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Rod’s Cornish match report – Nottingham (H)

Posted: January 24, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Sethoryon Nottingham

Hebm o kensa fytt rag an Vorladron woja 6 seythen dre Covid ha seythednow frank. Adherag bush a 1848, an Vorladron a scoryas woja 2 vynysen hag encressya an led woja an 7es – 14-0. Nottingham byttegyns, a dhewhelis ha scorya dhew assay a’jy an nessa 10 mynysen dhe dhry an scor dhe 14-12. An dhew bara a assaya gwari rugby uskis hag ygor, mes y hevely orth prysyow dell esa an Vorladron ow codhevel dhyworth an fowt a dermyn-fytt. Ena woja resek warbydn pot clerheans gans an Sethoryon, an Vorladron a dhaswaynyas an bel ha scoryas assay yn-dadn an peulyow. Troha pedn an kensa hanter, Josh Caulfield a ve dysquedhys carten velin pan wrug e’ slynkya yn udn assaya omhedhy, mes ort y wul, knoukya gwarier Nottingham dhe’n dor hag ev ow cachya an bel y’n ayr. An Vorladron a scoryas yn ogas tabm kens hanter-termyn, mes an breusydh a erviras bos an bel synjys yn-badn, ytho an scor a drigas orth 21-12 pan ve senys an whythell.

An Vorladron a waynyas aga foynt mas woja 7 mynysen an nessa hanter pan wrussons y gwaynya linen duch hag yn le a gachya a lewya, y a dhanvonas an bel a-hes an linen ha Robin Wedlake, esa owth avonsya gans linen berfyth, a scoryas. Avel y’n kensa hanter, Nottingham a dewhelis ogas ha dystowgh ha scoryas y’n gornel. Alebma rag byttegyns, An Vorladron a gavas aga form hag yn spas a 18 mynysen y a scoryas 24 poynt dre pot spal woja an assay Nottingham – dhe ledanhe an bulgh – ha try assay treylyes. Nottingham dres an termyn ma a ve lehes dhe 14 den dre garten velyn rag dalhedna den heb an bel. Dres an diwettha mynysednow an hanter, Nottingham a omsettyas yn crev dhe gavos poynt mas kelly, mes linen dhefens an Vorladron a drigas fast. Gans y gensa gam avel dallethor, Nr.10 Harry Bazelgette a scoryas 17 poynt, y’ga mysk pot spal ha treylyansow a geniver an 7 assay. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 52, Sethoryon Nottingham 17.

The Cornish Pirates v. Nottingham Archers

This was the first match for the Pirates after 6 weeks through Covid and free weeks. In front of a crowd of 1848, the Pirates scored after 2 minutes and increased the lead after the 7th – 14.0. Nottingham however, came back and scored two tries inside the next ten minutes to bring the score to 14-12. Both teams were playing fast and open rugby, but it seemed at times that the Pirates were suffering from the lack of match time. Then after a charge down of a clearance attempt by the Archers, the Pirates regained the ball and scored under the posts. Towards the end of the half, Josh Caulfield was shown a yellow card when he slid in trying to stop himself, but doing so, knocked a Nottingham player to the ground as he was catching a ball in the air. The Pirates almost scored again before half-time but the referee decided that the ball was held up, so the score remained at 21-12 when the whistle sounded.

The Pirates got their bonus point after 7 minutes of the second half when they won a line-out and instead of a catch and drive, they sent the ball along the line and Robin Wedlake, who was running a perfect line, scored. As in the first half, Nottingham came back almost immediately and scored in the corner. From now on however, the Pirates found their form and in a space of 18 minutes, scored 24 points through a penalty following Nottingham’s try – to widen the gap – and three converted tries. During this time Nottingham were reduced to 14 men through a yellow card for tackling a man without the ball. Over the remaining minutes of the half, Nottingham attacked strongly to win a losing bonus point, but the Pirates’ defence line held firm. With his first time as a starter, Nr. 10 Harry Bazelgette scored 17 points, including a penalty and the conversion of all the seven tries. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 52, Nottingham Archers 17.