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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Richmond (A)

Posted: February 7, 2022
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Richmond w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Woja gwayn an seythen eus passys warbydn Coventry, yth esa gwaytyans y fia an keth an pednseythen ma dhe Richmond. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn-ta pan vens y pewashes spal skyrmys a-jy dhe’n kensa mynysenow mes ny aljens y treylya hebma yn poyntyow. An Vorladron aga honen a ros dhe-ves nebes spalyow woja hebma mes y’n gwella prys, y a withas aga linen fast. Ena, y’n 15ves mynysen, An Vorladron a scoryas aga hensa assay dre Shae Tucker, treylyes gans Harry Bazelgette. Yn udn sewya hebma y’n mynysen 23, hag woja rew a agwedhow da, Tom Duncan a scoryas assay, arta treylyes gans Bazelgette dhe ry scor a 0-14. Mes nyns o pell kens Richmond dhe dhewheles ha scorya dew assay yn spas a 4 mynysen dhe dry an scor egwal orth 14-14. Kynth esa Callum Sirker ow ry dhe Richmond meur a broblebmow, yth o Richmond neb a scoryas nessa, hag yn udn sewya carten velyn rag dalhen uhel gans Tom Bolwell, y a scoryas aga thressa assay yndadn an peulyow dhe dhry an scor dhe 21-14, hag a drigas an keth bys yn hanter-termyn

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter yn gis da, ha woja Richmond dhe hedhy yn anlafel omdowl rolya, Tom Duncan a gemeras les an prow ow bos gwaryes ha scorya tressa assay an Vorladron – 21-19. Yth esa an gwyns ow cul taclow cales lebmyn gans pottow kist ow mos ‘mes heb tira. Orth an poynt ma, nebs gwryoryon an Vorladron a ve daslehes. Richmond a dhallathas gul meur a wask war an Vorladron hag y’m 60ves mynysen y a  encressyas aga led dre pot spal – 24-19. Mes yth esa Richmond lebmyn esa ow talleth ry dhe-ves spalyow ha woja bos try anodhans res dhe ves yn rew uskis y feu Mark Bright res gwarnyans. Ena, woja movyans dres hes an park, An Vorladron a scoryas aga 4a assay dre Matt Bolwell dhe dry an scor dhe 24-24. Y’n lacka prys ny alja Bazelgette cavos an treylyans y’n radn awos an gwyns ha martesen gwerys gans tros an scodhoryon tre. An Vorladron a assayas rag an scor gwaynya, mes an gam a worfedna gans an scor egwal 24-24. Kyn na wrug An Vorladron performya yn ta, dhe’n lyha y a dhewhelis tre gans 3 foynt.

Richmond v. The Cornish Pirates.

After last week’s win against Coventry, it was hoped that there would be the same result this week-end at Richmond. The Pirates started well when they were awarded a scrum penalty in the first minutes, but they could not turn this into points. The Pirates themselves gave away a number of penalties but fortunately they kept their line intact. Then, in the 15th minute, The Pirates scored their first try through Shae Tucker, which was converted by Harry Bazelgette. Following this in the 23 minute and after a string of good phases, Tom Duncan scored, again converted by Harry Bazelgette, to give a score of 0-14. But it wasn’t long before Richmond came back and score two tries in the space of 4 minutes to bring the score to 14-14. Although Callum Sirker was giving Richmond a lot of problems, it was Richmond who scored next, and following a yellow card for a high tackle by Tom Bolwell, they scored their third try under the posts to bring the score to 21-14, which remained the same until half-time.

The Pirates started the second half in good fashion, and after Richmond illegally stopped a rolling maul. Tom Duncan took advantage of the advantage being played and scored the Pirates’ third try – 21-19. The wind was making things difficult now and with box-kicks going out on the full. At this point a number of Pirates players were replaced. Richmond started to put a lot of pressure on the Pirates, and in the 60th minute they increased their lead with a penalty kick – 24-19.  But now Richmond started to give away penalties and after three in quick succession, Mark Bright was given a warning. Then, following a move over the length of the field, The Pirates scored their 4th try through Matt Bolwell to bring the score to 24-24. Unfortunately Bazelgette was unable to get the conversion, in part because of the wind and perhaps helped by noisy home supporters. The Pirates tried for the winning score, but the game finished level at 24-24. Although The Pirates did not perform well, at least they returned home with three points.