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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Hartpury

Posted: September 27, 2021
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Hartpury w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Yn udn sewya an gwayn da warbydn Richmond an seythen kens, yth esa gwaytyans y fia an keth sewyans dhyworth an fyt ma, mes rag an kensa tro bysca, Hartpury a fethas An Vorladron. Yth o dalleth leun a ambos rag an Vorladron neb a veu pewashes spal a-dherag an peulyow, hag a veu potyes gans Arwel Robson. Nyns esa travyth dhe dhewis treeth an dheu bara dres an nessa 15 mynysen pan wrug an Vorladron dascor spal ogas dh’aga linen. Kens Morlader Bruzilier a botyes dhe’n gornel ha dhyworth an movyans cachya ha lewya, Hartpury a scoryas assay ogas dhe’n peulyow, hag a veu treyles dhe ry scor a 7-3. Byttegyns, a-jy dhe 5 mynysen an Vorladron a worthebis der assay gans John Stevens, an pyth a veu treylyes gans Robson. Ena, Hartpury o sewen gans pot spal, dell o an Vorladron. Mes y’n mynysen 33, Hartpury a gemeras an led der assay treylyes hag ena, eylednow kens hanter-termyn, y a encressyas aga led dre spal dhe ry score dhe hanter-termyn a 20-13.

Yth esa ober dhe wul lebmyn rag an Vorladron y’n nessa hanter, mes yth o Hartpury neb a scoryas kensa. Yn udn sewya niver a spalyow dascorys gans an Vorladron, Hartpury udnweyth arta a scoryas assay treylyes der assay cachya ha lewya. Nyns o hebma an scryf rag an gam ma ha taclow eth a dhrog dhe weth rag an Vorladron pan wrug Williams potya ken spal rag Hartpury. Lebmyn gans an scor 30-13 dhe Hartpury, yth esa mena serth dhe’y grambla, mes y teuth dewyn a waytyans pan wrug Tom Duncan cuntell an bel orth pedn delergh an skyrmys, hag orth hy dascarga dhe Callum Sirker, a’n danvonas dhe scorya y’n gornel. Y’n lacka pres ny alja kemerydh Harry Bazalgette seweny gans an pot. Hartpury a ruttyas holan y’n golyow pan wrussyns y scorya aga feswara assay dhe ry scor finel a Hartpury 37, An Vorladron 18. Herwydh kespedngocha Gavin Cattle, An Vorladron a waryas yn-dadn an pyth a veu desevys anodhans ha dascor re a spalyow. Hebma o pellednik wherow dh’y lenky, mes yth yw gwaytyes y fydh an prevyans ma dyscans da.


Hartpury v. The Cornish Pirates.

Following the good win against Richmond the previous week-end, it was hoped that there would be the same result from this match, but for the first time ever, Hartpury defeated the Pirates. It was a start full of promise for the Pirates who were awarded a penalty in front of the posts, which was kicked by Arwel Robson.  There was nothing to choose between the two sides for the next 15 minutes, when the Pirates gave away a penalty close to their line, ex-Pirate J. Bruzulier kicked to the corner and from the catch and drive move, Hartpury scored a try close to the posts, which was converted to give a score of 7-3. However, within 5 minutes the Pirates responded with a try by John Stevens, which was converted by Robson. Then Hartpury were successful with a penalty kick, as were the Pirates. But in the 33rd minute, Hartpury took the lead through a converted try and then, seconds before half-time, they increased their lead through a penalty to give a score at half-time of 20-13.

There was work to do now for the Pirates in the second half, but it was Hartpury who scored first. Following a number of penalties given away by the Pirates, Hartpury once again scored a converted catch and drive try. This wasn’t the script for this game and things went from bad to worse for the Pirates when Williams kicked another penalty for Hartpury. Now with the score 30-13 to Hartpury, there was a hill to climb, but there came a ray of hope when Tom Duncan collected the ball at the back of the scrum, and offloading it to Callum Sirker, sent him to score in the corner. Unfortunately replacement Harry Bazalgette was unable to succeed with the kick. Hartpury a rubbed salt into the wounds when they scored their fourth try to give a final score of Hartpury 37, The Cornish Pirates 18. According to joint head coach Gavin Cattle, The Pirates played below what was expected of them and conceded too many penalties. This was a bitter pill to swallow, but it is hoped that this experience will be a good lesson.