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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Coventry

Posted: November 1, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w Coventry.

Woja ogas ha dew dhedh a law, yth o sowdhan dhe weles enep an park yn studh perfydh rag an fyt ma – gromercy dhe’n ober cales gwrys gans meny an park – hag yndadn howlspladn hag awel clor, an fyt a dhallathas. An Vorladron a omsettyas dhyworth an kensa pot ha woja 4 mynysen y a scoryas aga hensa assay dre Tom Duncan, treylyas gans Arwel Robson. Y’n lacka prys, Tommy Wyatt a veu brewys y’n drehevyans rag an assay, hag y le a veu kemerys gans Alex o’Meara. Y hevelis dell wrussa An Vorladron scorya arta a-jy dhe 5 mynysen, mes hag y owth omsettya war an linen, Coventry a ladras an bel. Hebma yn gwiryonedh o whedhel an kensa hanter – an dhew bara ow cul lies cabmwrians, yn leow y cothfia dhodhans scorya. Yn udn leverel hebma byttegyns, an dhew dhefens o dre vras, pur grev. Yth esa dew po try chons moy pan veu prederys y whrussa An Vorladron scorya, mes res o dhe’n scodhyoryon gortos an 36ves mynysen dhe weles an bord-scorya dhe dreylya, pan wrug Alex o’Meara degemeras an bel dhyworth Carwyn Penny ha scorya y’n gornel. Trueth ny alja Robson y dreylya. Hanter-termyn, 12-0.

Dell wrussons y yn Nottingham an seythen kens, An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter dell wrussens y y’n kynsa – scorya a-jy dhe nebes mynysen a’n dalleth. Hag ynwedh dell wharvia y’n kensa hanter, An Vorladron a wodhevis brew, an dro ma dhe beuler Hayden King, neb a gemeras an le a Jack Andrew dhe hanter-termyn. Yth o brew euthek, awos bos an medhygyon ha’n meny medhegel war an park dres 10 mynysen dhe’n lyha. Res o dhodho bos kemerys dhyworth an park war ravath gans, dell wrussyn dysky awoja, brew an codna. Woja gwary dhe dhastalleth, nyns o mes 5 mynysen kens An Vorladron dhe gavos an poynt mas der assay gans Tom Kessel. Coventry a gevy moy a jonsow dhe scorya dres an nessa 15 mynysen, mes ha dre dhefens da an Vorladron ha cabmwriansow Coventry, y a fyllas. Byttegens, woja gwask, y a scoryas assay y’n gornel. An Vorladron a gavas dew assay moy – an kensa pan wrug Patrick Shickerling, gans marth dell heveli, cavos an bel – ha scorya, ha’n diwettha assay o contrewaytyans gans Shae Tucker, neb a bonyas 60 meter dhe’n linen. Scor Finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 40, Coventry 5.

The Cornish Pirates v. Coventry.

After almost two days of rain, it was a surprise to see the pitch in a perfect condition for this match – thanks to the hard work done by the ground staff – and under sunshine and a light wind, the game started. The Pirates attacked from the kick-off and after 4 minutes they scored their first try through Tom Duncan, converted by Arwel Robson. Unfortunately, Tommy Wyatt was injured in the build-up for the try, and his place was taken by Alex o’Meara. It seemed that the pirates would score again within 5 minutes, but as they attacked the line, Coventry stole the ball. This in truth was the story of the first half, both teams making a number of mistakes in places where they ought to have scored. In saying that however, both defences, by and large, were very strong. There were two or three more chances when it was thought that The Pirates would score, but the supporters had to wait until the 36th minute to see the scoreboard change, when Alex o’Meara received a ball from Carwyn Penny to score in the corner. Sadly, Robson was unable to convert it. Half-time, 12-0.

As they did in Nottingham the week before, The Pirates started the second half as they did the first, scoring inside a few minutes of the start. And also as had happened in the first half, The Pirates suffered another injury, this time to prop Hayden King, who took the place of Jack Andrew at half-time. It was an awful injury, as the doctors and the medical staff were on the field for at least 10 minutes. He had to be taken from the field on a stretcher, with as we learnt later, a neck injury. After the restart of play, it was only 5 minutes before The Pirates got their bonus point through a try by Tom Kessel. Coventry were getting more chances to score over the next 15 minutes, but both through a good Pirates’ defence and Coventry mistakes, they failed. However, after pressure, they scored a try in the corner. The Pirates got two more tries – the first when Patrick Shickerling, with surprise it seemed, got the ball, and scored, and the last try was an interception by Shae Tucker, who ran 60 metres to the line. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 40, Coventry 5.