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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Worcester

Posted: September 13, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Breselysy Carwigoryon

Woja gwayn bryntin an bennseythen kens, keniver onan a wodhya y fia an fyt ma neppyth dyffrans – an peth a brovas ewn. Yth o byttegyns, fyt a dhew hanter. Carwigoryon a dhallathas tooth men ha scon y a wrussa gorra aga hensa poyntyow war an bord. An Vorladron a omgavas ‘war an droos delergh’ dre dooth ha sleyneth an wodrigoryon, hag ajy dhe hanter our y a welas 4 assay – y’n 5es, 10ves, 18ves ha 27ves mynysen, scoryes war aga fydn. Remenant an fyt a hevely bos du rag an Vorladron ha meur a dus a alja gweles score finel cowrek war an cartednow. Mes tabm ha tabm, taclow a dheuth ha bos moy fast, hag yn despit neb dyffrans a brederow orth 30 mynysen may feu Josh Caulfield ha Jack Johnson a’n Vreselysy avisys dhe spena 10 mynysen y’n trog-drog, An Vorladron a gavas an torr esens y ow whiles. Yn udn sewya neb cabulva a-dal dhe’n Stond Jewson, Alex o’Meara a dhalhednas an bel ha ponya heb gorthenebans yn-dadn an peulyow, gans Arwel Robson ow keworra an treylyans. Carwigoryon a assayas yn tywysyk rag ken assay mes ny wrug dry frut, hag ytho dhe hanter-termyn a scor a redyas 7-24.

My wonn an pyth a veu leverys dhe hanter-termyn mes y’n nessa hanter An Vorladron o liesgweyth moy argasus – neppyth esa ow fyllel y’n kensa hanter – ha scon a dreylyas an mosow hag esa ow corra an gwask lebmyn war an defens Carwigoryon. An gwask ma a veu pewashes, hag yn udn sewya nebes ynterwary bryntin yn-mysk an linen geyn, an Vorladron a scoryas yn-dann an peulyow. Gans an scor lebmyn 14-24, nynj o semlant a daclow mar dhrog, ha tabm ha tabm An Vorladron a dhallethas rewlya maters. Yth esa aga skyrmys ow herdhya a-dhelergh an skyrmys Carwigoryon hag yth esens y ow corra warbarth nebes omsettyans pur beryllus. Y’n 70ves mynysen Shay Tucker a dorras der an defens Carwigoryon ha scorya yn-dadn an peulyow – 21-24. An dhiwettha 10 mynysen a longyas dhe’n Vorladron ha para Carwigoryon squitha ha gwascashes a hevelis dyfresys clowes an whythel finel. Scor Finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 21, Breselysy Carwigoryon 24.


The Cornish Pirates v. Worcester Warriors.

After a brilliant win the previous week-end, everyone knew that this match would be something different – which proved right. It was however, a match of two halves. Worcester started at full speed and soon they would put their first points on the board. The Pirates found themselves ‘on the back foot’ through the speed and skill of the visitors, and within the first half an hour they saw 4 tries – in the 5th, 10th, 18th and 27th minute, scored against them. The remainder of the match seemed black for the Pirates and many people could see a huge final score on the cards. But gradually, things steadied and in spite of a difference of opinion in which Josh Caulfield and Worcester’s Jack Johnson were advised to spend 10 minutes in the sin-bin, The Pirates found the break for which they had been looking. Following a mix-up in front of the Jewson Stand, Alex o’Meara seized the ball and ran unopposed under the posts, with Arwel Robson adding the conversion. Worcester tried keenly for another try but this did come to fruition, and so at half-time the score read 7-24.

I don’t know what was said at half-time but in the second half the Pirates were far more aggressive – something which was lacking in the first half – and soon turned the tables and were putting the pressure now on the Worcester defence. This pressure was rewarded and following some brilliant interplay amongst the back line, The Pirates scored under the posts. With the score now 14-24, things didn’t seem so bad, and slowly the Pirates started to rule matters. Their scrum was pushing back the Worcester scrum and they were putting together some very dangerous attacks. In the 70th minute Shay Tucker broke though the Worcester defence and scored under the posts – 21-24. The last 10 minutes belonged to the Pirates and a tiring and pressurised Worcester team seemed relieved to hear the final whistle. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 21, Worcester Warriors 24.