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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Ealing (A)

Posted: March 28, 2022
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Ealing w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Hebm o gam an seson, gans an gwaynyer owth yskynda dhe bedn an kesunyans, mes y’n lacka prys nyns o hebma An Vorladron. Ealing a dhallathas an kensa hanter gans meur a nerth ha scon yth esens y ow tysquedhes aga gallos ha gorra An Vorladron yndadn meur a wask. Aga skyrmys o pur allojek hag esa ow skila problebmow lowr rag an Vorladron. Yth esa an Vorladron ow spena meur a dermyn ow tefendya omsettyans Ealing, hag yn herwydh copel a dhalhednow kellys, Ealing a dhallathas drehevel led da. Yn gwrianeth, Ealing a worras kebmys a wask war an Vorladron, na alja an Vorladron seweny mes udn linen-duch omsettya hag udn skyrmys omsettya. An Vorladron a waryas gans aga holon oll ha ry 100%, mes y’n fyt ma, Ealing a dhysquedhas dell enj y an gwella para war an park. Dres an kensa hanter ma, Ealing a dhrehevis yn fast an scor ha warbydn hanter termyn an bord scorya a dhysquedhas: Ealing 31, An Vorladron Gernewek 7. Yth esa meur a ober dhe wul y’n nessa hanter mar mynnja an Vorladron cavos neppyth posedhek dhyworth an gam ma.

Y’n nessa hanter an Vorladron a dheuth moy y’n pictur, mes whath ny aljens y egwalhe an brassa gallos a Ealing, neb esa dre vras ow rewlya an gam. Y’n gwrianeth, An Vorladron a worscoryas Ealing 17-13 y’n hanter ma, mes nynj o hebma lowr dhe sylwel an gam. Ny wrug Ealing der an fyt oll scorya marnas udn assay moy es an Vorladron (5 assay dhe 4), mes botasen aga fotyer Craig Willis o benegys, drefen ev dhe seweny yn keniver attent treylyans rag an pymp assay scoryes gansans ha dres hebma o 100% sewen y’n try fot spal orth an peulyow. Kynth o sewyans finel pur dhysweytus, ny alja denvyth leverel na wrug an Vorladron gul aga gwella – y a worras keniver tra y’n gam, mes nag o aga fowt dell wrussons y kelly – y a ve fethys y’n gam ma gans an gwella para. Scor finel: Ealing 44, An Vorladron Gernewek 24. An fyt ujy ow tos warbydn Ampthill yw diwettha fyt an seson ha covath nowyth dhe gowlwul – bos anfethys tre an seson oll! Ytho, gwrewgh dos dhe’n Mennaye yn lev da ha ry dhe’n Vorladron agan scoodhyans hengovek.

Ealing v. The Cornish Pirates

This was the game of the season, with the winner rising to the top of the league, but unfortunately this wasn’t the Pirates. Ealing started the first half strongly and soon they were showing their power and putting the Pirates under a lot of pressure. Their scrum was very powerful and was causing problems enough for the Pirates. The Pirates were spending a lot of time defending Ealing attacks and along with a couple of missed tackles, Ealing started to build a good lead. In truth, Ealing put so much pressure on the Pirates, The Pirates were only able to win one attacking line-out and one attacking scrum. The Pirates played with all their heart and gave 100%, but in this match, Ealing showed that they were the better team on the field. Over this first half Ealing steadily built the score and by half-time the scoreboard showed: Ealing 31, Cornish Pirates 7. There was a lot of work to do in the second half if the Pirates wanted to get something positive out of this game.

In the second half the Pirates came more into the picture, but still they could not match the greater power of Ealing, who were, by and large, ruling the game. In truth, the Pirates outscored Ealing 17-13 in this half, but this wasn’t enough to save the game. Ealing overall in the match only scored one more try than the Pirates (5 tries to 4) but the boot of their kicker Craig Willis was blessed, as he succeeded in all the conversion attempts for the five tries scored by them and in addition was 100% successful in the three penalty kicks at the posts. Although the final result was disappointing, no-one could say that the Pirates didn’t do their best – they put everything into the game, but it wasn’t their fault that they lost – they were beaten in this game by the better side. Final score: Ealing 44, The Cornish Pirates 24. The upcoming match against Ampthill is the last match of the season and a new record to achieve – to be unbeaten at home for the whole season! So, come to the Mennaye in good voice and give the Pirates our traditional support.