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‘Meet the Players’ Evening

Posted: July 20, 2021
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Meet the Players Evening TONIGHT!

The Club Captain and Vice-Captain for the forthcoming season plus Dual Registered players will also be announced.

“Never mind the weather, as long as we’re together”, so be there! The forecast is much improved for late afternoon so it will once again be an evening to be enjoyed. Besides the new player welcomes our Chairman Paul Durkin and joint head coaches Gavin Cattle and Alan Paver will also be addressing the crowd.

This free admission occasion provides an opportunity for supporters, sponsors and everyone connected with the club to attend what in the past has always been a popular event in the calendar.

The ground and Marquee bar will open from 6pm and there will be a structured training session to view the Cornish Pirates in action starting at 6.30pm. Then, after the players have returned briefly to the changing rooms, at about 7.30pm the squad will emerge from the Truro & Penwith College stand tunnel (to the sound of ‘Sandstorm’!) and line up in front of the stand for the team’s new signings to be introduced.

Further Important Information to Note:

Covid Awareness – Understanding that some people will still expect to be cautious, available space will allow social distancing to be respected as will the choice of those who still wish to wear facemasks. Hand sanitiser will also be available for use. Any further information, if deemed necessary, can be announced via the PA System.

Mixing with Squad Members – Unfortunately, as part of the necessary caution still to be maintained, squad members will not be able to mingle closely with supporters. The Pandemic is not over yet and our immediate aim is to maintain a responsible approach. For squad members and those closely involved the disruption that would evolve from anyone who is tested positive or is contacted by NHS Test and Trace would potentially be considerable. We would also ask that anyone who has a continuous cough, has a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell should stay away.

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