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Training Visit by Penrice Students

Posted: July 31, 2019
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Training Visit by Penrice Students

As part of Penrice Academy’s annual ‘Activities Week’, the students who selected Sports Academy Week were once again excited to visit the Cornish Pirates during their pre-season training.

For this year, of course, it was not a visit to the Mennaye Fields at Penzance but one to Hayle RFC where the Pirates have been training.

The 20 students from Penrice Academy were made up of keen participants in a wide range of school sports generally, plus elite performers from sports including water polo, athletics and judo.

The purpose of visiting the Pirates was to expose the students to a professional sporting environment, with there a big focus on career pathways and the different jobs that keep the Pirates squad on the pitch.

Students spent time asking questions to physiotherapy, media and coaching personnel, including Assistant Coach Chris Morgan and Director of Rugby Chris Stirling. Finding out more about these job roles and career pathways gave a fantastic picture of how such a professional sports team operates.

Accompanying the Penrice Academy students were Richard Tucker (Head of PE) and Clare Razzell (Head of Year 9). Richard commented:

A highlight for the session was observing joint Head Coach Gavin Cattle host a team meeting and explain new patterns of attack to his players, before then taking them onto the pitch to run through the plays practically. Our students were fascinated with the professionalism shown by the players, as to how they responded by taking notes and also asking questions during the meeting.

Richard added:

Everyone once again thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from our visit and we wish the Cornish Pirates the best of luck in the coming season.

The visit to Hayle by the Penrice Academy students followed a team building day of Water sports at Falmouth, CrossFit training at CrossFit Galleon, plus lots of beach visits for cross training, whilst on leaving Hayle they ended their day with a welcome recovery swim at the Penzance Jubilee Pool.

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