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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Jersey

Posted: November 29, 2021
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Rudhyon Jersenys w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Keniver fyt warbydn Jersenys yw pub prys fyt pur gales ha hebma a veu prevys arta an bennseythen ma. Yn kewer rysyl gans fosow a law hag awel leun, yth o marthys dell alja an dhew bara gwary rygby vyth. Yth o ynwedh, dre nas an gewer, gam pur dhyruttyansek. An dhew bara a vatalyas yn crev dres an kensa hanter hag y heveli y fia an gam heb scor dhe hanter termyn. Kyn whrug an Rudhyon gwaynya niver a spalyow dres an hanter ma hag assaya cavos aga hensa scor dre vovyansow herdhya, an re ma o heb sewen drefen bos defens An Vorladron crev lowr dh’aga hedhy. Mes war an diwedh an ynnyans ma a Jersenys a veu pewashes. Gans gwary finel an hanter, y a settyas yn le ken omdowl rolya may hwrug ogas dhe geniver gwarior y’n para omjunya, hag an udn fordh a alja An Vorladron y hedhy o der y dedna dhe’n dor, yn anlafyl, ha ny wrug an breusydh hokkya rag ry carten velyn ha ponya yn-dadn an peulyow rag assay spal. An breusydh a-dhystowgh ena a whibanas rag hanter-termyn. Rudhyon Jersenys 7, An Vorladron 0.

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter dre worra ynnyans war an Rudhyon, mes y halja aga defens clerha aga linen hag yn lent y aga honan a dhallathas drehevel omsettyansow, hag yn udn sewya ken kevres an skyrmysow, y a dremenas an linen dhe encressya an scor dhe 12-0. Jersenys o ogas dhe scorya arta nebes mynysednow woja hebma mes aga assay a veu lettys gans tactek lenthe may whrug an breusydh ry ken carten velyn. Drefen bos an spal yn ewn a-dherag an peulyow, yth o mar es na alja an gwyns y lettya an pot rag seweny. Gans an scor lebmyn 15-0, y hevely bos chons a wayn anwirhaval, mes ny wrug An Vorladron omry. Movyans da dallethys gans Montgomery a welas an bel movya yn uskis a-hes an linen hag a worras Rob Wedlake dres an linen y’n gornel – ha movyans a welas carten velyn rag an Rudhyon rag knoukya yn-rag war dowl. Byttegyns, ny alja An Vorladron scorya na fella hag ytho an gam a worfednas: Rudhyon Jersenys 15, An Vorladron Gernewek 5. Gam pur gales ha heb poynt mas kelly rag An Vorladron.

Jersey Reds v. The Cornish Pirates.

Every match against Jersey is always a very difficult match and this was proved again this weekend. In atrocious weather with sheets of rain and a gale of wind, it was a marvel that the two teams could play any rugby. It was also, by the nature of the weather, a very attritional game. Both teams battled hard throughout the first half and it seemed that the game would finish scoreless at half-time. Although the Reds gained a number of penalties during the half and tried to get their first score by driving mauls, these were unsuccessful as they were stopped by the Pirates’ strong defence. But finally this Jersey pressure was rewarded. With the final play of the half, they set up another rolling maul in which almost every player took part, and the only way the Pirates could stop it was by pulling it to the ground, illegally, and the referee did not hesitate to show a yellow card and run under the posts for a penalty try. The referee immediately then blew for half-time. Jersey Reds 7, The Pirates 0.

The Pirates started the second half by putting pressure on the Reds, but their defence was able to clear their line and they themselves slowly started to build attacks, and following another series of scrums, they crossed the line to increase the score to 12-0. Jersey nearly scored again some minutes after this but their attempt was thwarted by a slowing-down tactic for which the referee showed another yellow card. Because the penalty was right in front of the posts, it was so easy that not even the wind could not prevent the success of the kick. With the score at 15-0, any chance of a win seemed unlikely, but the Pirates did not give up. A good move started by Montgomery saw the ball move swiftly along the line putting Rob Wedlake over in the corner – and a move which saw a yellow card for the Reds for a deliberate knock-on. The Pirates were unable to score an any further and so the game finished: Jersey Reds 15, The Cornish Pirates 5. A very hard game and without a losing bonus point for The Pirates.