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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Nottingham (H)

Posted: January 16, 2023
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Sethoryon Nottingham

Kyn ve meur a law dres an jeth dien de’Yow, ober cales gwres gans an meni tir a surhes bos an park y’n gwella studh o possybyl rag an fyt ma. An dhew bara a dhallathas gans meur a whans dhe waynya, mes yth o an Sethoryon neb o an kensa dhe scorya, pan wrussons y treylya pot spal a-dherag am peulyow woja naw mynysen. An dhew bara a besya omsettya yn tywysek, mes yth o Nottingham martesen o an moyha breselus gans lies movyans peryllus warbydn defens An Vorladron. An gwask ma a ve pewashes woja 22 mynysen pan ve pot clerhe An Vorladron cuntellys gans an hantrer-skyrmys Nottingham, neb, gans meur a spas a-dheracta ha meur a dermyn ynwedh, o sewen gans pot daslabm dhe dhry an scor dhe 0-6. Y’n lakka pres, Harry Bazalgette a asas an park woja hanter our rag ABP, mes Arwel Robson yn udn gemeres y le, a botyas spal dhe’n gornel hag yn udn sewya an linen-dewlel, Will Crane yn-mysk gron a warioryon Vorladron, a scoryas assay andreylyes. Kens dos an hanter dhe degeans, Nottingham yn ogas a scoryas assay, mes y’n gwella pres rag An Vorladron, an gwarier a worras troos yn tuch lathow kens an linen. Scor dhe hanter-termyn, 5-6.

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter yn ta, ha woja Ruaridh Dawson dhe worra pot pell y’n hanter an Sethoryon, Nr. 15 Nottingham a behas hag a ve dysquedhys carten velyn. Bazalgette, neb re dhewhelsa dhe’n park woja y ABP, a botyas an bel dhe’n gornel. An towl linen-dewlel a ve cuntellys yn ta hag yn udn sewya an cachya ha lewya, higer kemerydh Max Norey a scoryas nessa assay An Vorladron dhe ry dhodhans an led 10-6. An Vorladron lebmyn o yn control an gam mes y talvia dhodhans gortos mynysen 63 kens y dhe scorya arta, an dro ma yn-dadn an peulyow. Gans an scor 17-6 ha’n Vorladron ow rewlya, an assay poynt mas a hevely bos anwoheladow, mes yth esa tybyansow dyffrans dhe’n bel vlonek, neb a omfaras avel baren seban yn diwla an warioryon ha ny wrussa dos an pejwara assay ma. Yn gwir, dres an diwettha seyth po eth mynysen, Nottingham a vrewis linen An Vorladron, mes keniver attent a ve hedhys gans defens crev na ros dhe-ves mesva veth. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 17, Sethoryon Nottingham 6.

The Cornish Pirates v. Nottingham Archers

Although there was heavy rain throughout the day on Thursday, hard work by the ground staff ensured that the pitch was in the best state possible for this match. Both teams started with the will to win but it was the Archers who were the first to score, when they converted a penalty kick in front of the posts after nine minutes. Both teams continued to attack keenly but it was Nottingham perhaps who were the more aggressive with many dangerous attacking moves against The Pirates’ defence. This pressure was rewarded after 22 minutes when a Pirates’ clearing kick was collected by the Nottingham scrum-half, who, with plenty of space in front of him and plenty of time as well, was successful with a drop goal to bring the score to 0-6. Unfortunately Harry Bazalgette left the field after half an hour for an HIA, but Arwel Robson in taking his place, kicked a penalty to the corner and following the line-out, Will Crane, amongst a mass of Pirates’ players, scored an unconverted try. Before the close of the half, Nottingham almost scored a try, but fortunately for The Pirates, the player put a foot into touch just before the line. Score at half-time, 5-6.

The Pirates started the second half well, and after Ruaridh Dawson put a long kick well into the Archers’ half, Nottingham No.15 offended and was shown a yellow card. Bazalgette, who had returned to the field after his HIA, kicked the ball to the corner. The line-out throw was well collected and following the catch and drive, replacement hooker Max Norey scored The Pirates’ second try to give them a 10-6 lead. The Pirates were now in control of the game but they had to wait to the 63rd minute before they would score again, this time under the posts. With the score 17-6 and The Pirates dominating, the bonus point seemed inevitable, but the greasy ball had different ideas, behaving like a bar of soap in the players’ hands, and the fourth try would not come. In fact, during the last seven or eight minutes Nottingham pounded the Pirates’ line, but every attempt was stopped by a strong defence which did not give an inch. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 17, Nottingham Archers 6.