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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Ealing

Posted: October 4, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ealing.

Woja sewyans diswaytus an seythen eus passys, yth esa an govenek y fia an performyans rag an fyt ma milweyth gwell. Ha fatel ova? Moy es milweyth gwell! Kyn whrug Ealing ladra an bel ogas ha distowgh dhyworth an kensa pot, yth o An Vorladron neb a worras an kensa poyntyow war an bord-scorya. Y a gavas skyrmys neb 10 meter dhyworth an linen Ealing ha’ga herdh o mar grev y a distrewyas skyrmys Ealing ha breusyas Sarah Cox a bonyas yn-dadn an peulyow rag assay spal – 7-0 gans namoy es 6 mynysen war an clock. An kensa hanter a longya dhe’n Vorladron – yn gwir, dhe’n lyha 85% an gwary a veu synsys y’n hanter Ealing. Yth esa an Vorladron owth omsettya war an Ealing heb lett, ha res o dhe Ealing defendya gans aga bewnansow dres brassa radn an hanter. Byttegyns, Ealing a wrug udn omsettyans crev ha 10 mynysen kens hanter-termyn y a dremenas an linen dhe dhry an scor egwal orth 7-7. Yth esa chons rag an Vorladron kemeras an led dhe hanter-termyn, pan wrug Patrick Shickerling terry frank mes hag ev ow sedha rag an linen ev a gollas, rag neb acheson, an bel. Ytho an scor dhe hanter-termyn o whath 7-7.

Y’n nessa hanter, An Vorladron a besyas y’n keth maner es dell wrussyns y gorfedna an kensa hanter, hag a-jy dhe 3 po 4  mynysen, y a scoryas aga nessa assay. Y’n lacka prys, Arwel Robson a fyllas gans an treylyans. Mes nyns o pell woja hebma, pan veu An Vorladron pewashes spal ogas dhe’n linen duch hag a-dro dhe 40 meter dhyworth linen Ealing. Robson a linennas an pot yn perfeyth ha dry an scor dhe 15-7 – dew scor a-dherag Ealing. An Vorladron a besya omsettya yn crev warbydn Ealing, mes ny yllens y scorya kynth esa dhodhans copel a jonsow da. Gans an termyn yn uskys ow resek ‘mes, Ealing a dhrehevys meur a wask war linen an Vorladron, hag aga ober a veu pewashes gans assay y’n gornel. Ny alja Craig Willis seweny gen an pot – 15-12. lebmyn, lostow Ealing a veu sevys, hag y a dowlis pub furneth dhe’n gwyns. Mes An Vorladron a omsevis dhe’n oberen, hag yn despit a ry dhe ves niver a spalyow, y a withas aga linen dien ha war an diwedh woja ladra an bel, y a’s potyas marow rag an gwayn. Scor finel – An Vorladron Gernewek 15, Ealing 12.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ealing.

After the disappointing result last week, there was the hope that this match’s performance would be a thousand times better. And how was it? More than a thousand times better! Although Ealing stole the ball almost immediately after the kick-off, it was the Pirates who put the first points on the score-board. They had a scrum some 10 metres from the Ealing line, and their drive was so strong that they destroyed the Ealing scrum, and referee Sarah Cox ran under the posts for a penalty try – 7-0, and no more than 6 minutes on the clock. The first half belonged to the Pirates – in truth, at least 85% of the play took place in the Ealing half. The Pirates were ceaselessly attacking the Ealing line and Ealing had to defend their line with their lives for the best part of the half. However, Ealing made one strong break and 10 minutes before half-time they crossed the line to bring the score equal at 7-7. There was a chance for the Pirates to take the lead at half-time, when Patrick Shickerling broke free but as he was diving for the line he lost, for some reason, he lost the ball. So the score at half-time was still 7-7.

In the second half, the Pirates continued in the same manner as they finished the first half, and within 3 or 4 minutes, they scored their second try. Unfortunately Arwel Robson failed with the conversion. But it wasn’t long after this, when the Pirates were awarded a penalty close to the touch line and some 40 metres out from the Ealing line. Robson aligned the kick perfectly and brought the score to 15-7 – two scores ahead of Ealing. The Pirates continued to strongly attack Ealing, but they could not score, although there were a couple of good chances. With the time quickly running out, Ealing put a lot of pressure on the Pirates’ line, and their effort was rewarded with a try in the corner. Craig Willis was unsuccessful with the kick – 15-12. Now Ealing’s tails were up and they threw all caution to the wind. But the Pirates rose to the task, and in spite of giving away a number of penalties, they kept their line intact and finally stealing the ball, they kicked the ball dead for the win. Final score – The Cornish Pirates 15, Ealing 12.