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Pirates team up with Lockerstash

Posted: January 12, 2022
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The Cornish Pirates have formed a partnership with Locker Stash Community Interest Company (CIC).

Who or what is Locker Stash? Well, the team of three, namely Debbie Hutchinson, Guy Hamer and their new Kickstart scheme apprentice Jazz Belcher who dedicate their time working with grassroots and professional sports clubs, schools, universities and sports manufacturers in the UK and overseas to make them more environmentally friendly by recycling their sportswear and investing profits back to grassroots sport.

Locker Stash came about through a combination of an unfortunate Rugby injury that Guy suffered, a very kind partner in Debbie and a borderline obsession he had for kit at the time ! Backtrack to April 2018 when he and Debbie came together following the success of Exeter Chiefs’ ‘Move Like a Pro’ programme. Guy was a member of the coaching set-up who ran a 12 week physcial and mental wellbeing clinic for middle aged men which culminated in taking a team to the Touch Festival at Twickenham that May. He understood the importance that sport has within an individual’s well-being and their mental health, and so the Healthy Humans Group (HHG) was born. Debbie came on board a to do everything else other than coach, and HHG ran successfully for 12 months and there is really where the founding two’s realisation of the value of community sport at any level began.

Healthy Humans has since taken a back seat due to the overwhelming work commitments Locker Stash now demands.

Having started out as a clear out whilst rehabilitating from an indefinite rugby injury, Locker Stash has grown to now include other sports such as Cricket and Football. Goods are resold, re-donated or damaged items are repurposed into new items to prolong their lease of life and more importantly keep them out of landfill, these items include, Bucket hats, Pillows, Teddy Bears, aprons and dribble bibs.  All items are then placed at an affordable price via our ecommerce platforms and our Sustainable sports pop-up shops around the country, and profits go back into grassroots sport through Sponsorship of grassroots clubs and community departments, donation of playing equipment, even down to a good old barbecue put on free of charge for groups as a reward for partner clubs recycling responsibly after a clear out. This total at current of financial reinvestment back into grassroots sport we estimate to be in the region of over 30 thousand pounds since our inception.

One of our first partnership’s included working with Children’s Hospice South West, providing days out to local parents and their children to watch games at professional and amateur sports clubs in hospitality. Above all, however, Locker Stash like to work with any local sports clubs via their sustainability partnership, which includes social and financial rewards. Anyone interested can simply contact them via Telephone 01392 407773 or Email [email protected]

Also, why not check them out on their Instagram or Facebook page @lockerstash and see the existing work they are doing or even a preview of some of the items going on sale in the future.

From a Cornish Pirates perspective, such a partnership with Locker Stash helps highlight that the club is not only doing its bit for the environment and is helping to kit out those in need of some training gear, but will also see the famous name of the Cornish Pirates spread around the training grounds and gyms of the country – and, indeed, beyond!

For more general information reference Locker Stash please link to:   https://lockerstashrugby.co.uk/