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Rod’s Cornish Match Report Doncaster (H)

Posted: April 25, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Marrogyon Cardhana

Woja an 26-24 gwayn diw seythen alebma dhe Gardhana, yth esa govenegow a gen gwayn an seythen ma dhe avonsya dhe’n nessa rond. An dhe bara a dhallathas yn crev hag yth o an Vorladron neb a scoryas kensa y’n 7ves mynysen pan ve Alfie Petch lewyes dres an linen yn omdowl. Harry Bazelgette o sewen gans an treylyans.  10 mynysen woja hebma, An Vorladron a ve pewashes spal mes Bazelgette o ansewen gans an pot hir. Byttegyns y’n mynysen 25, An Vorladron a ve res spal a-dherag an peulyow ha’n dro ma ny wrug Bazelgette fyllel. 10-0. Cardhana a witha an gwask war An Vorladron ha nyns o pell kens y dhe scorya aga hensa assay treylyes dhe dhry an scor dhe 10-7. Ena an Varrogyon a ve pewashes spal sempel a-dherag an peulyow, gans an pot sewen ow cul an scoryow egwal. Y’n mynysen 38, Cardhana a scoryas arta gans assay andreylyes – aga fotyer ow fyllel gans an pot sempel. Gans diwettha gwary an hanter, An Vorladron a ascorras onan a’ga gwella assayow an seson pan wrug Callum Sirker scorya y’n gornel. Bazelgette o ansewen gans an pot cales. Hanter-termyn, 15-12.

A-varr y’n nessa hanter An Varrogyon a dhaskemeras an led gans aga threja assay, an pyth a ve sewyes y’n mynysen 64 gans aga fejwora hag assay poynt mas dhe dhry an scor dhe 15-22. Yth esa an Varrogyon lebmyn owth omsettya yn crev ha keniver tro a wrussons y cavos an bel, yth ens y pur beryllus gans aga heynoryon ow telivra a bel yn uskis a-hes an linen. Nyns o pell thanna, kens y dhe scorya aga fempes assay dhe encressya aga le pan ve pot clerhe resegys war y bydn. Kynth o an scor lebmyn 15-29, ny wrug an Vorladron omry, hag y’n mynysen 74, y a scoryas aga threja assay dhe lehe an bulgh dhe 20-29. An Vorladron a vatalyas yn tiwysek rag ken assay, mes defens Cardhana o fast ha kenter yn geler an Vorladron a dheth gans 79 mynysen war an clock pan ve Cardhana pewashes spal. Ny wrug aga fotyer fyllel ha gwayn o ‘mes a wel lebmyn rag an Vorladron. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 20, Marrogyon Cardhana 32. Kyn hwrug an Vorladron ry dhe ves martesen copel a assayow, Cardhana a dhendilas aga gwayn.

The Cornish Pirates v. Doncaster Knights

After the 26-24 win two weeks ago at Doncaster, there were hopes of another win this week to progress to the next round. Both teams started strongly and it was The Pirates who scored first in the 7th minute when Alfie Petch was driven over the line in a maul. Harry Bazelgette was successful with the conversion. 10 minutes later, The Pirates were awarded a penalty but Bazelgette was unsuccessful with the long kick. However, in the 25th minute The Pirates were given a penalty in front of the posts and this time Bazelgette did not fail. 10-0. Doncaster kept up the pressure on The Pirates and it wasn’t long before they scored their first converted try to bring the score to 10-7. Then the Knights were awarded a simple penalty in front of the posts, with the successful kick making the scores equal. In the 38th minute Doncaster scored again with an unconverted try – their kicker failing with the simple kick. With the last play of the half, The Pirates scored one of their best tries of the season when Callum Sirker scored in the corner. Bazelgette was unsuccessful with the difficult kick. Half-time, 15-12.

Early in the second half the Knights retook the lead with their third try, which was followed in the 64th minute with their fourth and bonus point try to bring the score to 15-22. the Knights were now attacking strongly and every time they had the ball, they were very dangerous with their backs moving the ball quickly along the line. It wasn’t long therefore, before they scored their fifth try to increase their lead when a clearing kick was charged down. Although the score was now 15-29, The Pirates did not give up, and in the 74th minute they scored their third try to narrow the gap to 20-29. The Pirates fought hard for another try, but the Doncaster defence was solid and the nail in the coffin for The Pirates came with 79 minutes on the clock when Doncaster were awarded a penalty. Their kicker made no mistake and a win now was out of sight for The Pirates. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 20, Doncaster 32. Although The Pirates gave away perhaps a couple of tries, Doncaster deserved their win.