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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Navy

Posted: September 6, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. An Lu Riel.

Woja moy es 18 mis, war an diwedh yth esa neppyth dhe worra minwharth war vejethow an warioryon -ha’n scoodhyoryon – pan aljens y bos radn an pednseythen ma an kensa fyt rugby bew orth an Mennaye. Dres hebma, yth esa niver a warioryon nowydh sinys gans an Vorladron ha pur yntanus o keniver onan dhe weles fatels ens y. An kensa gam cowethek ma an seson, restrys warbydn An Lu Riel, a dednas niver da a viroryon (ogas lowr dhe 1,600) neb o pur lowen gans nivel ha sleyneth an rugby dysquedhys gans an dus nowydh ma – ha heb mar, an re na esa whath gans an Vorladron a-dhia warlena. An Vorladron skon a brovas aga bos para gans styr a negys sevur, pan wrussons y scorya aga hensa assay woja namoy es 6 mynysen. An Lu Riel a wothebis gans pot spal dhe wul an scor 7-3. Byttegyns an Vorladron a dhewhelys a-dhistowgh pan wrussons y scorya aga nessa assay woja 12 mynysen – 14-3. Lebmyn yth esa an Vorladron ow rewlya an gam hag 4 assay pella a veu scoryes e’n kensa hanter dhe dhry an scor dhe 36-3. Scoryoron an assayow o Bolwell, Sirker, Montgomery, Walker, Robson ha Parata, gans 3 threylyans sewen gans Arwel Robson.

Rag an nessa hanter, An Vorladron a wrug niver a gemerydhysy ha kynth o an Vorladron whath ow rewlya an gam, nyns esa an keth nivel a rugby, kyn whrug an Vorladron scorya try assay moy. Mes hedn ew radn vroas a fyttow cowethek – dhe assaya kesunyansow dhyffans may hyll an cochys diskevra an gwella rag an seson gwiw. Y’n seythen a dheu y fedh kyn fyt cowethek, ha kesunyansow erell a vedh assayes, yn udn usya gwarioryon na alja gwary an bednseythen ma. Ynwedh en gam an bednseythen ma, An Lu Riel a assayas kesunyansow dyffrans, hag e’n diwettha deg mynysen y a spenas meur a dermyn war linen an Vorladron, mes heb scorya. An Lu Riel a oberas yn cales, mes ny vern py ehen a omsettyans a wrens y assaya, ny aljens i folsa defens an Vorladron.  An try assay moy scoryes gans an Vorladron e’n nessa hanter ma a dheuth dhyworth O’Meara, King ha Walker, gans dew anodhans treylyes gans Bazelgette. Score Finel orth an Mennaye – An Vorladron Gernewek 55, An Lu Riel 3.

The Cornish Pirates v. The Royal Navy.

After more than 18 months, at last there was something to put a smile on the faces of the players – and supporters – when they could be a part this weekend of the first game of live rugby at the Mennaye. More than this, there were a number of new players signed by the Pirates and everybody was very excited to see how they were. The first friendly game of the season, organised against The Royal Navy, drew a good number of spectators (near enough to 1,600), who were very happy with the level and skill of the rugby shown by these new men – and of course, those who were still with the Pirates from last year. The Pirates soon proved that they were a team who meant serious business, when they scored their first try after no more than 6 minutes. The Royal Navy responded with a penalty kick to make the score 7-3. However, the Pirates returned immediately when they scored their second try after 12 minutes – 14-3. Now the Pirates were dominating the game and 4 more tries were scored in the first half to bring the score to 36-3. Try scorers were Bolwell, Sirker, Montgomery, Walker, Robson and Parata, with 3 successful conversions by Arwel Robson.

For the second half, the Pirates made a number of replacements and although the Pirates were still dominating the game, there was not the same level of rugby, although the Pirates scored three more tries. But this a big part of friendly matches – to try different combinations so that the coaches can find out the best for the season proper. Next week there will be another friendly match, and other combinations will be tried, using players who could not play this weekend. Also in the game this weekend, The Royal Navy tried different combinations, and in the last ten minutes they spent a lot of time on the Pirates line, but without scoring. The Royal Navy worked hard, but it did not matter what sort of attack they tried, they could not split the Pirates’ defence. The three more tries scored by the Pirates in the second half came from O’Meara, King and Walker, with two of them converted by Bazelgette. Final Score at the Mennaye – The Cornish Pirates 55, The Royal Navy 3.