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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Doncaster Cup (A)

Posted: April 11, 2022
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Marrogyon Cardhana w. An Vorladron Gernewek

An dhew bara rag kensa fyt an cup nowydh ma a erviras ry an chons dh’aga waryoryon yonka, an peth rag nebes o aga hensa chons dhe dhalleth rag an seson. Rag an Vorladron yth o dewhelans wolcum rag peuler Hayden King, neb re be ‘mes a gommysyon woja y bystik drog dh’y godna a-varra y’n seson. Yn despit an chanjyow dhe’n dhew bara, an gam o uskis hag dydhanus. Nynj o dalleth da rag an Vorldron, drefen y’n treja mynysen, peuler Sam Rodman a asas an park gans pystik dh’y anow, byttegyns, An Vorladron o an kensa dhe scorya pan wrug hantrer skyrmys Rauridh Dawson woja 14 mynysen torr teg kens delivra an bel dhe Robin Wedlake, neb a dremenas an linen dhe scorya. Nynj o Harry Bazelgette sewen gans an attent treylyans. Kynth esa an Vorladron dre vras ow rewlya an gam, yth o an Varrogyon neb a scoryas an nessa assay, neb o ynwedh ansewen gans an attent treylyans. Kynth o an kensa hanter pur dhydhanus, yth esa an dhew bara ow cul niver a gabmwriansow sempel, hag an hanter a worfedna gans an scor 5-5.

Nynj esa edhom a voy es diw vynysen y’n nessa hanter dhe ry dhe’n Vorladron chons rag aga nessa assay, an dro ma kemerys gans Shae Tucker, neb a scoryas yn-dadn an peulyow dhe ry dhe Bazelgette treylyans es. Le es naw mynysen woja an scor ma, an Vorladron a dremenas an linen arta, an scoryer ow bos Marlen Walker neb re gemersa le a higer Tom Channon. An treylyans gans Bazelgette a welas an bord scorya disquedhas 5-19. Alebma rag, an Vorladron a dhallathas ry dhe-ves niver a spalyow – an kynsa pan ve A.J.Cant disquedhys carten velyn rag dalhen anlafyl warbydn kens Vorlader Harry Davey, gans an breusydh y’n kettermyn pewashe Cardhana assay spal. Gans 6 mynsen gesys war an clock, An Varrogyon a scoryas aga threja assay dhe dry an scoryow egwal, 19-19. A via hebma oll? An diwettha 5 mynysen a welas dew assay moy – an kensa rag an Vorladron, may whrug A.J.Cant contrawaytya delivrans ha scorya assay, treylyes gans Bazelgette, ha gans diwettha gwary an gam, Cardhana a scoryas, mes aga fotyer a fyllas gans an attent treylyans. Scor finel, Marrogyon Cardhana 24, An Vorladron Gernewek 26.

Doncaster Knights v. The Cornish Pirates

Both teams for this first match of this new cup decided to give a chance to those younger players, which for some was their first chance of the season. For the Pirates it was a welcome return for prop Hayden King, who has been out of commission after his bad neck injury earlier in the season. In spite of the changes to both sides, it was a fast and entertaining game. It wasn’t a good start for the Pirates, because in the third minute, prop Sam Rodman left the field with a mouth injury, however, the Pirates were the first to score when scrum half Rauridh Dawson after 14 minutes made a fine break before passing the ball to Robin Wedlake, who crossed the line to score. Harry Bazelgette was unsuccessful with the conversion attempt. Although the Pirates were by and large in control of the game, it was the Knights who scored the next try, and who were also unsuccessful with the conversion attempt. Although the first half was very entertaining, both sides were making a number of simple mistakes, and the half finishes with the score at 5-5.

There was no need of more than two minutes in the second half to give the Pirates a chance for their second try, this chance taken by Shae Tucker who scored under the posts to give Bazelgette an easy conversion. Less than ten minutes after this score, the Pirates crossed the line again, the scorer being Marlen Walker who had replaced hooker Tom Channon. The conversion by Bazelgette saw the scoreboard showing 5-19. From now on, the Pirates began to give away a number of penalties – the first when A.J.Cant was shown a yellow card for an illegal tackle on former Pirate Harry Davey, with the referee at the same time awarding Doncaster a penalty try. With 6 minutes left on the clock, the Knights scored their third try to bring the scores level at 19-19. Would this be all? The last 5 minutes saw two more tries – the first for the Pirates, when A.J.Cant intercepted a pass and scored a try, converted by Bazelgette, and with the last play of the game, Doncaster scored, but their kicker failed with the conversion attempt. Final score, Doncaster Knights 24, The Cornish Pirates 26.