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Rod’s Cornish Match Report Bedford (H) Cup

Posted: May 2, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Glesyon Bedford

Woja an coll dyswaytus an seythen eus passys, yth esa gwaytyans a wayn y’n kensa fytt quarter-finel an hanav coynt ma. An Lesyon o an kensa dhe scorya pan ens y sewen gans pot spal y’n 5es mynysen. Byttegyns, An Vorladron a dhewhelis ogas ha dystowgh pan wrug Tom Channon scorya y 17ves assay an seson, an pyth a ve treylyes gans Harry Bazelgette. Ny wrug Bedford scollya termyn hag y’n nessa mynysen y a scoryas aga kensa assay treylyes – 7-10. An Vorladon a dhaskemeras an led y’n 18ves mynysen pan wrug Capten an Vorladron Nico de Battista, yn udn wary y gensa gam woja nebes seythednow, a scoryas aga nessa assay treylyes. Ena, woja seyth po eth mynysen, An Vorladron a encressyas aga led dre gen assay gans Tommy Wyatt, gans an dro ma Arwel Robson ow pos sewen gans an treylyans. Y havalsa dell esa An Vorladron ow rewyla an gam, mes An Lesyon a’s teva tybyansow dyffrans hag y a scoryas dew assay treylyes yn rew y’n mynysednow 36 ha 40 dhe wul an scor 21-24 dhe hanter-termyn.

Ny wrug taclow dalleth yn ta y’n nessa hanter rag An Vorladron, pan ve Matt Bolwell dysquedhys carten velyn ha Bedford a scoryas aga assay poynt mas treylyes, sewyes gans dew bot spal sewen orth an peulyow. Lebmyn woja namoy es 54 mynysen war an clock, An Vorladron a omgavas 16 poynt a-dhelergh gans an bord-scorya ow tyspletya 21-37. Dres an nessa mynysednow, An Vorladron a gomendyas nebes kemerydhysy hag y’n mynysen 60, Syd Blackmore a scoryas y’n gornel Yet Lulyn, ha naw mynysen woja hebma, Carwyn Penny, yn udn sewya movyans fin ha potik skentel gans Arwel Robson, a scoryas y’n gornel aral. Y’n lakka prys, nag o Robson sewen gans a dew attent treylyans cales. Byttegyns, lebmyn gans an scor 31-37, spyrysyon an scoodhyoron a sevis – esa chons a wayn? Gans diwettha gwary an gam, An Lesyon a ros dhe-ves dew spal yn rew – onan rag dalhen uhel – ha dhyworth an linen-dowlel, Matt Bolwel a gavas bulgh dhe scorya yn-dadn an peulyow, yn udn asa Robson pot treylyans sempel. Scor finel: An Vorladron Gernewek 38, Glesyon Bedford 37.

The Cornish Pirates v. Bedford Blues

After the disappointing loss last week, there was hope of a win in the first quarter-final match of this strange cup. The Blues were the first to score when they were successful with a penalty kick in the 5th minute. However, The Pirates responded almost immediately when Tom Channon scored his 17th try of the season, which was converted by Harry Bazelgette. Bedford wasted no time and they scored their first converted try in the next minute – 7-10. The Pirates retook the lead in the 18th minute when Captain Nico de Battista, playing his first game after a number of weeks, scored their next try. Then after seven or eight minutes, The Pirates increased their lead with another try by Tommy Wyatt, with this time Arwel Robson being successful with the conversion. It seemed that The Pirates were ruling the game, but the Blues had different ideas and they scored two consecutive tries in the 36th and 40th minutes to make the score 21-24 at half-time.

Things did not start well in the second half for The Pirates, when Matt Bolwell was shown a yellow card and Bedford scored their bonus point try and two successful penalty kicks at the posts. Now with no more than 54 minutes on the clock, The Pirates found themselves 16 points behind with the score-board showing 21-37. Over the coming minutes, The Pirates introduced a number of replacements and in the 60th minute, Syd Blackmore scored in the Newlyn Gate corner, and nine minutes later, Carwyn Penny, following a fine move and a clever little kick by Arwel Robson, scored in the other corner. Unfortunately Robson was unsuccessful with the difficult conversion attempts. However, now with the score at 31-37, the supporters’ spirits rose – was there a chance of a win? With the last play of the game, The Blues gave away two successive penalties – one for a high tackle – and from the ensuing line-out, Matt Bolwell found a gap to score under the posts, leaving Robson an easy conversion kick. Final score: The Cornish Pirates 38, Bedford Blues 37.