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Rod’s Cornish Match Report Ealing (A) Cup

Posted: May 15, 2022
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Ealing w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Keniver onan a wodhya y fia an fyt ma warbydn Ealing onan cales, mes yth esa an govenek y halja an Vorladron seweny hag avonsya dhe’n finel, kyn fo styr a hebma y fia arta ken fyt ‘mes a dre y’n hanav ker ma rag an clubow, hag yw heb gweres arhansek vyth dhyworth an ERFU. Yn kewer segh ha tobm, Ealing o an kensa dhe scorya pan wrussons y tremena an linen yn udn sewya linen-dowlel. Kyn nag o an attent treylyans sewen, seulabrys Ealing a’n jeva led a 5-0. Betegens, y’n 20ves mynysen, gwaryer Ealing a ve dysquedhys carten velyn hag a’dhystowgh an Vorladron a scoryes assay gans Rus Tuima, an pyth a ve treylyes gans Arwel Robson. Ena y’n lacka prys, Cory Teague a ve dysquedhes melyn ynwedh, ha dell wrug an Vorladron a-varra, Ealing a scoryas assay, an dro ma treylyes dhe re dhodhans an led, 12-7. Nynj esa meur treeth an dhe bara, mes dew assay yn rew kens hanter termyn yn mynysen 36 hag y’n diwettha gwary an hanter a ros dhe Ealing led broas lebmyn a 26-7, gans oberen cales rag an Vorladron y’n nessa hanter.

An nessa hanter ny wrug dalleth yn ta rag an Vorladron, pan wrug Ealing ystydna aga led pella gans pot spal. Betegens, spyrys an Vorladron ny wrug codha, ha dew assay treylyes a-jy dhe’n spas a diw vynysen – an kensa gans Syd Blacknmore yn mynysen 49 ha John Stevens diw vynysen woja hebma yn mynysen 51 – a welas an bulgh treeth an dhew bara lehes dhe 8 boynt – 29-21. Lebmyn yth esa chons rag an Vorladron mes gans Tuima ow fyllel cuntell yn salow an bel, Ealing a dhalhednas an chons ha scorya aga pympes assay y’n gornel. Lebmyn gans an score 36-21 yth esa meur a ober dhe wul arta rag an Vorladron, mes kyn whrussons y herdhya yn crev ny aljans y scorya kens mynysen 74, pan wrug Lewis Pearson tremena an linen rag assay andreylyes. An Vorladron a ros dhe-ves niver a spalyow y’n diwettha mynysednow, mes ny alja Ealing scorya na fella, ha’n gam a worfednas, Ealing 36, An Vorladron Gernewek 26. Sewyans dyswaytus rag an Vorladron mes yn udn leverel hebma, y fe dre vroas seson coodh ragdhans. Lebmyn, rag an seson a dhe!

Ealing v. The Cornish Pirates

Everybody knew that this match against Ealing would be a difficult one, but there was the hope that the Pirates could succeed and progress to the final, even though this meant that there would yet again be another match away from home in this expensive cup for the clubs, which was without any financial help at all from the ERFU. In dry and hot weather, Ealing were the first to score when they crossed the line following a line-out. Although the conversion attempt was unsuccessful, already Ealing had a 5-0 lead. However, in the 20th minute an Ealing player was shown a yellow card and immediately the Pirates scored a try by Rus Tuima, which was converted by Arwel Robson. Then unfortunately Cory Teague was shown yellow, and as with the Pirates earlier, Ealing scored a try, this time converted to give them the lead, 12-7. There wasn’t much between the two teams, but two tries in succession, in the 36th minute and with the last play of the half, gave Ealing a big lead now of 26-7, with a hard task for the Pirates in the second half.

The second half did not start well for the Pirates, when Ealing extended their lead with a penalty kick. However, the Pirates’ spirits did not drop, and two tries in the space of two minutes – the first by Syd Blackmore in the 49th minute and John Stevens two minutes later in the 51st minute – saw the gap between the two teams shrink to 8 points – 29-21. Now there was a chance for the Pirates, but with Tuima failing to gather the ball safely, Ealing seized the chance and scored in the corner. Now with the score 36-21 there was a lot of work to do again for the Pirates, but although they pushed hard, they could not score until the 74th minute, when Lewis Pearson went over for an unconverted try. The Pirates gave away a number of penalties in the last minutes, but Ealing could not score again, and the game finished, Ealing 36, The Cornish Pirates 26. A disappointing result for the Pirates, but in saying this, it has been over all an excellent season for them. Now, for the coming season!