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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – London Scottish (H)

Posted: October 31, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Albanyon Loundres

Kynth yw Albanyon Loundres dhe woles an vosen ha heb gwyn whath, ny wrug denvyth desevos bos an gam ma onen es. An Vorladron a dhallathas dhe dooth men ha scon yth esa Albanyon ow ry dhe ves spalyow ha woja 3 mynysen yn udnik, An Vorladron a ve pewashes spal a-dherag an peulyow. Ny wrug Arwel Robson fyllel gans an pot. Warbydn 8 mynysen Albanyon a wrussa ry dhe ves kebmys ha spalyow aga niver 7 a dhegemeras carten velyn ha’n Vorladon a yncressyas aga scor dhe 10-0 dre vovyans cachya ha lewya. Kyn whrug Albanyon gorra warbarth nebes movyansow aga honen, an re ma a fyllas dre gabmwriansow. Ena gans 29 mynysen war an clock hag yn udn sewya linen dewlel, Harvey Beaton a dremenas an linen rag nessa assay an Vorladron – 15-0. Copel a vynysednow a-wosa, Robson a wrug pot 50-22 cowrek, hag onan an scavel Albanyon a lettyas tewlel a-jy uskis dre botya dhe-ves an bel. Ev a ve disquedhys carten rudh gans breusydh, heb kemeres radn ewn y’n gam! An Vorladron a besya gorra gwask war dhefens an Albanyon ha 2 vynysen kens hanter termyn, yn udn sewya movyans skentyl dallethys gans Robson, Joe Elderkin a scoryas yn-dadn an peulyow. 22-0.

Y’n nessa hanter, An Vorladron a withas an gwask war linen an Albanyon hag orth 54 mynysen, kemerydh Jack Andrew a dremenas an linen rag an assay poynt mas. An attent treylyans cales a fyllas, 27-0. Ny wrug Albanyon omry hag a assaya gorra warbarth niver a omsettyansow, mes yn udn assaya ynnya tooth an gam, y a wrug lies cabm handlans, ow telivra an bel yn wylls – yn fenowgh, yn ewn yn tuch. Y o pur ogas dhe scorya byttegyns orth 58 mynysen, mes hebma a ve hedhys dre dhalhen anlafel gans Ruaridh Dawson, neb a welas carten velyn rag an offens. Mes whath ny alja Albanyon scorya. Kyn nag o an hanter-ma dhe’n keth nivel es an kensa, bysca nag esa dout piw a via an gwaynyer. Orth 79 mynysen, yn udn sewya pot yn-rag gans An Vorladron, gwaryor Albanyon a waynyas an helgh dhe’n bel, mes orth y wul ev a gemeras an bel dres an linen. Dhyworth an skyrmys 5-meter, an bel a ve danvenys yn ledan ha James Fender eth dres an linen ogas dhe’n gornel. Harry Bazalgette o ansewen gans an treylyans, ytho an gam a worfednas – An Vorladron Gernewek 32, Albanyon Loundres 0.

The Cornish Pirates v. London Scottish

Although London Scottish are bottom of the table and still without a win, no-one expect this game to be an easy one. The Pirates started at full speed and soon Scottish were giving away penalties, and after only 3 minutes The Pirates were awarded a penalty in front of the posts. Arwel Robson made no mistake with the kick. By 8 minutes, Scottish had given away so many penalties their number 7 received a yellow card and The Pirates increased their score to 10-0 through a catch and drive move. Although Scottish put together some moves of their own, these failed through mistakes. Then with 29 minutes on the clock and following a line-out, Harvey Beaton crossed the line for The Pirates’ second try – 15-0. A couple of minutes later, Robson made a huge 50-22 kick, and one of the Scottish bench stopped a quick throw-in by kicking away the ball. He was shown a red card by the referee without having taken a proper part in the game! The Pirates continued to put pressure on the Scottish defence and 2 minutes before half-time, following a clever move started by Robson, Joe Elderkin scored under the posts. 22-0.

In the second half, The Pirates kept up the pressure on the Scottish line and on 54 minutes, replacement Jack Andrew crossed the line for the bonus point try. The difficult conversion attempt failed, 27-0. Scottish did not give up and tried to put together a number of attacks, but in trying to force the pace of the game, they made a lot of handling errors, wildly passing the ball – often directly into touch. They almost scored however on 58 minutes, but this was stopped by an illegal tackle by Ruaridh Dawson, who saw a yellow card for the offence. But still Scottish could not score. Although this half wasn’t to same level as the first, there was never any doubt who would be the winner. On 79 minutes, following a kick ahead by The Pirates, a Scottish player won the race to the ball, but in doing so he took the ball over the line. From the 5-metre scrum, the ball was sent wide and James Fender went over close to the corner. Harry Bazalgette was unsuccessful with the conversion, so the game finished – The Cornish Pirates 32, London Scottish 0.