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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Doncaster Knights (H)

Posted: January 9, 2023
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Marrogyon Cardhana

Rag an kensa gam ma a 2023, yth o dalleth rag kreswas Garyn Smith yn udn sewya brewys hir-dermyn. Kyn whrussa glaw poos an myttin gasa an park slynkek ha poos, warbarth gans gwyns crev, fyt dydhanus a ve desevys. Cardhana o an kensa dhe scorya pan wrug aga Nr. 9 treylyes pot spal a-dherag an peulyow woja 3 mynysen. An Vorladron a worthebis ogas ha dhystough pan wrussons y scorya assay yn udn sewya movyans cachya ha lewya. Ny alja Harry Bazalgette treylya der an gwyns cledhek – 5-3. Gwary o a bedn dhe bedn heb udn para po y gila gorra poyntyow pella war an bord. Byttegyns, woja 26 mynysen An Varrogyon a ros dhe-ves spal a-dherag an peulyow ha ny wrug Bazalgette fyllel gans y bot. Y hevely y wrussa An Vorladron gasa an park dhe hanter-termyn whath ow ledya 8-3, mes copel a lestyansow dre vrewyow dhe Cory Teague ha Will Britten –  gans Cory ow casa an park rag Brew Pedn Arvreusyans, Cardhana a alja cavos an nessa scor der assay andrelyes dhe egwalhe an scoryow dhe 8-8 orth hanter-termyn.

An nessa hanter, Cardhana a waryas gans an gwyns war aga lergh ha dhyworth an dastalleth y a assayas kemeres prow a hebma, mes defens an Vorladron a dhelyas yn perfydh gans keniver pot whythra peryllus a ve danvenys dhodhans. Heb scor bys y’n eur ma y’n hanter ma, orth 52 mynysen, higer Cardhana a ve dysquedhys carten velyn ha hebma a brovas bos poynt treylya y’n fyt rag An Vorladron. Y a scoryas ogas ha dhystowgh woja an garten ma der assay scoryes gans Tommy Wyatt ha treylyes gans Bazalgette, ha pymp mynysen awoja, Tom Kessel a guntellas an bel ha ponya a-dro dhe du dall a dervans ha tremena an linen rag treja assay An Vorladron. Bazalgette a gronkyas warbydn an peul gans y attent treylyans. Nena, gans Bazalgette ow potya spal orth 68 mynysen yth esa An Vorladron ow ledya 23-8.  Teyr mynysen woja hebma An Vorladron a ros dhe ves spal a-dherag an peulyow mes Cardhanna a dhewisas pot dhe’n gornel hag o sewen yn udn ledya dhe assay cachya ha lewya, an pyth y a dreylyas. Byttegyns, An Vorladron  a selyas an gwayn gans dew assay pella orth 75 ha 78 mynysen dre Rusi Tuima ha Tommy Wyatt gans Arwel Robson ow treylya an dhew. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 37, Marrogyon Cardhana 15.

The Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster Knights

For this first game of 2023, it was a start for centre Garyn Smith, following a long-term injury. Although heavy rain in the morning left the field slippery and heavy, together with a strong wind, an entertaining match was expected. Doncaster were the first to score when their Nr. 9 converted a penalty kick in front of the posts after 3 minutes. The Pirates responded almost immediately when they scored a try following a catch and drive move. Harry Bazalgette was unable to convert because of the awkward wind – 5-3. Play was from end to end without either team putting further points on the board. However, after 26 minutes The Knights gave away a penalty in front of the posts and Bazalgette made no mistake with his kick. It seemed as though The Pirates would leave the field at half-time still leading 8-3, but a couple of stoppages through injury to Cory Teague and Will Britten – with Cory leaving the field for a Head Injury Assessment, Doncaster were able to get the next score through an unconverted try to level the scores at 8-8 at half-time.

The second half Doncaster played with the wind at their backs and from the restart they tried to take advantage of this, but The Pirates’ defence dealt perfectly with every dangerous probing kick which was sent to them.  Without a score still this half, at 52 minutes, the Doncaster hooker was shown a yellow card and this proved to be the turning point in this game for The Pirates. They scored almost immediately after this card through a try by Tommy Wyatt and converted by Bazalgette, and five minutes later, Tom Kessel collected the ball and running around the blind side of the ruck, crossed the line for The Pirates’ third try.  Bazalgette hit the post with his conversion attempt. Then, with Bazalgette kicking a penalty on 68 minutes, The Pirates were leading 23-8. Three minutes later, The Pirates gave away a penalty in front of the posts but Doncaster opted for a kick to the corner, which led to a catch and drive try, which they converted. However, The Pirates sealed the win with two further tries on 75 and 78 minutes through Rusi Tuima and Tommy Wyatt, with Arwel Robson converting both. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 37, Doncaster Knights 15.