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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Doncaster (A)

Posted: March 14, 2022
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Marrogyon Cardhana w. An Vorladron Gernewek

An fyt ma heb ger vyth a dhout o pur bosek– gwayn rag an Vorladron gans dew fyt spar a wrussa aga gweles yn le da dhe worfedna pedn an kesunyans, ha gwayn rag an Varrogyon a wrussa crefhe aga le a-res orth an pedn. An kensa chons dhe scorya a godhas dhe’n Vorladron, mes ny alja A.J.Cant treylya an chons yn poyntyow. Yth o Cardhana neb a scoryas kensa y’n 12ves mynysen dre omdowl crev hag a welas assay andreylyes. Byttegyns, An Vorladron a dhewhelis gans mynnas hag yn sewya herdh gallojek gans Josh Caulfield, Matt Bolwell a scoryas assay hag a ve treylyes gans Arwel Robson. 5-7 woja 16 mynysen. Y’n lacka pres alebma rag, fowt a omrewlyans abarth an Vorladron a’ga gwelas pe yn ker. Dres remenant an hanter Cardhana a gemeras control a’n gam ha gans 27 mynysen war an clock y a scoryas assay andreylyes arta dhe dhry an scor the 10-7. Gans corden a spalyow, an breusydh a gollas perthyans hag onan woja y gila Antonio Kiri Kiri ha Tom Duncan a ve dysquedhys cartennow melyn, yn udn asa an Vorladron gans 13 den. Y’n diwettha 5 mynysen ma an hanter raghedna, an Varrogyon a scoryas 12 poynt dhe ry dhodhans an poynt mas ha led a 22-7.

Kyn whrug An Vorladron gwary kensa 5 mynysen an nessa hanter gans fowt a dhew dhen, y a waryas gans porpos, ha tabm ha tabm y a dhallathas synjy control a’n gam ha woja 5 mynysen y a dhegeas an bulgh tabm dre pot spal sewen gans Arwel Robson. Y’n lacka pres y’n mynysen 60 res o dhe Robson gasa an park dre bystik, mes yn despit a dhasrestrans dh’aga linen dhelergh, 3 mynysen a-woja an Vorladron a scoryas assay andreylyes dre Josh Caulfield dhe wul gam udn scor orth 22-15. Alebma rag yth o an Vorladron neb esa owth omsettya warbydn an Varrogyon ha troha’n diwettha 10 mynysen an gam yth o Cardhana neb esa ow ry dhe ves lies spal. Chons dhe scorya obma byttegyns a ve kellys awos bos spal pewashes dhe’n Vorladron chanjyas ha res dhe Gardhana dre neb argyans treeth an waryoryon. Y’n diwettha mynysen y teuth an chons diwettha rag an Vordaron scorya, mes y a gnoukyas yn-rag war an linen. Scor finel; Marrogyon Cardhana 22, An Vorladron Gernewek 15.

Doncaster Knights v. The Cornish Pirates

This match without a word of doubt was very important – a win for the Pirates with two matches in hand would see them in a good position to finish top of the league, and a win for the Knights would strengthen their current position at the top. The first chance to score fell to the Pirates, but A.J.Cant couldn’t turn the chance into points. It was Doncaster who scored first in the 12th minute through a strong maul which saw an unconverted try. However, the Pirates came back with determination and following a powerful carry by Josh Caulfield, Matt Bolwell scored a try which was converted by Arwel Robson. 5-7 after 16 minutes. Unfortunately from now on, a lack of discipline on the part of the Pirates saw them pay dearly. Over the remainder of the half, Doncaster took control of the game and with 27 minutes on the clock they scored an unconverted try to bring the score to 10-7. With a string of penalties, the referee lost patience and one after the other Antonio Kiri Kiri and Tom Duncan were shown yellow cards, leaving the Pirates with 13 men. In these last 5 minutes of the half therefore the Knights scored 12 points to give them their bonus point and a lead of 22-7

Although the Pirates played the first 5 minutes of the second hand lacking two men, they played with purpose, and gradually they started to take control of the game and after 5 minutes they closed the gap with a successful penalty kick by Arwel Robson. Unfortunately in the 60th minute, Robson had to leave the field through an injury, but in spite of a re-organisation of their back line, 3 minutes later the Pirates scored an unconverted try through Josh Caulfield to make a one-score game at 22-15. From now on it was the Pirates who were attacking the Knights and towards the last 10 minutes of the game it was Doncaster who were giving away a lot of penalties. A chance to score here however was lost as a penalty awarded to the Pirates was reversed in favour of Doncaster because of some scrapping between the players. In the final minute the Pirates had their last chance to score but they knocked on on the line. Final score: Doncaster Knights 22, The Cornish Pirates 15.