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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Richmond Cup (A)

Posted: November 7, 2022
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Richmond w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Rag an kensa rond an Hanaf Campyorieth, an dhew bara a wrug niver meur a janjyow – An Vorladron gans naw anodhans ha Richmond yn gwir gans para nowydh dhe hedna a waryas an seythen kens warbydn Bedford. Scon An Vorladron a wrussa scorya an kensa poyntyow pan wrug Callum Sirker tremena an linen rag assay andreylyes. Ena gans namoy es 7 mynysen war an clock, y a yncressyas aga scor der assay gans Seb Nagle-Taylor, and pyth a ve treylyes gans Harry Bazelgette. An Vorladron a besya gorra meur a wask war an dhefens Richmond hag yn udn sewya kevres a spalyow ha carten velyn woja 17 mynysen, An Vorladron a scoryas aga thressa assay dre omroylans lewya crev. An scoryer o Max Norey hag arta Bazelgette o sewen gans an treylyans – 0-19. Lebmyn yth esa An Vorladron ow strivya rag an assay poynt mas, an pyth a dheth pan wrug Tom Kessel kemeres pot spal uskis dhe Sirker, neb a scoryas y’n gornel. Bazelgette o sewen gans an treylyans cales. Dhe worra whegrew war an desen, hag yn udn sewya ober cales gans Nagle-Talyor, an bel a ve delivrys dhe Sirker neb a scoryas y nessa assay, treylyes gans Bazelgette. Hanter-termyn ha’n score 0-33.

Richmond a wrug nebes chanjyow rag an nessa hanter ha rag an kensa tro y a waynyas hedhas yn hanter An Vorladron ha scon hebma a ve pewashes gans assay treylyes. Byttegyns, yn despit dhe Richmond gwellhe aga gam, yth esens y ow ry dhe-ves re spalyow – an pyth a wrug An Vorladron sesya dh’aga frow. An wheffes assay a dheth woja 57 mynysen, gromercy a Max Norey, an pyth a ve sewyes eth mynysen a-woja der assay gans Morgan Nelson. Bazelgette a’n dreylyas dhe ry an scor 7-45. Whath An Vorladron a besya gorra meur a wask war an dhefens Richmond hag a-jy dhe bymp mynysen y a dhrehedhas an merk 50-poynt pan wrug Relton scorya y nessa assay. Yth esa An Vorladron whath gans nown rag ken scor ha gans diw vynysen gesys, Sirker a dremenas an linen rag y bewas hatt. Ena gans 80 mynysen war an clock, Richmond a ve dysquedhys carten velin rag dalhen uhel, hag yn udh sewya pot Bazelgette dhe’n gornel, Morgan Nelson eth dres an linen dhe dhry an scor finel dhe – Richmond 7, An Vorladron Gernewek 62.

Richmond v. The Cornish Pirates

For this first round of the Championship Cup, both teams made a number of changes – The Pirates with nine and Richmond in truth with a new team to that which played the week before against Bedford. Soon The Pirates had scored the first points when Callum Sirker crossed the line for an unconverted try. Then with no more than 7 minutes on the clock they increased their score through a try by Seb Nagle-Taylor, which was converted by Harry Bazelgette. The Pirates continued to put a lot of pressure on the Richmond defence and following a series of penalties and a yellow card after 17 minutes, The Pirates scored their third try through a powerful driving maul. The scorer was Max Norey and again Bazelgette was successful with the conversion – 0-19. Now The Pirates were striving for the bonus point, which came when Tom Kessel took a quick penalty kick to Sirker, who scored in the corner. Bazelgette was successful with the difficult conversion. To put icing on the cake, and following hard work by Nagle-Taylor, the ball was passed to Sirker who scored his second try, converted by Bazelgette. Half-time and the score 0-33.

Richmond made several changes for the second half and for the first time they gained access into The Pirates’ half and soon this was rewarded by a converted try. However, in spite of Richmond upping their game, they were giving away too many penalties – which The Pirates seized to their advantage. The sixth try came after 57 minutes, thanks to Max Norey, which was followed eight minutes later by a Morgan Nelson try. Bazelgette converted to bring the score to 7-45. Still The Pirates continued to put a lot of pressure on the Richmond defence and within five minutes they had reached the 50-point mark when Relton scored his second try. The Pirates were still hungry for another score and with two minutes left, Sirker crossed the line for his hat-trick. Then with 80 minutes on the clock. Richmond were shown a yellow card for a high tackle, and following Bazelgette’s kick to the corner, Morgan Nelson went over the line to bring the final score to – Richmond 7, The Cornish Pirates 62.