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Rod’s Cornish Match Report Bedford (A) Cup

Posted: May 9, 2022
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Glesyon Bedford w. An Vorladron Gernewek

Gans prow tanow a udn poynt yn udn sewya an fytt tre an seythen eus passys, y fia meur a ober dhe wul y’n fytt dewhelans ma dhe Bedford, neb a veu crevhes gans niver a waryoryon dhyworth Syns Northampton. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn ta gans meur a wask warbydn an Lesyon, mes yth o Bedford neb a scoryas kensa dre bot spal y’n 7ves mynysen – hebma ow pos sewyes gans nessa spal woja 13 mynysen. Mes An Vorladron a gemeras an led pan wrug Danny Cutmore gwaynya an bel yn linen-dowlel hag a ledya dhe Carwyn Penny scorya ogas dhe’n peulyow, yn udn ry treylyans sempel rag Arwel Robson – 6-7. Y’n nessa mynysen byttegyns an Lesyon a scoryas aga hensa assay treylyes, hag a veu sewyes y’n mynysen 32 gans aga nessa, ynwedh treylyes. An dhew scor ma a lenwis an scoodhyoryon Bedford gans cher awos dhe hanter-termyn an bord-scorya dhe redya 20-7. Nebes ober dhe wul rag An Vorladron y’n nessa hanter!

Woja An Lesyon dhe ry dhe ves copel a spalyow y’n nessa hanter, hag yn udn sewya potik uskis gans Tom Kessel, yn mynysen 54 Nico de Battista a scoryas y’n gornel gans Robson sewen gans an treylyans cales. 6 mynysen woja hebma, An Vorladron a scoryas arta dhe re dhodhans an led 20-21. Byttegyns, an led ma ny wrug durya pell drefen Bedford dhe dhewheles a-dhystowgh ha dyegry An Vorladron dre scorya assay treylyes dhe wul an scor 27-21. Dell heveli dhe’n scoodhyoryon Bedford, an gam lebmyn o y’ga diwla, mes y’n mynsydnow 75 An Vorladron  a scoryas assay. Y’n lacka prys an attent treylyans o ansewen ha dhe 80 mynysen gans an scor dhe 27-26 (po gans an dhew fytt war-barth, 64-64) y fia edhom a 20 mynysen a dermyn moy. Gans an dhew bara ow kelly chonsow dhe waynya an gam y’n 80 mynysen, hebma o an diwettha chons lebmyn dhy wul. Shae Tucker a dremenas an linen yn diwettha mynysen an kensa hanter gans Carwyn Penny ow seweny gans an treylyans cales, hag y’n nessa hanter gans 4 mynysen gesys, An Lesyon a scoryas assay andreylyes. Gans diwettha gwary an gam, Bedford a’n jeva an chons dh’y waynya gans pot spal, mes y’n gwella prys rag An Vorladron, an pot o ansewen. Gam yntanus ha talvysogeth rag an vona, y fydh An Vorladron neb a wra gwary warbydn Ealing y’n hanter-finel dhe Ealing.

Bedford Blues v. The Cornish Pirates

With a slim advantage of one point following the home match last week, there would be a lot of work to do in this return mach at Bedford, who were strengthened by a number of players from Northampton Saints. The Pirates started well putting a lot of pressure on The Blues, but it was Bedford who scored first through a penalty kick in the 7th minute – this being followed by a second penalty after 13 minutes. But the Pirates took the lead when Danny Cutmore won line-out ball leading Carwyn Penny to score close to the posts, giving a simple conversion for Arwel Robson – 6-7. In the next minute however, The Blues scored their first converted try, which was followed in the 32nd minute with their second, which was also converted. These two scores cheered the Bedford supporters, as when half-time came, the scoreboard read 20-7. A little work to do for The Pirates to do in the second half!

After The Blues had given away a couple of penalties in the second half, and following a quick tap penalty by Tom Kessel, in the 54th minute Nico de Battista scored a try in the corner, with Robson successful with the difficult kick. 6 minutes later, The Pirates scored again to give them the lead 20-21. However, this lead did not last long as Bedford immediately came back and shocked The Pirates by scoring a converted try to make the score 27-21. It seemed to the Bedford supporters that the game was now in their hands but in the 75th minute The Pirates scored a try. Unfortunately the conversion attempt was unsuccessful and at 80 minutes with the score at 27-26 (or with the two games together, 64-64), 20 minutes extra time would be necessary. With both teams missing chances to win the game in the 80 minutes, this was the last chance now to do it. Shae Tucker crossed the line in the last minute of the first half with Carwyn Penny successful with the difficult kick, and in the second half with 4 minutes remaining, The Blues scored an unconverted try. With the last play of the game, Bedford had the chance to win it with a penalty kick, but fortunately for The Pirates, the kick was unsuccessful. An exciting game and value for money, it will be The Pirates who will play against Ealing in the semi-final at Ealing.