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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Doncaster

Posted: December 6, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Marrogyon Cardhana

Kens an fyt ma, Cardhana o desedhys udn le yndadn An Vorladron y’n kesunyans, ytho, an fyt ma o onan pur bosek rag An Vorladron gwaynya. Nag o dalleth da rag an Vorladron byttegyns, drefen y dhe dhegemeres diw garten velyn y’n 5es ha’n 8ves mynysen, mes yn despit a hemma, An Vorladron a synsas aga linen dhynam ha nyns o kens diwettha mynysen an nessa carten velyn y whrug an Varrogyon scorya. Yth esa An Vorladron ow ry dhe-ves niver a spalyow y’n spas ma, mes ny alja den vyth convedhes erviransow an breusydh rag brassa radn an re ma. An dhew bara a stryvya heb let dhe scorya mes yth o An Vorladron neb a gemeras an nessa scor – ha neppyth o pur vysy ragdha – drefen hebma dhe dry scor an dhew bara egwal, neppyth a brovas bos poynt treylya. An dhew dhefens o pur grev y’n fyt ma, mes yth o An Vorladron neb a scoryas nessa der assay y’n gornel. Y’n lacka prys, der an gwyns nebes crev, ny alja Arwel Robson y dreylya. Nyns esa ken scor y’n hanter ma hag ytho dhe hanter-termyn an bord-scorya a redyas 12-7.

Y’n nessa hanter an kesstryv dhe scorya nessa o pur fell treeth an dhew bara, mes arta yth o An Vorladron neb a gavas an enor. Meur a ynnyans a ve gwrys war an linen Gardhana, hag yn udn sewya kevres a ‘cuntell ha mos’ yn-mysk an vowards, An Vorladron a scoryas aga thressa assay dhe gledh an peulyow. Arwel Robson a sewenis gans an treylyans dhe dhry an scor dhe 19-7. An Vorladron a besyas gorra gwask war an Varrogyon, mes aga defens o crev lowr dhe synsy keniver tra a ve tewlys orta. Mes hanter an fordh y’n hanter ma, An Vorladron a gavas aga foynt mas gans heb dout ‘an assay an seson’. An Vorladron a ladras an bel y’ga hanter aga honan, hag yn movyans sley ha pur uskis, y a spedyas troha linen an Varrogyon ha dre dhelivrans finel dhe Tom Kessel, ha scorya assay marthys yndadn an peulyow. Kyn whrug Cardhana batalyas yn crev, ny aljens y terry linen an Vorladron, hag gans pot diwettha an gam, Harry Bazelgette a geworras pot spal sewen der an peulyow rag try foynt moy.  Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 29, Marrogyon Cardhana 7.

The Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster Knights

Before this game, Doncaster were situated one place below The Pirates in the league, so this match was a very important one for The Pirates to win. It wasn’t a good start for The Pirates however, as they received two yellow cards in the 5th and 8th minutes, but in spite of this, The Pirates kept their line intact and it wasn’t until the final minute of the second yellow card that the Knights scored. The Pirates were giving away a number of penalties during this period, but nobody could understand the referee’s decisions for most of them. Both teams strived without any let-up to score but it was The Pirates who took the next score – something which was very important for them  – because this score brought the two teams level, and something which proved to be the turning point in the game. Both defences were very strong in this match, but it was The Pirates who scored next in the corner. Unfortunately because of the strong wind, Arwel Robson was unable to convert. There was no other score this half so at half-time the score-board read 12-7.

In the second half the competition to score next was very fierce between the two teams, but again it was The Pirates who had the honour of scoring. A great deal of pressure was put on to the Doncaster line, and following a series of ‘pick and go’ amongst the forwards, The Pirates scored their third try to the left of the posts. Arwel Robson was successful with the conversion to bring the score to 19-7. The Pirates continued to put pressure on the Knights, but their defence was strong enough to contain everything that was thrown at them. But halfway through the half, The Pirates got their bonus point try with doubtless ‘the try of the season’. The Pirates stole the ball in their own half and in a skilled and very fast move they sped to the Doncaster line and with a final pass to Tom Kessel, scored a marvellous try under the posts. Although Doncaster fought hard, they could not break the Pirates’ line, and with the last kick of the game, Harry Bazelgette added a successful penalty kick for three more points. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 29, Doncaster Knights 7.