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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Nottingham

Posted: October 25, 2021
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Nottingham w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Gans ogas ha teyr seythen a-dhia an diwettha gam warbydn Ealing, yth esa an govenek dell wrussa an vebyon gwary dhe’n keth nivel rag an gam ma, ha herwydh an scor, ny wrussons y tolla. Y a dhallathas en crev pan wrussons y yn udn sewya linen dewlel, scorya aga hensa assay gans namoy es dew vynysen war an clock. An assay a veu scoryes gans Tom Channon ha treylyes gans Arwel Robson. Nyns o marnas pemp mynysen moy kens John Stevens a dremenas an linen woja omdowl lewya. Gans treylyans sewen arta gans Robson, an scor o 0-14. Nottingham lebmyn byttegyns, a dhallathas gwaynya tir hag y’n 14ves mynysen, y a scoryas assay andreylyes. Whegh mynysen moy war an clock hag y o sewen gans pot spal – 8-14. Woja an scor ma, ny wrussa Nottingham trobla an bord-scorya na fella. Taclow a dheth ha bos moy egwal dres diwettha radn an hanter, kyn whrug an Vorladron gwaynya spal orth 35 mynysen, an peth a veu potyes en sewen gans Robson dhe ry dhe’n Vorladron led a 9 poynt dhe hanter-termyn – an bord-scorya ow tysquedhes 8-17.

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa y’n keth maner es dell wrussens y an kensa dre scorya y’n nessa mynysen. Rory Parata a resegas warbydn pot clerhe Nottingham ha Patrick Shickerling a guntellas an bel ha scorya tressa assay rag an Vorladron. Robson o sewen arta gans an treylyans, ha scon woja hebma  pot spal – 8-27. Kyn feu prederys bos an Vorladron ‘tre ha segh’ lebmyn gans an scor ma, ny wrussa Nottingham omry. Y a dheth pur ogas dhe scorya diwweyth po teyrgweyth, mes dre gabmwriansow ogas dhe’n linen, y a fyllas. Defens an Vorladron byttegyns ow fast hag y a withas ‘mes keniver omsettyans. An whegrew a veu gorrys war an desen rag an Vorladron y’n 80ves mynysen pan wrug Matt Bolwell degemeres an bel yn linen dewlel ha gans omdowl lewya may whrug an keynwesyon omjunya, James Benjamin eth dres an linen rag an assay poynt mas. Y’n lacka prys, nyns o Harry Bazalgettw sewen gans an treylyans. Scor finel, Nottingham 8, An Vorladron Gernewek 32. Gwayn bryntin ha 5 poynt dhe dhry tre.

Nottingham v. The Cornish Pirates.

With nearly three weeks since the last game against Ealing, it was hoped that the boys would play at the same level in this game, and according to the score, they did not disappoint. They started strongly when following a line-out, they scored their first try with no more than two minutes on the clock. The try was scored by Tom Channon and converted by Arwel Robson. No more than five minutes later, John Stevens crossed the line following a driving maul. With another successful conversion by Robson, the score was 0-14. Nottingham however, now started to gain ground and in the 14th minute, scored an unconverted try. Six minutes more on the clock and they were successful with a penalty kick – 8-14. After this score, Nottingham wouldn’t trouble the scoreboard any more. Things became more settled over the last part of the half, although the Pirates were awarded a penalty on 35 minutes which was successfully kicked by Robson to give the Pirates a 9-point lead at half-time – the scoreboard showing 8-17.

The Pirates started the second half as they did the first by scoring in the second minute. Rory Parata charged down a Nottingham clearing kick and Patrick Schickerling gathered the ball and scored the third try for the Pirates. Robson was again successful with the conversion and soon afterwards, a penalty kick – 8-27. Although it was thought that Pirates were now ‘home and dry’ with this score, Nottingham did not give up. They came very close to scoring two or three times, but through mistakes close to the line, they failed. The Pirates’ defence however was firm and they kept out every attack. The icing was put on the cake in the 80th minute when Matt Bolwell received the ball in a line-out and with a driving maul in which the backs joined, James Benjamin went over the line for the bonus point try. Unfortunately Harry Bazalgette was unsuccessful with the conversion. Final Score, Nottingham 8, The Cornish Pirates 32. A brilliant win and 5 points to bring home.