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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Coventry (A)

Posted: January 31, 2022
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Coventry w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Nyns yw es nevra dhe Coventry ha’n fytt ma a brovas bos an keth. A-dherag bush da a 2,500 scodhyer, An Vorladron a ygeras an scorya dre bot spal gans Arwel Robson woja whegh mynysen, mes Coventry a dhewhelis ogas ha distowgh pan wrussons y scorya dew assay yn spas a dhiw vynysen – an kensa woja eth mynysen war an clock ha’n nessa diw vynysen a-woja, an pyth a veu treylyas dhe dhry an score dhe 12-3. Kynth esa Coventry ow corra meur a wask war An Vorladron, yth o An Vorladron neb a scoryas an nessa poyntyow, pan wrug Tom Channon scorya assay woja 20 mynysen, hag a veu sewyes gans pot spal sewen dhe Robson – 12-11. Lebmyn, y’n lacka prys, An Vorladron a dhegemeras an pyth na venjons y cavos – brew drog the Callum Patterson, neb a veu kemerys ‘mes an park gans ufern terrys ha dygevelsys. Ny wrug remenant an hanter favera An Vorladron drefen Covetry dhe encressya aga led gans naw poynt moy dre drei fot spal sewen woja 29, 32 ha 38 mynysen, dhe dhysquedhes scor dhe hanter-termyn 21-11.

Dell hevel yth esa nebes geryow fur leverys y’n stevel wisca dres hanter-termyn, drefen An Vorladron dhe dhewheles dhe’n park rag an nessa hanter ha dre vroas, kemeres charj an gam. Gans skyrmys cref ha linednow tuch omsettya esa pub prys peryllys, an gwask ma a ledyas dhe bot spal sewen woja 57 mynysen, sewyes gans an kensa a drei assay – hebma scoryes gans Matt Bolwell woja 60 mynysen, ha’n pyth a veu treylyes gans Robson dhe dhry an scoryow egwal dhe 21-21. An Vorladron a gemeras an led woja 72 mynysen, pan wrug Tom Duncan scorya assay andreylyes. An scor ma a 21-26 a besyas bys y’n 80ves mynysen pan veu an Vorladron pewashes spal. Yth esa sowdhan pan wrug An Vorladron sconya kemeres an trei foynt sempel dhe wul an gam salow mes yn le, gorra an bel y’n gornel.  A-dhyworth movyans linen-duch berfyth, Oliver Adkins a veu lewyes dres an linen. Kyn whrug Robson kelly an treylyans, an assay ma a ros an poynt mas ha’n gam a worfednas: Coventry 21, An Vorladron Gernewek 31, gans An Vorladron ow scoryow keniver poynt y’n nessa hanter.

Coventry v. The Cornish Pirates.

It is never easy at Coventry and this match proved to be the same. In front of a good crowd of 2,500, The Pirates opened the scoring through a penalty kick by Arwel Robson after six minutes, but Coventry came back almost immediately when they scored two tries in the space of two minutes – the first with eight minutes on the clock and the second two minutes after, which was converted to bring the score to 12-3. Although Coventry were putting a lot of Pressure on The Pirates, it was The Pirates who scored the next points, when Tom Channon scored a try after 20 minutes, which was followed by a successful Robson penalty – 12-11. Now, unfortunately, The Pirates received what they did not want  – a bad injury to Callum Patterson, who was taken from the field with a broken and dislocated ankle. The remainder of the half did not favour The Pirates as Coventry increased their lead with nine more points through three successful penalty kicks after 29, 32 and 38 minutes, to show a score at half-time 21-11.

It seems that some wise words were said in the dressing room at half-time, as The Pirates returned to the field for the second half and by and large took charge of the game. With a strong scrum and attacking line-outs that were always dangerous, this pressure led to a successful penalty kick after 57 minutes, followed by the first of three tries – this one scored by Matt Bolwell after 60 minutes, which was converted by Robson to bring the scores level 21-21.  The Pirates took the lead after 72 minutes when Tom Duncan scored an unconverted try. This score of 21-26 remained until the 80th minute when the Pirates were award a penalty. It was a surprise when The Pirates refused to take the simple three points to make the game safe but instead put the ball into the corner. From a perfect line-out move, Oliver Adkins was driven over the line. Although Robson missed the conversion, this try gave the bonus point and the game finished: Coventry 21, the Cornish Pirates 31, with the Pirates scoring all the second half points.