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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Bedford

Posted: November 22, 2021
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Glesyon Bedford.

Y’n fyt ma, yth o an ragwarioryon neb a selyas an gam rag An Vorladron drefen bos oll aga fymp assay a dheuth dhyworth omdowlow lewya ha tervansow. Woja 12 mynysen An Vorladron a’s teva led a 6-0, dre dew bot spal hir gans Arwel Robson. Ny wrug an led durya pell drefen an Lesyon dhe scorya assay treylyes y’n 13ves mynysen. Ena y’n 17ves mynysen, yn udn sewya omdowl lewya Tom Channon a scoryas kensa assay an Vorladron. Mes dres brassa radn remenant a’n kensa hanter o spas drog rag An Vorladron, drefen y dhe dhascor 17 poynt. Y tallathas y’n 21ns mynysen gans assay gans Bedford, an peth, woja gweles an gwydheo prys diwettha, a dhysquedhas yn cler bos an delivrans finel yn-rag. Nyns o mes 5 mynysen woja hebma, daslabm 22 dyffrans yn tien eth yn cabm hag a ros dhe’n Lesyon assay pur sempel. Yn udn sewya pot spal sewen gans Bedford, An Vorladron a scoryas aga nessa assay. 9 mynysen kens hanter-termyn a welas dyffrans a brederow treeth Danny Cutmore ha Jordan Onojaife, an peth a ros Cutmore 10 mynysen a bowes y’n trog drog mes bath a-varr rag Onojaife drefen y feu va dysquedhys carten rudh rag boxesy. Kyn whrug Bedford whath scorya kens hanter-termyn, yth o hebma poynt treylya y’n gam. Scor hanter-termyn 18-24.

An nessa hanter a welas performyans gwell gans An Vorladron – aga defens lebmyn liesgweyth gwell ha’ga ragwarioryon ow herdhya a-dhelergh an bagas Glesyon, heb mar drefen bos dhe Bedford fowt a udn den. An spalyow skyrmys ma a ros An Vorladron an chons dhe botya rag an gornel ha trei moy movyans cachya ha lewya a ros dhe’n Vorladron an assayow a vydnens y cavos. Kyn whrug An Vorladron kemeres an led 25-24 y’n 47ves mynysen gans assay treylyes gans Joe Elderkin, na yllons y scorya namoy kens an diwettha deg mynysen, pan ve dew assay treylyes scoryes – an kensa gans Rory Parata ha’n nessa gans Syd Blackmore. Ny wrug Bedford omry hag udnweyth dhe’n lyha y a dheth pur ogas dhe scorya dre dervans war linen An Vorladron, mes An Vorladron a ladras an bel hag a bonyas gans an bel cler a’ga hanter dhe sawder. An Lesyon a batalyas dhe’n whytel finel mes ny yllons y tremena an linen. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 39, Glesyon Bedford 24.

The Cornish Pirates v. Bedford Blues.

In this match, it was the forwards who sealed the game for the Pirates as their five tries all came from driving mauls and rucks. After 12 minutes The Pirates had a 6-0 lead, through two long penalty kicks by Arwel Robson. The lead did not last long as the Blues scored a converted try in the 13th minute. Then in the 17th minute, following a driving maul, Tom Channon scored The Pirates’ first try. But over the best part remaining of the first half it was a bad spell for The Pirates, as they conceded 17 points. It started in the 21st minute with a try by Bedford, which showed clearly in the video watched later, that the final pass was forward. It was only 5 minutes after this that an unusual 22 drop-out entirely went wrong which gave the Blues a very easy try. Following a successful penalty kick by Bedford, The Pirates scored their second try. 9 minutes before half-time saw a difference of opinion between Danny Cutmore and Jordan Onojaife, which gave Cutmore 10 minutes rest in the sin bin but an early bath for Onojaife as he was shown a red card for punching. Although Bedford scored again before half-time, this was the turning point in the game. Half-time score, 18-24.

The second half saw a better performance by The Pirates – their defence now much better and their forwards pushing back the Blues’ pack, brought about of course by Bedford being a man short. These scrum penalties gave The Pirates the chance to kick to the corner and three more catch and drive moves gave The Pirates the tries they wanted. Although The Pirates took the lead 25-24 in the 47th minute through a converted try by Joe Elderkin, they were unable to score anymore until the last ten minutes, when two tries were scored – the first by Rory Parata, and the second by Syd Blackmore. Bedford never gave up and more than once nearly scored through rucks on the Pirates’ line, but The Pirates stole the ball and ran the ball clear of their half to safety. The Blues battled until the final whistle but were unable to cross the line. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 39, Bedford 24.