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‘Paves’ – by Penny!

Posted: December 19, 2019
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‘Paves’ – by Penny!

Cornish Pirates’ coach Alan Paver was given a most welcome surprise at the club’s game versus London Scottish on Saturday.

Penny Lally is pictured with Alan Paver

Speaking pre-match to guests in hospitality, before resuming his coaching duties he was asked to wait just a moment, to enable the surprise, in the form of a special presentation, to then be made.
On behalf of the Pirates, COO Robin James called on supporter and guest Penny Lally to do the honours. As many will know, Penny is a very gifted lady who has been doing portrait sculptures in clay for quite a few years.

Having a fascination with faces, especially characters, as a rugby supporter she contacted Stuart Lancaster when he was England coach, because to her he has an interesting face. Penny found him a charming man and when she completed and delivered the bronze resin portrait sculpture, she delivered it, as a gift, to Pennyhill Park, where Stuart showed her around the training camp.

Penny, working on her Stuart Lancaster sculpture

More recent portraits have included those of former Pirate and Penlee Lifeboat coxswain Patrick ‘Patch’ Harvey, and the much loved and sadly recently deceased supporter Julyan Drew. Both local heroes, Penny is honoured that the two sculptures have pride of place in the new Lifeboat House.

Now, another local and popular character is, of course, ‘Paves’, who played 360 games for the Pirates, and it was to him that the presentation was made on Saturday. Penny hoped she had captured Alan’s “super happy face” – which she undoubtedly has!

Penny would be pleased to be commissioned reference such sculpture portraits, which are cast in bronze resin. She can be contacted on her Mobile 07732 979355, Email [email protected] or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PennysPortraitSculptures/

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