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BlackBeard Coffee – For ‘One & All’!

Posted: October 27, 2021
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BlackBeard Coffee – For ‘One & All’!

Many will be aware that the name Blackbeard is associated with a famous Pirate of centuries past, so in consideration of the same it is considered wholly appropriate that a modern-day Pirate, Cornish Pirates’ winger Alex O’Meara, has set up his own coffee business – called ‘BlackBeard Coffee’.

With Alex launching his signature BlackBeard Coffee brand this week, as a partner the Cornish Pirates will be stocking the Whole Bean and Ground Coffee on our online shop in 250g and 1kg bags at £7.50 and £25.

Roseworthy Farms will also be using BlackBeard Coffee as the supplier of coffee from their outlets on the club’s match days. ‘

Alex’s idea to set up a coffee business was born during lockdown in 2020. Coffee, as we know, is not only the world’s most popular beverage but research suggests that caffeine can indeed improve performance, act as a stimulant, and increase alertness – and as a professional athlete it is now part of Alex’s daily routine. During those long lockdown days with no club training or game to prepare for, Alex, along with his partner Tegan would drink coffee every morning before they worked out together. One morning Alex considered “How cool it would be to transfer my love of coffee into a business.”

Well, the seeds were sown, and then with the greatly appreciated help of Dicky Evans and the Cornish Pirates they enabled Alex to start a business course. It was an opportunity that just had to be taken, and with enthusiasm Alex commendably put all his effort into bringing the idea to life.

Alex set about finding a business partner and through family connections was introduced to Sanjay Shah. The rest, as they say, is history, for matters progressed as quick as the pandemic would allow and it was no coincidence that the connection with Sanjay was a hugely fortuitous one. His family own a coffee plantation in Kenya, and enabling both men to obtain a coffee supply, plus then with help of the right people in the UK, they have created their own speciality blend – the Signature Blend. This blend has a unique crafted quality and a distinct taste that has already proved very popular with Alex’s fellow squad members and indeed all who have tried it.


Alex has commented:

“For me, BlackBeard is all about bringing people together and building relationships over great coffee. I have always enjoyed meeting up with the lads on days off for a coffee or taking a coffee down the beach with Tegan when we walk our pet dog. BlackBeard is all about that and that’s how I would want my brand to be, for everyone – the coffee for ‘One & All’.

“Reference the ground coffee, I drink it through a cafetière which is how we players are drinking it as we wait for training sessions to begin. As for the beans, a grinder is needed and a coffee machine, but for anyone unable at present to get their hands on these, watch this space. More products will be launching soon!”


Alex always wanted to be a professional sportsman, and he is loving living dream and wants to continue doing that for as long as he can. At the same time, he is aware it will come to an end at some point, so he is wisely using his passions outside of rugby and is giving himself a head start for when that happens.

A website is in the planning that will be main source of sales for BlackBeard Coffee. It is expected to be www.blackbeardcoffee.co.uk but is not quite ‘live’, at present. However, you can find BlackBeard Coffee on all the social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and, as mentioned, alongside the Cornish Pirates online shop.