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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Caldy Cup (A)

Posted: November 13, 2022
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Marghvryny Caldy w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Hebma o an kensa fyt treeth an dhew bara ma hag yn udn sewya gwayn Caldy warbydn Ampthill an seythen eus passyes, gam cales a ve desevys. Ynwedh rag an gam ma, yth esa Will Trewin ow cul y gensa omdhysquedhyans yn crys Morladron. An Vorladron a dhallathas gans an gwyns orth aga heyn mes ny aljens y gul prow anodho. Yth o bresel dhyruttyans dres brassa radn an hanter ma, ha niver a jonsow dhe’n Vorladron a ve scullyes dres niver uhel a spalyow. Byttegyns, woja 18 mynysen Arthur Relton a gontrawaytyas delivrans ha scorya an kensa assay, an pyth a ve treylyes gans Harry Bazelgette. An Marghvryny a omsettya yn crev mes defens An Vorladron o fast ha tabm ha tabm y a dhallathas gwaynya tiredh ha Caldy a ve pydnys y’ga 22, sewyans an pyth o kevres a spalyow res dhe ves ha carten velyn rag aga Nr 8, mes y’n lacka prys ny alja An Vorladron gul prow a hebma, ha’n hanter a worfednas gans an scor, 0-7.

Y’n nessa hanter, Caldy a’s teva prow an gwyns ha scon y a dhallathas dhe worra gwask war An Vorladron. Yn udn sewya spal res dhe ves gans An Vorladron, Caldy a dhesedhas pot perfyth y’n gornel ha dhyworth an linen-dowlel 5-meter, y a lewyas dres an linen rag assay treylyes. 47 mynysen war an clock ha’n scor 7-7, Caldy lebmyn a’s teva an enva treeth aga dens ha gweles aga chons dhe gavas an nessa scor. Kyn wrussons y drehevel gwask, ny wrug hebma durya hag ynwedh arta yth o An Vorladron neb a dhallathas rewlya an gam, hag yn mynysen 55, linen-dowlel perfyth a dhelivras an bel yn ewn dhe Tommy Wyatt neb a dhystrewis an defens Caldy der y dooth ha crevder dhe scorya nessa assay An Vorladron. Y hevely lebmyn bos hebma gam a wrussa An Vorladron gwaynya kyn nag o scor namoy es 7-12. Byttegyns, dhyworth skyrmys crev An Vorladron a waynyas spal, hag a ve potyes dhe’n gornel, ha woja niver a ‘cuntel ha mos’, an bel a ve dhanvenys yn ledan, ha Relton a scoryas y nessa assay, hag a ve treylyes gans Bazelgette. Hag ena, gans an clock ow neshe 80 mynysen, Seb Nagle-Taylor a gemeras pot spal uskis ha knoukya a-denewen dew dhefendyer, ev a scoryas an assay poynt mas, an pyth a ve treylyes gans Carwen Penny. Scor finel: Marghvryny Caldy 7, An Vorladron Gernewek 26.

Caldy Ravens v. The Cornish Pirates

This was the first match between these teams and following Caldy’s win over Ampthill the previous week, a difficult game was expected. Also for this game, Will Trewin was making his first appearance in a Pirates’ shirt. The Pirates started with the wind at their backs but they could not take advantage of it. It was a war of attrition for the best part of the first half and a number of Pirates’ chances were wasted though a high number of penalties. However, after 18 minutes Arthur Relton intercepted a pass and scored the first try, which was converted by Harry Bazelgette. The Ravens attacked strongly but The Pirates defence was solid and gradually they started to gain territory and Caldy were pinned in their 22, a result of which was a series of penalties given away and a yellow card for their Nr. 8, but unfortunately The Pirates could not take advantage on this and the half finished with the score 0-7.

In the second half, Caldy had the advantage of the wind and soon they started to put pressure on The Pirates. Following a penalty given away by The Pirates, Caldy put a perfect kick into the corner and from the 5-metre line-out, they drove over the line for a converted try. 47 minutes on the clock and the score 7-7, Caldy now had the bit between their teeth and saw their chance of getting the next score. Although they built up pressure, this did not last and once again it was The Pirates who started to command the game, and in the 55th minute, a perfect line-out sent the ball directly to Tommy Wyatt who destroyed the Caldy defence with his speed and strength, scoring The Pirates’ second try. It seemed now that this was a game The Pirates would win although the score was only 7-12. However, from a strong scrum The Pirates won a penalty, which was kicked to the corner, and after a number of ‘pick an go’ moves, the ball was sent wide and Relton scored his second try, which was converted by Bazelgette. And then, with the clock approaching the 80 minutes, Seb Nagle-Taylor took a quick penalty kick and knocking aside two defenders, scored the bonus point try, which was converted by Carwyn Penny. Final score: Caldy Ravens 7, The Cornish Pirates 26.