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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Richmond

Posted: September 20, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Richmond

Nyns o an gewer y’n myttin rag an kensa fyt kesunyans an seson pur dha gans lewgh ha niwl law, mes warbydn kensa pot an ebron re omglersa ha’n howl a dorras ‘mes dhe ry dohajedh perfydh rag rugby. An Vorladron a ygoras an scoryans der assay gans Matt Bolwell, an pyth a veu treylyes gans Arwel Robson. Mes Richmond a dhewhelis ogas ha distowgh, yn udn scorya assay andreylyes y’n 9ves mynysen. 10 mynysen a’y woja, Richmond a gemeras an led dre spal potyes gans Kane – 7-8. Hedna o galow difuna rag an Vorladron neb y’n vynysen 21 a scoryas assay dre Tom Duncan, treylyes gans Robson. Y’n vynysen 32 Richmond a gulhas an bulgh dre bot spal sewen gans Kane – 14-11. Udnweyth arta an Vorladron a alja gweles bos res dhodhans obery rag poyntyow hag yn udn sewya nebes gwary uskis, A.J.Cant a dremenas an linen yn cornel an bord-scorya dhe yncressya an led dhe 21-11. Mynysen kens hanter-termyn, gans an Vorladron owth omsettya war an linen Richmond, aga Nr.12 a veu dysquedhys carten velen, mes ny alja an Vorladron kemeres prow a hebma hag ytho ny wrug an scor treylya dhe hanter-termyn.

A-varr y’n nessa hanter, An Vorladron a gowlwrug aga feswara hag assay poynt mas dre Callum Sirker, udnweyth arta gans treylyans sewen a-dhiworth an linen duch gans Robson. 5 mynysen woja hebma Sirker a dremenas an linen arta rag assay treylyes dhe ry scor a 31-11. Yth esa An Vorladron lebmyn ow talleth omsettya creffa ha creffa war an defens Richmond, neb a besya ry dhe ves niver a spalyow dres remenant an hanter. Rag pub an spalyow ma, an Vorladron a dhewisis potya dhe’n gornel rag movyans cachya ha lewya, mes y’n lakka prys, yth o ‘jorna drog orth an sodhva’ rag linennow tewlel an Vorladron, awos bos ogas ha keniver towl a-jy breusyes ‘nag o ewn’ gans breusydh Mr. Joe James. Mes ny wrug Richmond omry hag y a scoryas assay treylyes y’n vynysen 76. Ogas ha leun termyn, yth esa cronkyans pednow rag an Vorladron pan wrug Alex Schwarz ha Cory Teague omdhehesy. Nag esa score pella y’n fyt hag ytho orth an whytel finel yth o – An Vorladron Gernewek 33, Richmond 18.


The Cornish Pirates v. Richmond.

The weather in the morning wasn’t very good for the first league match of the season, with mist and drizzle, but by kick-off the sky had cleared and the sun broke through to give a perfect afternoon for rugby. The Pirates opened the scoring through a try by Matt Bolwell, which was converted by Arwel Robson. But Richmond came back immediately, scoring an unconverted try in the 9th minute. 10 minutes later, Richmond took the lead through a penalty kicked by Kane – 7-8. This was a wake-up call for the Pirates, who in the 21st minute, scored a try through Tom Duncan, converted by Robson. In the 32 minute, Richmond narrowed the gap through a successful penalty kick by Kane – 14-11. Once again the Pirates could see that they had to work for points and following some fast play, A.J.Cant crossed the line in the score-board corner to increase the lead to 21-11. A minute before half-time, with the Pirates attacking the Richmond line, their Nr. 12 was shown a yellow card, but the Pirates were not able take advantage of this and so the score remained unchanged at half-time.

Early in the second half, The Pirates achieved their fourth and bonus point try through Callum Sirker, once again with a successful conversion from the touch-line by Robson. 5 minutes later, Sirker crossed the line again for a converted try to bring the score to 31-11. The Pirates were now beginning to attack the Richmond defence more strongly, who continued to give away a number of penalties over the remainder of the half. For each of these penalties, the Pirates chose to kick to the corner for a catch and drive move, but unfortunately it was a ‘bad day at the office’, for the Pirates’ line-outs, as nearly every throw-in was adjudged ‘not straight’ by referee Mr. Joe James. But Richmond did not give up and they scored a converted try in the 76th minute. Almost at full-time there was a clash of heads for the Pirates when Alex Schwarz and Cory Teague collided. There was no further score and so at the final whistle it was – The Cornish Pirates 33, Richmond 18.