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Yes Minister!

Posted: April 19, 2018
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Excellent reception in Parliament yesterday.

Cornwall Council represented by Nigel Blackler (who has been awesome since he took up the reigns late last year), Martin Tucker for the college and Jack Richards & I. Jack wore his England cricket tie but nobody managed to clock it ( I didn’t wear a tie as it was 26 degrees). The local MP Derek Thomas was very impressive and spent three hours with us sorting out meetings with both Mathew Hancock and Tracy Crouch the Ministers involved.

Sarah Newton was brilliant and top notch in her support saying all the right things on our behalf along with Derek.

We have to go through some hoops but assuming we follow all the rules, I have little doubt funds will be there in good time and when required. Sport England is first stop and the RFU & the FA are part of the Sport England scenario. Nigel Blacker will lead the way on the appropriate business plan for sport England submission.

Following the meeting we repaired to my flat and went through what’s required so no delay should occur. What is key is the outreach to schools. Our current program came in for much praise but we now have plans to expand this a lot. Next season we lay the groundwork. Special needs is one area we will be pushing in the context of our outreach program quite heavily. Big kudos to Sam Teasdale.

We now have a target date to get started on site by latest July this year so we can progress the groundwork’s during the summer. First step is to get handover of the land via the council which is our next main priority.


Best Wishes,


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