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Rod’s Cornish match report – Bedford Blues

Posted: September 26, 2022
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Rag an treja fytt an seson, An Vorladron a ros dalleth dhe Alex Schwarz orth 9 ha Rus Tuima orth Nr.8. Hebm o ynwedh an 100ves gam rag capten John Stevens. An gam a dhallathas orth toth men ha’n Lesyon o an kensa dhe scorya woja 5 mynysen gen spal. Yth esa chons dhe’n Vorladron dhe egwalhe an scoryow a-jy dhe’n 5 mynysen mes pot Arwel Robson a gronkyas an peul hag eth marow. Byttegyns, ha kynth esa edhom a 30 mynysen war an clock kens an Vorladron dhe scorya, pot spal fin dhe’n gornel gen Robson a ros dhe’n Vorladron chons a gachya ha lewyas, may whrug Will Crane mos dres an linen dhe scorya assay. Robson a geworras an dhew boynt dhe wul an scor 7-6. Gwary a besyas a bedn dhe bedn gen an dhew bara owth omsettya yn crev, mes yth o an Vorladron a scoryas tabm kens hanter termyn, pan wrug Rus Tuima eth dhe’n dor ogas dhe’n linen mes a alja ystydna y vregh lowr dhe scorya ogas dhe’n peulyow. Udnweyth arta Robson a dreylyas dhe dhry an scor dhe 14-6 orth hanter termyn.

Yth esa gweytyansow y whrussa an Vorladron pesya y’n kethsam maner y’n nessa hanter, mes An Lesyon a’s teva tybyansow dyffrans, drefen a-jy dhe teyr mynysen y dhe scorya aga nessa assay treylyes, sewyes peder mynysen woja hemma gen pot spal orth an peulyow, hag a welas Bedford ow ledya arta, 16-14. Byttegyns, yth o tro dhe’n Vorladron dhe scorya nessa pan wrug nebes handlans uskis yn-mesk an geynwesyon a worfednas gen Robin Wedlake ow scorya assay bryntyn, an peth a ve treylyes arta gen Robson. Lebmyn gen a led restoryes arta orth 21-16, gweytyansow o uhel rag scoryow pella, mes y’n lacka pres, aledna rag keniver tra eth war-nans rag an Vorladron. An Lesyon a gemeras an frodnow ha lewya an gam. Y a scoryas aga nessa assay gen 59 mynysen war an clock ha neb diw vynysen woja hebma, scorya assay niver 3 dhe dhry an scor dhe 21-28. Res o dhe’n Vorladron kemeres an nessa scor, mes dre dhaslabmow anwheg an bel ha niver a gabmwriansow yn-dadn gwask hag a ve sesyes un uskis gen Bedford, y a scoryas aga assay poynt mas ha dhe rutya holen y’n golyow, dhe worfedna an gam gen dew bot spal. Scor finel, An Vorladron Gernewek 21, Glesyon Bedford 41.

For the third match of the season, The Pirates gave starts to Alex Schwarz at 9 and Rus Tuima at No.8. This was also the 100th game for captain John Stevens. The game started at full speed and the Blues were the first to score after 5 minutes with a penalty. The Pirates had a chance to equal the scores within 5 minutes but Arwel Robson’s kick hit the post an went dead. However, and although it took thirty minutes for The Pirates to score, Robson’s fine penalty kick to the corner gave the Pirates a catch and drive chance, from which Will Crane went over the line to score a try. Robson added the two points to make the score7-6. Play continued from end to end with both teams attacking strongly, but it was the Pirates who scored just before half-time, when Rus Tuima went to ground very close to the line but was able to stretch out his arm enough to score close to the posts. Once again Robson converted to bring the score to 14-6 at half-time.

It was hoped that The Pirates would continue in like manner in the second half, but the Blues had different ideas, because within three minutes they scored their second converted try, followed four minutes later with a penalty at the posts, which saw Bedford lead again, 14-16. However, it was the turn of The Pirates to score next when some quick handling amongst the backs finished with Robin Wedlake scoring a brilliant try, which was again converted by Robson. Now with the lead restored again at 21-16, hopes were high for further scores, but unfortunately, from then on everything went downhill for the Pirates. The Blues took hold of the reins and drove the game. They score their next try with 59 minutes on the clock and some minutes later scored try number 3 to bring the score to 21-28. The Pirates now had to have the next score, but through unlucky bounces of the ball and a number of errors under pressure which were seized upon quickly by a Bedford, they scored their bonus point try and to rub salt into the wounds, finished the game with two penalty kicks. Final score, The Cornish Pirates 21, Bedford Blues 41.