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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Caldy (A)

Posted: December 12, 2022
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Marghvryny Caldy w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Woja an dyswaytyans a’n seythen eus passes, yth esa edhom a wayn an bennseythen ma dhe dhalleth crambla yn-badn an vosen. Gromercy dhe’n vodhogyon ha scoodhyoryon an Varghvryny a glerhe an park a ergh hag a godhas dres cres an mettinweyth. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn ta hag y’n 5es mynysen pan vons y pewashes spal 5 meter a’n linen Caldy. Ruaridh Dawson neb yn udn bredery yn uskis, a gemeras pot uskis ha scorya an kensa assay, hag a ve treylyes gans Arwel Robson. Ena gans 14 mynysen war an clock, Rusi Tuima a guntellas an bel dhyworth sel an skyrmys, hy delivra dhe Shae Tucker, neb a scoryas assay treylyes yn-dadn an peulyow – 0-14. Yth esa An Vorladron ow controlya an gam hag yth esa chons cooth dhe encressya an led pella, pan wrussons y gwaynya linen-dewlel 5-meter, mes gans an linen ow pesy a-dheragtha, y a gnoukyas yn rag. Kynth o cales rag Caldy gul avonsyans bys y’n eur ma, tabm ha tabm y a dhallathas omdhysquedhes y’n hanter An Vorladron. Y a ve pewashes spal, an pyth a wrug potyes gans aga Nr. 15, Gourlay. Hanter-termyn, 3-14.

Trueth an nessa hanter o kepar an seythen kens. Nyns o pell kens Caldy dhe scorya pan wrussons y potya yn-rag ha scorya y’n gornel – 8-14. An Vorladron lebmyn a dhallathas kelly control a’n gam, ha spena brassa radn an termyn ow tefendya y’ga hanter aga honen, hag orth y wul, ow ry dhe-ves niver a spalyow. Callum Sirker a ve dysquedhys carten velyn ha mynysednow a’y woja, Caldy a gemeras prow a hebma pan wrussons y scorya assay treylyes dhe gemeres an led, 15-14. Gans namoy es udn poynt an dyffrans treeth an dew bara, yth esa chons rag An Vorladron martesen whath kybya tregh. Y hevely bos aga chonsow gwellhes gans nebes mynysen gesys war an clock, pan ve gwarier Caldy dysquedhys carten rudh rag gwary peryllus, mes yn le kemeres prow, yth esa An Vorladron ow ry dhe-ves spalyow ha’n Varghvryny a alja gwitha aga linen dien dres an diwettha mynysednow. Hebma o dasscryf an seythen kens – ow ledya dhe hanter-termyn, kelly control y’n nessa hanter, ha fyllel scorya. Scor finel, Marghvryny Caldy 15, An Vorladron Gernewek 14.

Caldy Ravens v. The Cornish Pirates

After the disappointment of the preceding week, a win this week-end was needed to start climbing the table. Thanks to the Ravens’ volunteers and supporters for clearing the pitch of snow which fell mid-morning. The Pirates started well and in the 5th minute when they were awarded a penalty 5 metres from the Caldy line. Quick thinking Ruaridh Dawson took a tap kick and scored the first try, which was converted by Arwel Robson. Then with 14 minutes on the clock, Rusi Tuima collected the ball from the base of the scrum, passed it to Shae Tucker who scored a converted try under the posts – 0-14. The Pirates were controlling the game and there as an excellent chance to further increase the score when they won a 5-metre line-out, but with the line begging in front of them, they knocked on. Although Caldy were finding it difficult to make any progress up till now, gradually they began to appear in the Pirates’ half. They were awarded a penalty, which was kicked by their No.15 Gourlay. Half-time 3-14.

Unfortunately the second half was just as the preceding week. It wasn’t long before Caldy scored when they kicked ahead and scored in the corner – 8-14. The Pirates now started to lose control of the game and spent the best part of the time defending in their own half, and in so doing, giving away a number of penalties. Callum Sirker was shown a yellow card and minutes after, Caldy took advantage of this when they scored a converted try to take the lead, 15-14. With no more than one point the difference between the two sides, there was a chance yet for The Pirates to snatch victory. It seemed that their chances had improved with a few minutes left on the clock when a Caldy player was shown a red card for dangerous play, but instead of taking advantage, The Pirates give away a penalty and the Ravens were able to keep their line intact over the last minutes. Final score, Caldy Ravens 15, The Cornish Pirates 14.