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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Bedford (A)

Posted: February 21, 2022
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Glesyon Bedford w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

Gans gwayn Bedford marthys a-ves warbydn Ealing an bennseythen eus passys, yth esa keniver onan ow tesevos y fia hebma fytt cales rag an Vorladron. Kyn halsa Hager-awel Eunice, yth esa whath gesys gwaryva lyb hag awel crev. An studhow ma a brovas a’n dalleth na via hebma fyt a scor uhel. An Glesyon dre vroas o para an gwella y’n kensa hanter hag y’n 24ns mynysen, y a scoryas aga hensa assay. An treylyans byttegyns eth tabm ledan an peulyow – 5-0. Nyns esa travyth dres an kensa hanter ma dhe sevel spyrysyon an bush da a scoodhyoryon – ha Bedford ha’n re na an Vorladron – ha’n hanter a dheth dhe bedn gans an scor whath 5-0 dhe’n Lesyon.

Y’n nessa hanter y feu gwatyes gans an Vorladron ow quary war-nans an leder drog gerys, y a wrussa kemeres control an gam ha dos dhe-ves gans an gwayn, mes an gwaytyans ma a dhegemeras let pan ve Antonio Kiri Kiri dysquedhys carten velyn rag trespas hag yn udn sewya an pyth Bedford a-jy dhe diw vynysen a scoryas aga nessa assay, gans an treylyans an dro ma sewen dhe dry an scor dhe 12-0. An oberen lebmyn o moy cales rag an Vorladron, mes gans 51 mynysen war an clock, an Vorladron a veu pewashes spal, an pyth a wrug Arwel Robson potya yn ta. Mes whath yn despit an leder – ha’n gwyns esa orth aga heyn – ny alja an Vorladron yncressya aga scor. An Vorladron ynwedh lebmyn a arlehas niver a waryoryon mes gans le es 10 mynysen gesys war an clock ha del hevely, an gam ow slynkya dhe-ves a’n Vorladron, taclow a dhallathas chanjya. Orth 73 mynysen, Kiri Kiri a veu lewyes dres an linen rag assay treylyes – 12-10, ha lebmyn del hevely, yth esa golow orth pedn an geyfordh. Ena orth 78 mynysen, ken spal rag an Vorladron ha Robson o sewen gans an pot – 12-13. Hag y’n diwettha mynysen an gam, Josh Caulfield a ladras linen-duch Bedford, Tom Kessel a worras yn-badn pot kist uhel, an pyth a wrug gwaryer an Lesyon kelly yn-rag. Kiri Kiri a sesyas an bel, a’n delivras dhe Shae Tucker, neb yn despit bos dalhennys war an linen, a scoryas assay, treylyes gans Robson. Scor finel: Glesyon Bedford 12, An Vorladron Gernewek 20.

Bedford Blues v. The Cornish Pirates

With Bedford’s surprising win away at Ealing the week-end before, everyone was expecting that this would be a tough match for the Pirates. Although Storm Eunice had gone, there was still a wet pitch and a strong wind. These conditions proved from the start that this would not be a high scoring match. The Blues were by and large the better team in the first half and in the 24th minute, they scored their first try. The conversion however went just wide of the posts – 5-0. There was nothing over this first half to raise the spirits of the good crown of supporters – both Bedford and the Pirates – and the half came to an end with the score still 5-0 to the Blues.

In the second half it was hoped with the Pirates playing down the infamous slope, they would take control of the game and come away with the win, but this hope received a set-back when Antonio Kiri Kiri was shown a yellow card for an offence, following which Bedford inside two minutes, scored their second try, with the conversion this time successful to bring the score to 12-0. The task was now more difficult for the Pirates, but with 51 minutes on the clock, the Pirates were awarded a penalty which Arwel Robson successfully kicked. But still in spite of the slope – and the wind at their backs – the Pirates could not add to their score. The Pirates also now substituted a number of players but with less than 10 minutes on the clock and the game seemingly slipping away from the Pirates, things started to change. On 73 minutes, Kiri Kiri was driven over the line for a converted try – 12-10 and now it seemed there was light at the end of the tunnel. Then on 78 minutes, another penalty for the Pirates and Robson was successful with the kick – 12-13. And in the last minute of the game, Josh Caulfield stole a Bedford line-out, Tom Kessel put up a high box kick which a Blues player lost forward. Kiri Kiri seized the ball, passed it to Shae Tucker, who in spite of being tackled on the line, scored a try, converted by Robson. Final score: Bedford Blues 12, The Cornish Pirates 20.