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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Coventry (A)

Posted: October 24, 2022
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Coventry w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Woja an gwayn cales warbydn Ampthill diw bednseythen alebma ha pednseythen frank an seythen eus passyes, yth esa govenek y whrussa An Vorladron cavos form rag an fytt ma dhe Coventry. Yth esa bush da a voy es 2,500 mirer ha’n nivel a rugby gwelys o argebmyn cooth rag an Campyoryeth. An Vorladron o an kensa dhe scorya pan wrug Alex Everett tremena an linen rag assay andreylyes. Byttegyns, Coventry a dhewelis a-dhystowgh ha kemeres an led der assay treylyes, 7-5. Coventry a encressyas aga led dhe 14-5 woja seyth mynysen pan wrussons y cavos aga nessa assay treylyes. Ena yth o tro An Vorladron scorya pan wrug Ruaridh Dawson cavos assay, an pyth a ve treylyans gans Arwel Robson, 14-12. Udnweyth arta, Coventry a dhewhelis ogas ha dystowgh ha gans namoy s 25 mynysen war an clock, y a scoryas aga thressa assay. Kyn wrug an dhew bara cavos chonsow dhe scorya arta, whath an bord-scorya a dhysquedhas 19-12 dhe hanter termyn.

Coventry a ygoras an scoryans a-varr y’n nessa hanter pan vons y pewashes spal woja 3 mynysen, an pyth o sewen, 22-12. Nyns esa edhom a voy es 5 mynysen kens Coventry dhe gavos aga feswara assay – ha’n poynt mas – dhe dhry an score dhe 29-12. Lebmyn yth esa mena rag An Vorladron yskydna ha ny ve aga haws gweresys pan ve A.J.Cant dysquedhys carten velyn orth 58 mynysen rag dalhen uhel. Byttegyns, yn despit dhe hebma, An Vorladron a omsettyas yn crev ha gans 66 mynysen war an clock, Max Norey a scoryas tressa assay An Vorladron, an pyth a ve treylyes gans Robson. An Vorladron a oberas yn crev rag aga feswara assay may haljens cavos dhe’n lyha dew boynt mas, mes kynth esa chonsow dhodhans, ny aljens y aga threylya yn poyntyow. Hag ena gans an diwettha gwary an gam, Coventry a botyas spal a-dherag an peulyow dhe ry scor finel, Coventry 32, An Vorladron 19. An dhew bara a’s teva chonsow dhe scorya moy a boyntyow, mes y a fyllas. Y’n lacka prys, res o dhe’n Vorladron dewheles tre gans travyth – ha whath an seson ma, heb udn poynt mas.

Coventry v. The Cornish Pirates

After a difficult win against Ampthill two week-ends ago and free week-end last week, it was hoped that The Pirates would find form for this match at Coventry. There was a crowd of more than 2,500 spectators, and the level of rugby seen was an excellent advert for the Championship. The Pirates were the first to score when Alex Everett crossed the line for an unconverted try. However, Coventry came back immediately and took the lead through a converted try, 7-5. Coventry increased their lead after seven minutes when they got their second try. Then it was the turn of The Pirates to score when Ruaridh Dawson got a try, which was converted by Arwel Robson, 14-12. Once again, Coventry came back almost immediately and with no more than 25 minutes on the clock, they scored their third try.  Although both teams had chances to score again, still the score-board showed 19-12 at half-time.

Coventry opened the scoring early in the second half when they were awarded a penalty after 3 minutes, which was successful, 22-12. Only five minutes were needed for Coventry to get their fourth try – and a bonus point – to bring the score to 29-12. Now there was a hill to climb for The Pirates and their cause wasn’t helped when A.J.Cant was shown a yellow card on 58 minutes for a high tackle. However, in spite of this, The Pirates attacked strongly and with 66 minutes on the clock, Max Norey scored a third try for The Pirates, which was converted by Robson. The Pirates worked hard for their fourth try so that they at least could have had two bonus points, but although they had chances they could not turn them into points. And then with the last play of the game, Coventry kicked a penalty in front of the posts to give a final score of Coventry 32, The Cornish Pirates 19. Both teams had chances to score more points but failed. Unfortunately, The Pirates had to return home with nothing – and still this season, without a single bonus point.