto. Nyns era meur a dhyffrans ynter an dhew bara rag kensa quarter an fyt kyn hwrug Jersenys scorya yn ogas, mes an breusydh a leveris bos an bel synsys yn-bann. Byttegyns, Jersenys o an kensa dhe scorya woja 21 mynysen dre pot spal, ha 4 mynysen woja hemma, y a scoryas aga kensa assay treylyes – 10-0. A-jy dhe dhiw vynysen an Vorladron a scoryas aga hensa assay gans Patrick Schickerling dhe dhegea an bulgh – 10-5. An Rudhyon a dhallathas drehevel nebes gwask hag y’n mynysen 34 y a gavas aga nessa assay treylyes – 17-5. Mes an Vorladron ynwedh a encressyas an tooth ha diw vynysen kens hanter-termyn, yn unn sewya movyans da treeth Arwel Robon ha Will Butler, A.J.Cant a scoryas y’n gornel. Ny alja Arwel treylya an pot cales, hag ytho an scor dhe hanter a dhisquedhas 17-10.

Jersenys o an kensa arta dhe scorya y’n nessa hanter gans assay woja meur a wask gans an ragwarioryon Jersenys ha carten velyn rag Morlader Tom Duncan. 22-10. Gwask poos pella gans an ragwarioryon Jersenys a welas spal a-dherag an peulyow an pyth a veu potyes dhe ry dhe’n Rudhyon led dew-scor. Mes yn despit an Vorladron ow quary gans 14 den, y a settyas copel a vovyansow bryntin hag a ve pewashes gans assay treylyes, scoryes gans Dan Frost – 22-17. Byttegyns lebmyn yth esa an ragwarioryon Jersenys ow quaynya nerth hag a welas dew po tri spal res dhe-ves gans an Vorladron yn rew. An assay desevys a dheth y’n mynysen 73. Lemmyn gans an scor 32-17 ha poynt mas dhe’n Rudhyon, y hevelys bos ‘gam gorfednys’ rag an Vorladron, mes y a’s teva tybyansow dyffrans, drefen yn mynysednow 77 ha 79 y a scoryas dew assay dhe dhry an score dhe 32-31. Mes ny aljens y cawas ken scor y’n diwettha mynysen ha’n gam a worfednas, Rudhyon Jersenys 32, An Vorladron Gernewek 31. Dhe’n lyha, An Vorladron a dhros tre 2 boynt.

Jersey Reds v. The Cornish Pirates.

For the last match this season – and the first time for the Pirates – there were supporters in the ground watching. There wasn’t a lot of difference between the two teams for the first quarter of the match though Jersey almost scored, but the referee said that it was held up. However, Jersey were the first to score after 21 minutes through a penalty kick, and 4 minutes later they scored their first converted try – 10-0. Within 2 minutes the Pirates scored their fist try by Patrick Schikerling to close the gap – 10-5. The Reds started to build some pressure and in the 34th minute they got their second converted try 17-5. But the Pirates also increased the pressure and two minutes before half-time following a good move between Arwel Robson and Will Butler, A.J.Cant scored in the corner. Arwel wasn’t able to convert the difficult kick, and so the score at half-time showed 17-10.

Jersey were first again to score in the second half with a try after a lot of pressure by the Jersey forwards and a yellow card for Pirate Tom Duncan. 22-10. Further heavy pressure by the Jersey forwards saw a penalty in front of the posts which was kicked to give the Reds a two-score lead. But in spite of the Pirates playing with 14 men, they set up a couple of brilliant moves which was rewarded with a converted try, scored by Dan Frost – 22-17. However, now the Jersey forwards were gaining strength which saw two or three penalties in a row given away by the Pirates. The expected try came in the 73rd minute. Now with the score at 32-17 and a bonus point to the Reds, it seemed that the game was over for the Pirates, but they had different ideas, because in the 77th and 79th minutes they scored two tries to bring the score to 32-31. But they couldn’t get another score in the last minute and the game finished, Jersey Reds 32, The Cornish Pirates 31. At least, The Pirates brought home 2 points.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Coljy Hartpury.

Kynth esa tabm gwyns rag an diwettha fyt tre ma, y’n gwella prys nyns esa glaw. Hartpury a dhallathas an fyt yn crev hag a-jy dhe 3 mynysen y re scorsa aga hensa assay. Y’n lakka prys dhe’n kethtermyn, Tom Cowan-Dickie a wodhevys brew dh’y scoodh ha res o dhodho bos arlehes gans Dan Frost. Woja an scor uskis ma gans Hartpury, An Vorladron a dhewhelis gans niver a skyrmysow war an line 5-meter a Hartpury, hag yn unn sewya niver a spalyow skyrmys res dhe-ves gans Hartpury, an breusydh a bonyas yndadn an peulyow rag assay spal. Hartpury a wruk niver a vovyans omsettya mes y’n 17ves mynysen Alex o’Meara a gontrewaytyas delivrans ha ponya cler rag assay yndadn an peulyow. An Vorladron lebmyn a withas an gwask war Hartpury hag assayow a dheuth yn rew uskis – orth 26 mynysen gans Dan Frost, an 29 mynysen gans Tom Duncan, 34 mynysen gans Dan Frost arta ha 39 mynysen gans Tom Duncan. Keniver assay an kensa hanter ma o der sewyans a wary gallosek an ragwarioryon hag a veu treylyes gans Arwel Robson. An diwettha assay ma a dhros an kensa hanter dhe bedn gans an scor 40-5.

Avel y’n kensa hanter, Hartpury a dhallathas yn crev hag y’n 49ns mynysen y a scoryas aga nessa assay hag a veu treylyes dhe wul an scor 40-12. Mes a-jy dhe 4 mynysen, Dan Frost a waynyas y ‘cast-hot’ gans y dressa assay dhe encressya an led dhe 45-12. Scon yth esa An Vorladron owth omsettya warbydn Hartpury yn crev, ha woja spena 5 mynysen campyes war an linen Hartpury, Tom Duncan a omherdhyas dres an linen hag yndadn an peulyow rag y ‘gast-hat’ – gwask hag a welas gwrier Hartpury cavos carten velyn. Lebmyn, gans an scor 52-15, yth esa an Vorladron ‘mes a wel. Byttegyns, ny veu Hartpury distruiys yn tien drefen y dhe besya batalyas hag y’n 71ns mynysen y a scoryas aga thressa assay. Hemma a hevely dhe ry dhedha moy a nerth hag y a oberas cales rag unn assay moy dhe gavos poynt mas kelly – an pyth a wrussons y cavos gans diwettha gwary an gam. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 52, Coljy Hartpury 26.

The Cornish Pirates v. Hartpury College.

Although there was some wind for this last home match, luckily there wasn’t any rain. Hartpury started the match strongly and within 3 minutes they had scored their first try. Unfortunately at the same time, Tom Cowan-Dickie suffered a shoulder injury and had to be replaced by Dan Frost. After this quick score by Hartpury, the Pirates returned with several scrums on the Hartpury 5-metre line, and following a number of penalties given away by Hartpury, the referee ran under the posts for a penalty try. Hartpury made a number of attacking moves but in the 17th minute Alex o’Meara intercepted a pass and ran clear under the posts. The Pirates kept up the pressure on Hartpury and tries followed in rapid succession – at 26 minutes by Dan Frost, 29 minutes by Tom Duncan, 34 minutes by Dan Frost again and 39 minutes by Tom Duncan. All tries in the first half were as a result of powerful forward play and were converted by Arwel Robson. This last try brought the first half to an end with the score 40-5.

As in the first half, Hartpury started strongly and in the 49th minute scored their second try, which was converted to make the score 40-12. But within 4 minutes, Dan Frost gained his ‘hat-trick’ with his third try to increase the lead to 45-12. Soon the Pirates were strongly attacking Hartpury, and after spending 5 minutes camped on the Hartpury line, Tom Duncan thrust himself over the line and under the posts for his ‘hat-trick’ – pressure which saw a Hartpury player getting a yellow card. Now, with the score at 52-12. the Pirates were out of sight. However, Hartpury were not completely destroyed because they continued to fight and in the 71st minute they scored their third try. This seemed to give them more strength and they worked hard to get a losing bonus point – which they got with the last play of the game. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 52, Hartpury College 26.

Coventry w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Gans an govenek y whrussa An Vorladron gweles gwayn woja an diswaytyans an seythen kens, nebes chanjyow a veu gwres dhe’n para, gans dewhelans a niver aga gwarioryon re beu res powes. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn-ta ha woja 5 mynysen y a scoryas aga hensa poyntyow dre spal gans Arwel Robson. Byttegyns nyns o pell kens bos movyans teg gans Coventry hag a’s gwelas scorya assay treylyes – 7-3. Y’n lacka prys, An Vorladron a gollas Tom Duncan dre vrew, mes y le a veu lenwys yn-ta gans Paddy Ryan ha scon a-woja Rory Parata a welas bulgh y’n defens Coventry ha scorya yn-dadn an peulyow – 7-10. Ena Arwel Robson a wrug torr teg mes nyns esa gwarier aral ogas lowr dhodho dhe gemeres y dhelivrans. Byttegyns An Vorladron a waynyas spal skyrmys ha ny wrug Arwel gul cabmwrians gans y bot. Coventry lebmyn a omsetyas war linen an Vorladron ha rag falsury galwesik, Kiri Kiri a veu diskwedhys carten velyn. Y’n gwella prys an assay yn unn sewya spal pot uskis gans Coventry a veu sconyes drefen na wrussa an warier yn tevri potya an bel, hag ytho an scor a drigas orth 7-13 dhe hanter-termyn.

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter gans J Bruzulier orth nr. 9, skilys dre vrew dhe Alex Schwarz. Woja 4 mynsen, Arwel Robson a worras An Vorladron pella yn-rag gans spal, mes Coventry a dhewhelis gans assay kemerys yn-ta dhe dhegea an bulgh dhe 12-16. An Vorladron a worthebis yn-ta, ha woja kevres a skyrmysyow crev, J, Bruzulier an dhanvonas Robson dres an linen y’n gornel. An assay ma ev a dreylyas y honan dhe dhri an scor dhe 12-23. Mes nyns o hemma lowr dhe bredery bos an gam gwaynyes, drefen Tommy Wyatt dhe weles carten velyn rag kestav anres war warier Coventry, yn unn sewya an pyth, Coventry a scoryas assay treylyes ogas dhe’n peulyow. Mes An Vorladron a omsynjas fast ha woja Kiri Kiri dhe wul resek crev y’n tiredh Coventry, ev a dhelivras an bel dhe Shae Tucker neb a scoryas yn-dadn an peulyow. Will Cargill a dreylyes an assay, ha henna o diwettha scor an gam. Scor finel – Coventry 19, An Vorladron Gernewek 30.

Coventry v. The Cornish Pirates

With the hope the Pirates would see a win after the disappointment of the week before, a few changes were made to the team, with the return of a number of players who had been given a rest. The Pirates started well and after 5 minutes they scored their first points through a penalty by Arwel Robson. However it wasn’t long before a fine move by Coventry saw them score a converted try – 7-3. Unfortunately the Pirates lost Tom Duncan through injury, but his place was well filled by Paddy Ryan and soon afterwards Rory Parata saw a gap in the Coventry Defence and scored under the posts – 7-10. Then Arwel Robson made a fine break but there wasn’t another player close enough to take his pass. However, the Pirates won a scrum penalty and Arwel made no mistake with his kick. Coventry now attacked the Pirates’ line and for a professional foul, Kiri Kiri was shown a yellow card. Fortunately the try following a quick tap penalty by Coventry was disallowed as the player had not actually kicked the ball, and so the score remained at 7-13 at half-time.

The Pirates started the second half with J. Bruzulier at Nr. 9, caused through an injury to Alex Schwarz. After 4 minutes, Arwel Robson put the Pirates further ahead with a penalty but Coventry returned with a well taken try to close the gap to 12-16. The Pirates replied well, and after a series of strong scrums, J. Bruzulier sent Robson over the line in the corner. The try he himself converted to bring the score to 12-23. But this wasn’t enough to think that the game was won, because Tommy Wyatt saw a yellow card for a needless contact on a Coventry player, following which, Coventry scored a converted try close to the posts. But the Pirates held firm and after Kiri Kiri had made a strong run into Coventry territory, he passed the ball to Shae Tucker who scored under the posts. Will Cargill converted the try and this was the last score of the game. Final score – Coventry 19, The Cornish Pirates 30.

An Vorladron Gernewek w Ampthill.

Yth esa an howl ow spladna dres an Menehy mes y’n lacka prys ny wrug e’ spladna war an Vorladron. Res o dhe’n Vorladron gul niver a janjyow y’ga fara, awos niver tevy a vrewyon, hag ynwedh yth o tro rag dew po tri gwarier kavos aga seythen a bowes. Ytho, semlant an para o nebes dyffrans an seythen ma. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn ta, hag yth esens y ow controlya an gam dres an kensa 20 mynysen. Will Cargill a ygoras an scoryans gans spal – an pyth a veu sewyes gans assay y’n gornel gans Alex Schwarz – 8-0. Yth esa an gwyns crev ow cul tackow cales – dell veu gwelys kens oll y’n linennow tewlel kellys. Tamm ha tamm Ampthill a dhallathas kesstrivya hag a veu pewashes gans dew spal dhe dhri an score dhe 8-6. Byttegyns hag ogas ha distowgh, Ampthill a gnoukyas yn rag an bel ha John Stevens a sesyas y jons ha scorya y’n corner. 13-6. Yth esa chons moy rag an Vorladron scorya mes gans gorgudhans a-dherag an linen, an bel a veu knoukyes yn rag, ha’n scor a drigas an keth dhe hanter-termyn.

An nessa hanter a welas an Vorladron dhe gelly lies chons dhe scorya, dre gabmwriansow – linennow tewlel drog, pelyow knoukyes yn rag, mes gweth es hedna martesen, niver encressya a spalyow res dhe-ves. An chonsow ma a veu dalhednys gans Ampthill, neb a scoryas tri foynt gans keniver onan. War an diwedh, Ampthill a gemeras an led der assay – an pyth woja bos res gans an breusydh – a veu gwelys y’n daswary war an scrin gans an gwrier Ampthill ow kelly an bel hag ev ow tremena an linen. Kyn whrug an Vorladron scorya aga thressa assay ha dhaskemeres an led, ken spal res dhe-ves gans an Vorladron a ros dhe Ampthill an thri foynt res dhe waynya an gam. Kynth esa udn chons moy dhe’n Vorladron synjy an gam dh’y bedn, ken linen-dewlel drog a’ga gwelys kelly an bel ha gans hemma, pedn an gam. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 18, Ampthill 20. An Vorladron a scoryas tri assay dhe onan gans Ampthill, mes a gollas an game dre neiver a spalyow res dhe-ves.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ampthill.

The sun was shining across the Mennaye but unfortunately didn’t shine on the Pirates. The Pirates had to make a number of changes to the squad through a growing number of injuries, and also it was the turn of two or three players have their week’s rest. So, the appearance of the team was somewhat different this week. The Pirates started well and were controlling the game for the first 20 minutes. Will Cargill operned the scoring with a penalty – which was followed by a try in the corner by Alex Schwarz – 8-0. The strong wind was making things difficult – as was seen in the number of line-outs lost. Gradually Ampthill began to compete, and were rewarded with two penalties to bring the score to 8-6. However, almost immediately, Ampthill knocked on and John Stevens seized the chance and scored in the corner. 13-6. There was another scoring chance for the Pirates, but with an overlap in front of the line, the ball was knocked on, and the score remained the same at half-time.

The second half saw the Pirates lose many chances to score, through mistakes – bad line-outs, balls knocked on, but worse than this the increasing number of penalties given away. These chances were seized by Ampthill who scored three points from every one of them. Finally Ampthill took the lead through a try – which after being given by the referee, was seen on the screen replay with the Ampthill player losing the ball as he crossed the line. Although the Pirates scored their third try to retake the lead, another penalty given away by the Pirates gave Ampthill the three points needed to win the game. Although the Pirates had one more chance to win the game at the end, another bad line-out saw them lose the ball and with this, the end of the game. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 18, Ampthill 20. The Pirates scored three tries to Ampthill’s one, the lost the game on the number of penalties given away.

Nottingham w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Woja an dhew goll warbydn Cardhana hag Ealing, yth esa whans crev dhe waynya an fyt ma. Kynth esa niver a janjyow y’n para – awos myns a vrewyon degemerys gans an warioryon, whath yth o para dha. Yn-mysk an re na rag an fyt ni a welas Harry Davey ha Hayden King ow cul aga hensa omdhisquedhyans rag an seson, dewhelans a Tom Cowan-Dickie war an scown ha Will Butler yn benfyk dhyworth Carwigoryon. Nottingham a dhallathas en maner pur grev ha woja omsettyans war linen an Vorladron – ha tri spal yn rew – i a gavas aga hensa tri foynt. Mes nyns o pell kens an Vorladron dhe witha perhenieth an bel hag y’n 7ves mynysen, Dan Frost a scoryas an kensa assay, hag a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill. Scon an Vorladron a scoryas arta dre Harry Davey neb a jassyas caja myjer dhyworth Rob Wedlake dhe scorya y’n Corner. Nebes mynysen a’y woja, Harry a scoryas arta dhe dhry an scor dhe 3-19. Yth esa An Vorladron ow controlya an gam ha woja 34 mynysen, Tommy Wyatt a scoryas an assay poynt mas, dhe ry an scor dhe hanter termyn, 3-26.

Gans an Vorladron ow controlya puptra, y feu desevys y whrussens y pesya y’n keth gis dres an nessa hanter, mes Nottingham a’n jeva tybyansow dyffrans. Avel dalleth an kensa hanter, An Vorladron a ros dhe-ves rew a spalyow a-jy dh’aga linen 5-meter, ha gans carten velyn disquedhys dhe Dan Frost, Nottingham a scoryas yn-dadn an peulyow. A-jy dhe dhiw vynysen, Nottingham a scoryas arta, pan wrug aga Nr.7 contrewaytya delivrans hag yn unn bonya 70 meter, a scoryas y’n gornel. Lebmyn gans an scor 15-26, res o dhe’n Vorladron batalya dhe ventena control ha scorya arta, mes defens Nottingham a omsynsas fast. War an diwedh byttegyns, Paddy Ryan a gavas bulgh ha scorya yn-dadn an peulyow dhe selya an gam. Nottingham a gavas tressa assay ogas dhe bedn an gam, mes nyns o lowr dhe dhendil poynt mas. Scor finel, Nottingham 22, An Vorladron Gernewek 33.

Nottingham v. The Cornish Pirates.

After the two losses against Doncaster and Ealing, the desire to win this game was strong. Although there were a number of changes in the team – because of the amount of injuries received by the players, it was still a strong team. Amongst those for the match was Harry Davey and Hayden King making their first appearance for the season, the return of Tom Cowan-Dickie on the bench and Will Butler on loan from Worcester. Nottingham started very strongly and after attacking the Pirates line and three straight penalties, they got their first three points. But it wasn’t long before the Pirates kept possession of the ball and in the 7th minute Dan Frost a scored the first try, which was converted by Will Cargill. Soon the Pirates scored again through Harry Davey who chased a grubber from Rob Wedlake to score in the corner. A few minutes after this, Harry scored again to bring the score to 3-19. The Pirates were controlling the game and after 34 minutes, Tommy Wyatt scored the bonus point try, to bring the score at half-time to 3-26.

With the Pirates in control of everything, it was expected that they would continue in the same fashion in the second half, but Nottingham had different ideas. As at the start of the first half, the Pirates gave away a series of penalties inside their 5-metre line, and with a yellow card shown to Dan Frost, Nottingham scored under the posts. Within two minutes, Nottingham scored again, when their No.7 intercepted a pass, and running 70 metres, scored in the corner. Now with the score at 15-26, the Pirates had to maintain control and score again, but the Nottingham defence held fast. Finally however, Paddy Ryan found a gap and scored under the posts to seal the game. Nottingham got a third try near the end of the game but it wasn’t enough to earn a bonus point. Final score, Nottingham 22, The Cornish Pirates 33.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ealing

Hemma a veu desevys bos fyt an bennseythen po martesen fyt an seson rag an Vorladron, mes ny wrug e’ wharvos avel henna. An kensa hanter a veu kescarys gans camwriansow – gans an dhew bara. Linennow tewlel kellys po scollyes, pelyow knoukyes yn-rag ha spalyow lowr. Nyns o fytt yn tevry orth an uhella nivel. Ealing o an kensa dhe scorya pan wrussons tremena an linen a-jy dhe bymp mynysen y’n gornel yn unn sewya linen dewlel. Gwary o egwal woja hemma, whath leun a gamwriansow, ha pan wrug an Vorladron gul vysyt tanow dhe’n 22 Ealing, i a veu pewashes gans spal, an pyth a wrug Will Cargill treylya yn sewen. Trueth orth an pols ma, an Vorladron a gollas Luke Scully, neb a veu gwerys dhyworth an park gans brew dh’y ar. Yn diwettha pymp mynysen an hanter, Ealing a worras meur a wask war an Vorladron hag yn unn sewya tri spal ha gwarnyans dhe’n Vorladron dhyworth an breusydh, Ealing a scoryas arta y’n gornel. An treylyans a veu kellys mes an scor ma a sinelas hanter termyn gans an scor 3-12.

Y’n nessa hanter, An Vorladron o an kensa dhe scorya der assay gans Shae Tucker hag a veu treylyes gans Will Cargill, ha spyrysyon a veu sevys gans an govenek dell wrussa an Vorladron scorya moy ha merkya gwayn da – mes nag o hemma marnas hunros. An nessa hanter a avonsyas gans Ealing ow tevy creffa, hag yth esa an Vorladron ow talleth ry dhe-ves lies spal. Woja pymp spal yn rew, yth o apert dell esa an breusydh ow kelly perthyans, ha Tom Duncan a veu disquedhys carten velin, yn scon sewyes gans Shae Tucker. Ealing lebmyn warbydn 13 den heb mar a dhalhennas aga chons ha dalleth yncressya aga scor. Kyn whrug an Vorladron batalya yn crev, an gam o kellys dhedha. Pan dheth an whythel finel an bord scorya a dhisquedhas An Vorladron Gernewek 10, Ealing 38. Nyns o jorna da dhe’n sodhva rag an Vorladron, ha res yw dhedha lebmyn mires orth aga hamwriansow ha dyskybleth hag y worra ewn.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ealing

This was expected to be the match of the week-end or perhaps the match of the season for the Pirates, but it didn’t work out like that. The first half was strewn with mistakes – by both teams. Line-outs lost or wasted, knock-ons and penalties enough. It certainly wasn’t a match at the top level. Ealing were the first to score when they crossed the line in the corner following a line-out. Play was equal after this, still full of mistakes, and when the Pirates made a rare visit to the Ealing 22, they were rewarded with a penalty, which Will Cargill successfully converted. Unfortunately at this point, the Pirates lost Luke Scully, who was helped from the field with an injury to his leg. In the last five minutes of the half, Ealing put a lot of pressure on the Pirates and following three penalties and a warning to the Pirates from the referee, Ealing scored again in the corner. The conversion was missed but this score signalled half-time with the score 3-12.

In the second half, the Pirates were the first to score through a try by Shae Tucker which was converted by Will Cargill, and spirits were raised with the hope that the Pirates would now score more and mark up a good win – but this was only a dream. The second half progressed with Ealing growing stronger, and the Pirates starting to give away a lot of penalties. After five penalties in a row, it was obvious that the referee was losing patience, and Tom Duncan was shown a yellow card, quickly followed by Shae Tucker. Ealing now against 13 men naturally seized their chance and started to increase their score. Although the Pirates battled hard, the game was lost to them. When the final whistle came the scoreboard showed The Cornish Pirates 10, Ealing 38. It wasn’t a good day at the office for the Pirates, but they must now look at their mistakes and discipline and put it right.

Cardhana w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Bys y’n fytt ma, an dhew bara a’s teva covath 100% ha hedhyw a wrussa gweles onan anedha witha an covath ma hag y gila y gelly. Nyns o dalleth da rag an Vorladron awos y dhe gelly Josh Caulfield pur a-varr y’n fytt dre garten velyn, ha Cardhana a gemeras prow a hemma a scorya assay y’n gornel, an pyth a veu treylyes – 7-0. Byttegyns, an Vorladron a omsettyas yn crev hag a veu pewashes yn unn sewya linen dewlel gans assay andreylyes y’n gornel. Y eth pella yn-rag nebes woja hemma pan vons y pewashes assay spal – 7-12. An Vorladron a’s teva niver a jonsow da woja hemma dhe scorya assayow moy, mes cabmwriansow y’n leow cabm hag yn ogas dhe linen Gardhana a gostyas an Vorladron yn ker. Ynwedh, ny wrussons y kemeres prow an dhew garten velyn res dhe Cardhana ogas dhe’n keth prys. An dhew bara a vatalyas yn tiwysyk dhe gavos an nessa scor, mes hanter-termyn a dheuth ha’n scor o whath 7-12.

Y’n nessa hanter Cardhana a dhallathas dre omsettya heb let orth linen an Vorladron, mes defens an Vorladron o fast ha ny alja Cardhana y derry. Woja quarter owr yth o tro an Vorladron omsettya, ha’ga gwary crev a veu pewashes pan vons y res spal ogas ha poran a-dherag an peulyow. Ny wrug Will Cargill cabmwrians gans an pot dhe dry an scor dhe 7-15. Yth esa govenek lebmyn y whrussa an Vorladron yncressya aga scor, mes yth o Cardhana neb a omdhisquedhas bos an creffa ha woja meur a wask war linen an Vorladron – ha niver a spalyow warbydn an Vorladron – y a scoryas assay treylyes – 14-15. Yndella an score a drigas ogas dhe benn an fytt pan wrug Cardhana gwaynya an led dre spal a-dherag an peulyow – 17-15. Byttegyns, yth esa unn chons rag an Vorladron dhe gybya trehans, pan veu Cardhana spalhes, mes y’n lakka prys nyns o Will Cargill sewen gans an pot. Score finel – Carhana 17, An Vorladron Gernewek 15.

Doncaster Knights v. The Cornish Pirates.

Up until this match, both teams had a 100% record and today would see one of them keep this record and the other lose it. It wasn’t a good start for the Pirates as they lost Josh Caulfield very early in the game through a yellow card, and Doncaster took advantage of this and scored a try in the corner, which was converted – 7-0. However, the Pirates attacked strongly and were rewarded following a line-out with an unconverted try in the corner. They went further ahead a little after this when they were awarded a penalty try – 7-12. The Pirates had a number of chances after this to score more tries, but mistakes in the wrong places and close to the Doncaster line, cost the Pirates dearly. Also they did not take advantage of two yellow cards given to Doncaster at almost the same time. The two teams battled in earnest to find the next score, half-time came and the score was still 7-12.

In the second half Doncaster started by a continuous attack on the Pirates’ line, the Pirates’ defence was secure and Doncaster could not break it. After a quarter of an hour it was the turn of the Pirates to attack and their strong play was rewarded with a penalty almost in front of the posts. Will Cargill made no mistake with the kick, to bring the score to 7-15. It was hoped now that the Pirates would increase their score, but it was Doncaster who showed themselves to be the stronger and after a lot of pressure on the Pirates’ line – and a number of penalties against the Pirates – they scored a converted try – 14-15. So the score remained to almost the end of the match when Doncaster gained the lead through a penalty in front of the posts – 17-15. However, there was still one chance for the Pirates to snatch victory, when Doncaster penalised, but unfortunately Will Cargill wasn’t successful with the kick. Final score – Doncaster 17, The Cornish Pirates 15.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Glesyon Bedford.

Gans an Vorladron ow whilas aga thressa gwayn yn rew, y a dhallathas yn ta mes woja peder mynysen ha warbydn resek an gwary, An Lesyon a gontrewaytyas delivrans ha ponya 70m yn-dann pelyow an Vorladron – 0-7. Byttegyns, nyns o pell kens an Vorladron dhe wortheby gans assay a’ga honan scoryes y’n gornel gans Robin Wedlake. Ny alja Luke Scully treylya an pot cales – 5-7. Tamm ha tamm an Vorladron a dhallathas gwarthevya. An Vorladron a veu pewashes spal ha Luke Scully a gavas tuch war an linen 5-metre. An Vorladron a waynyas an linen dewlel ha dhyworth an omdowl rolya, Dan Frost a scoryas. Arta, Luke Scully ny alja treylya an pot cales. 28 mynysen – 10-7. Ena An Vorladron a scoryas dew assay moy yn rew uskis – orth 34 mynysen gans Marlen Walker, arta dhyworth movyans creftus y’n linen dewlel, hag orth 37 mynysen gans Josh Caulfield, neb a gnoukyas peswar defendyer ‘mes an fordh dhe scorya yn-dann an peulyow. 22-7 ha poynt mas dhe’n Vorladron kens hanter-termyn.

Y’n nessa hanter, Glesyon Bedford a dheuth yn-mes ‘gans pub gonn ow flamya’, mes ny aljens terry defens an Vorladron. Bedford a dheuth pur ogas dhe scorya, mes dadhel crev gans Luke Scully a hedhas an assay. Byttegyns hag y’n lakka prys, Scully a veu shyndys y’n omdhehesyans ha res o dhodho gasa an park. Y le a veu kemerys gan Will Cargill, yn unn wul y gensa omdhisquedhyans rag a seson, hag o scon yn gwryans. Yn unn sewya spal, Will Cargill a worras an bel y’n gornel hag ynwedh arta dhyworth an omdowl rolya, Marlen Walker a scoryas an 5es assay rag an Vorladron. Kyn na veu an assay ma treylyes, yth esa an Vorladron ow ledya gans 20 poynt – 27-7. Yth esa termyn whath rag an Lesyon cavos neppyth hag y a besya omsettya yn crev, mes lies chons a veu kellys dre gabmwriansow. War and dewedh y a grackyas defens an Vorladron dhe scorya assay andreylyes – 27-12. An Vorladron a scoryas yn ogas ken assay pan wrug delivrans gwylls gans Bedford a veu ledrys gans Kiri Kiri mes ev a veu disav-dalhennys hag ev ow telivra, hag yth eth yn-rag. Scor finel; An Vorladron Gernewek 27, Glesyon Bedford 12.

The Cornish Pirates v. Bedford Blues.

With the Pirates seeking their third win in a row, they started well but after 4 minutes and against the run of play, the Blues intercepted a pass and ran 70m under the Pirates’ post – 0-7. However, it wasn’t long before the Pirates replied with a try of their own, scored in the corner by Robin Wedlake. Luke Scully was unable to convert the difficult kick – 5-7. Gradually the Pirates started to dominate. The Pirates were awarded a penalty and Luke Sully found touch on the 5-metre line. The Pirates won the line-out and from the rolling maul, Dan Frost scored. Again, Luke Scully was unable to convert the difficult kick. 28 minutes – 10-7. Then the Pirates scored two tries in quick succession – on 34 minutes by Marlen Walker, again from a clever line-out move, and on 37 minutes by Josh Caulfield, who knocked four defenders out of the way to score under the posts. 22-7 and a bonus point to the Pirates before half-time.

In the second half, Bedford Blues came out ‘with all guns blazing’ but they couldn’t break the Pirates’ defence. Bedford came very close to scoring but a strong tackle by Luke Scully stopped the try. However and unfortunately, Scully was hurt in the collision and had to leave the field. His place was taken by Will Cargill, making his first appearance for the season, and soon was in action. Following a penalty, Will Cargill put the ball into the corner and once again from a driving maul, Marlen Walker scored the 5th try for the Pirates. Although the try was unconverted, the Pirates were leading by 20 points – 22-7. There was still time for the Blues to get something and they continued to attack strongly, but many chances were lost through errors. Finally they cracked the Pirates defence to score an unconverted try – 27-12. The Pirates nearly scored another try when a wild pass by Bedford was stolen by Kiri Kiri, but he was trip-tackled as he was passing and it went forward. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 27, Bedford Blues 12.

Richmond w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Wosa an gwayn splann an bennseythen kens, yth esa gwaytyans meur y fia an Vorladron sewen arta an bennseythen ma, mes an Park Athletek yw le cales dhe waynya. An Vorladron a gemeras an kensa pot ha woja cuntell aga fot aga honen, y eth pur ogas dhe scorya, pan dhegemeras Shae Tucker an bel hag yn unn scubella a-denewen copel a dhefendyoryon a slynkyas copel a vetrow dhiworth an linen. Nyns o pell woja hemma, ny wrug Robin Wedlake fyllel scorya y’n gornel marnas dre gelly an bel yn dalhen. Ena, pan veu Richmond spalys a-dherag an peulyow. Luke Scully a worras an Vorladron yn-rag gans y bot – 3-0. Seyth mynysen woja hemma J. Bruzulier a welas ajy y’n defens Richmond ha scorya an kensa assay mes ny veu hemma treylyes – 8-0. Richmond lebmyn a wrug nebes omsettyans peryllys, mes an Vorladron a omsynsas fast. Byttegyns, Richmond a veu pewashes spal pymp mynysen kens hanter-termyn, mes pot Tom Hodgson eth a-dreus fas an peulyow, ha’n scor a drigas an keth bys yn hanter-termyn.

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter nebes war an troos delergh, yn-dann meur a wask dhiworth Richmond – yn mar veur dell wrussons y kavos carten velyn. Byttegyns, an defens a omsynsas cref ha fetha pub omsettyans. Tamm ha tamm, an Vorladron a dhallathas creatya chonsow dhe scorya, ha Rory Parata, yn un sewya tervans a-dherag an peulyow Richmond, a flyckyas an bel a-hes an linen dhe Maliq Holden, neb a scoryas y’n gornel. Nyns o an treylyans sewen der an gwyns crev mes an scor o lebmyn 13-0. Gans an clock orth 59 mynysen, omdowl rolyans yn unn sewya linen dewlel a welas Tom Duncan omderry cler ha scorya ogas dhe’n peulyow. An dro ma Luke Scully ow sewen gans an treylyans – 20-0. Richmond a vatalyas yn cref hag a veu pewashes gans assay treylyes – 20-7. Whath na veu Richmond gorfennys hag omsettya yn crev arta, mes y a dhascoras spal. An Vorladron a oberas aga forth a-hys an park ha Kiri Kiri woja fetha dhew dhefendyer, a dhelivras an bel the Matt Bolwell, neb a scoryas yn-dann an peulyow, yn unn ry Harry Bazalgette treylyans es dhe wul an scor 27-7 ha gwayn poynt mas dhe’n Vorladron.

Richmond v. The Cornish Pirates.

After the brilliant win the last week-end, there was great hope that the Pirates would be successful again this week-end, but the Athletic Park is a difficult place to get a win. The Pirates kicked off and after collecting their own kick, they went very close to scoring, when Shae Tucker received the ball, and brushing aside a couple of defenders, slipped just a couple of metres from the line. Not long after this, Robin Wedlake only failed to score in the corner when he lost the ball in a tackle. Then, Richmond were penalised in front of the posts. Luke Scully put the Pirates ahead with the boot – 3-0. Seven minutes later JB Bruzulier saw a gap in the defence and scored the first try, which was not converted – 8-0. Richmond now made some dangerous attacks, but the Pirates held fast. However, Richmond were awarded a penalty five minutes before half-time, but Tom Hodgson’s kick went across the face of the posts, and the scored remained the same until half-time.

The Pirates started the second half somewhat on the back foot, being under a lot of pressure from Richmond – insomuch so that they received a yellow card. However, the defence held firm and repelled every attack. Gradually, the Pirates started to create scoring chances, and Rory Parata, following a ruck in front of the Richmond posts, flicked the ball along the line to Maliq Holden, who scored in the corner. The conversion was unsuccessful due to the wind, but the score was now 13-0. With the clock on 59 minutes, a rolling maul following a line-out saw Tom Duncan break clear and score close to the posts. This time Luke Scully was successful with the conversion – 20-0. Richmond fought hard and were rewarded with a converted try – 20-7. Still Richmond were not finished and attacked strongly again but they conceded a penalty. The Pirates worked their way up field and Kiri Kiri after beating two defenders, passed the ball to Matt Bolwell, who scored under the posts, giving Harry Bazalgette an easy conversion to make the score 27-7 and a bonus point win to the Pirates.

An Vorladron Gernewek w. Sarsyns.

Woja bledhen heb rugby kesstrifus, yth esa mall gans pub huny dhe weles kensa fytt an seson cotthes ma – ha kens oll drefen bos Sarsyns an enebieth, para a veu iselhes an vledhen eus passys dhyworth an Pennroweth. Kyn na alja scodhyoryon mos dhe’n Mennaye dre Covid, y a alja y weles warlinen. Sarsyns a dhallathas dell veu desevys, owth omsettya heb lett war linen an Vorladron, hag yn unn sewya niver a spalyow res gans an Vorladron y a gemeras an led gans assay andreylyes, 0-5. Byttegyns, yn lent an Vorladron a waynya nebes stat uhella – kens oll y’n skyrmys ha’n linennow tewlel – ha woja quarter owr y a waynyas spal skyrmys, 3-5. Ena 11 mynysen woja hemma, an Vorladron a waynyas ken spal, ha heb gortos, y a gemeras pot uskis, delivras an bel dhe Tom Duncan, neb a scoryas kensa assay an Vorladron, an pyth ny veu treylyes – 8-5. A-jy dhe 4 mynysen, Sarsyns a scoryas aga nessa assay andreylyes – 8-10, scor hag a drigas dhe hanter termyn.

An nessa hanter an Vorladron a dhallathas yn crev hag orth 46 mynysen, scoryas assay, treylyes gans Ben Scully – 15-10. Dell re wharvia y’n kensa hanter, Sarsyns a worthebis a-dhistowgh ha scorya aga thressa assay, ynwedh treylyes, dhe dhry an scor dhe 15-17. Mes lebmyn yth esa an Vorladron ow talleth rewlya an skyrmysow, hag yn unn gwaynya spal skyrmys orth 50 mynysen, Scully ny wrug camm, yn unn worra an Vorladron yn-rag 18-17. Kyn wrug Sarsyns nebes omsettyansow da ha dendil niver a spalow, pub tro a wrussons y dewis linen dewlel, ha’n Vorladron a wrussa ladra an towl ha clerha aga linen. Ena, gans teyr mynysen gesys war an clock, Scully a dhanvonas yn-bann pot uhel, ha gans an waryoryon Sarsyns ow cortos an bel dhe dhaslemmel, Morlader Rhodri Davies a’s sesyas, hag yn unn bonya toth men dhe’n linen, a scoryas an assay hag a selyas an gwayn. Hemma arta a veu treylyes gans Scully – 25-17. Kynth esa diwettha chons dhe Sarsyns cavos poynt mas gans skyrmys 10 meter dhyworth linen an Vorladron, hemma a veu dhistrewis yn tien gans an Vorladron, ha gans an clock y’n rudh, Scully a botyas an bel marow.

The Cornish Pirates v. Saracens.

After a year without competitive rugby, everybody was keen to see the first match of this shortened season – and above all because the opposition was Saracens, a team who were relegated last year from the Premiership. Although supporters were not able to go to the Mennaye through Covid, they could see it online. Saracens started as was expected, attacking the Pirates line without respite, and following a number of penalties given by the Pirates, they look the lead with an unconverted try – 0-5. However, slowly the Pirates gained some superiority – particularly in the scrums and line-outs – and after a quarter of an hour, they gained a scrum penalty – 3-5. Then 11 minutes later, the Pirates gained another penalty and without waiting, they took a quick tap, passed the ball to Tom Duncan who scored the Pirates first try, which was unconverted – 8-5. Within 4 minutes, Saracens scored their second unconverted try – 8-10, the score which remained until half-time.

The second half the Pirates started strongly and on 46 minutes, scored a try, converted by Luke Scully – 15-10. As had happened in the first half, Saracens replied immediately with their third try, also converted, to bring the score to 15-17. But now the Pirates were dominating the scrums, and winning a scrum penalty on 50 minutes, Scully made no mistake, putting the Pirates ahead 18-17. Although Saracens made some good attacking moves and earned a number of penalties, every time they chose a line-out, and the Pirates would steal the throw and cleared their line. Then, with three minutes remaining on the clock, Scully sent up a high ball and with the Saracens’ players waiting for the ball to bounce, Rhodri Davies seized it, and running full tilt to the line, scored the try which clinched the win. This was again converted by Scully – 25-17. Although Saracens had a final chance to gain a bonus point with a scrum 10 metres from Pirates’ line, this was totally destroyed by the Pirates, and with the clock in the red, Scully kicked the ball dead.