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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Jersey (H)

Posted: February 28, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Rudhyon Jersenys.

An lavar coth – gam a dhew hanter – yw gorusys, mes an bennseythen ma warbydn Rudhyon Jersenys yth o whath onan gwiw. Adherag bush da a scoodhyoryon – tabm moy es 2,000 – An Rudhyon a dhallathas orth toth men ha woja 3 mynysen y a scoryas aga hensa assay treylyes,  sewyes woja 7 mynysen gans aga nessa. Seulabrys gans namoy es 8 mynysen war an clock ha’n Vorladron a omgavoas 14 poynt a-dherlergh! An Rudhyon a besyas y’n gis ma hag yn ogas a scoryas tressa assay, mes an dro ma an Vorladron a withas agan linen dyogel.  Kynth esa an Rudhyon ow rewlya an gam rag an kensa quarter, tabm ha tabm an Vorladron a dhallathas gul nebes omsettyans a’ga honan, hag yn udn sewya spal warbydn Jersenys, Arwel Robson a botyas dhe’n gornel hag yn udn sewya linen-dowlel sewen, Tom Channon a sedhas dres an linen. Robson o sewen gans an treylyans. Poran orth hanter-termyn, Jersenys a ve pewashes spal a-dherag an peulyow, mes orth pellder a 40 meter. Byttegyns, aga fotyer ny wrug cabmwrians gans y den orth an peulyow dhe dhry an scor dhe hanter-termyn, 7-17.

An Vorladron a dhallathas yn crev an nessa hanter, ha woja gul meur a wask war an Rudhyon, hag y’n 50ves mynysen y a gemeras aga nessa assay. Ynwedh arta yth o Tom Channon a scoryas, ha’n treylyans cales dhyworth an linen-duch o sewen gans Robson. Nyns esa meur a dhyffrans lebmyn treeth an dhew bara. Orth 60 mynysen war an clock, an Vorladron a dhallathas comendya niver a gemerydhysy, y’ga mysk, Tom Kessel. A-dhystowgh an Vorladron a yskydnas maglen ha gans yncressyans a wask hag yn udn sewya niver a guntell-ha-lewyansow, y a scoryas aga thressa assay dre Tom Kessel, treylyes arta gans Robson. Lebmyn gans an Vorladron ow ledya 21-17, y hevely dell ens y yn control ha gans 5 mynysen gesys  Robyn Wedlake a ve danvenys dhe scorya an assay poynt mas y’n gornel. Mes yntanans an scoodhyoron ny wrug pesya pell, drefen herwydh an isbreusydh, y whrussa gwaryer an Vorladron gorra y luv y’n tervans, hag ytho an assay a ve naghys.  Gans namoy es 3 mynysen gesys, yth esa udn chons rag an Rudhyon ladra an gam, mes y a gnoukyas yn-rag ha’n breusydh a whybanas rag ‘tabm tu’. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 21, Rudhyon Jersenys 17.

The Cornish Pirates v. Jersey Reds

The old saying – a game of two halves – is overused, but this week-end against Jersey Reds, it was still appropriate. In front of a good crowd of supporters – a little over 2,000 – The Reds started at full speed and after 3 minutes they scored their first converted try, followed after 7 minutes with their second. Already with no more than 8 minutes on the clock, the Pirates found themselves 14 points behind! The Reds continued in like fashion and nearly scored their third try, but this time the Pirates kept their line intact. Although the Reds were ruling the game for the first quarter, slowly the Pirates started to make some attacks of their own, and following a penalty against Jersey, Arwel Robson kicked to the corner and from the successful line-out, Tom Channon dived over the line. Robson was successful with the conversion. Right on half-time, Jersey were awarded a penalty, but at a distance of 40 metres. However, their kicker made no mistake with his kick at the posts to bring the score at half-time to 7-17.

The Pirates started strongly in the second half, and after putting a lot of pressure on the Reds, and in the 50th minute they scored their second try. Once again it was Tom Channon who scored and Robson was successful with the difficult touch-line conversion. There wasn’t much difference now between the two teams. On 60 minutes the Pirates began to introduce a number of replacements, amongst them, Tom Kessel. Immediately the Pirates went up a gear and with an increase in pressure and following a number of pick-and-drives, they scored their third try through Tom Kessel. Now with the Pirates leading 21-17, they seemed to be in control of the game, and with 5 minutes remaining, Robin Wedlake was sent into the corner to score the bonus point try. But the supporters’ excitement did not last long, for according to the assistant referee, a Pirates player had put his hand into the ruck and so the try was disallowed. With no more than 3 minutes on the clock, there was one chance for the Reds to steal the game, but they knocked on and the referee whistled for ‘no side’. Final Score: The Cornish Pirates 21, Jersey Reds 17.