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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Ampthill

Posted: December 13, 2021
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Ampthill w. An Vorladron Gernewek.

May hyll An Vorladron synjy nessa le y’n kesunyans, yth o posek dell wrussons y gwaynya an fyt ma – ha mars o possybyl, gans poynt mas. An gam o hanter owr dewedhes yn udn dhalleth drefen na wressa an clavcarr yw res dos dhe’n park. Mes war an diwedh y teuth, ha’n gam a dhallathas dhe dhiw eur. Nynj esa marnas mynysen ha hanter war an clock kens An Vorladron dhe ygery an scoryans. Gans Ampthill ow settya yn le movyans omsettyans, Tom Kessel a gontrewaytyas delivrans ha ponya yndadn an peulyow dhe gavos an kensa scor. 3 mynysen woja hebma, Ampthill a scoryas try foynt gans pot spal. An Vorladron a dhewhelis a-dhystowgh gans aga nessa assay – 3-12. An Vorladron a dhallathas ry dhe-ves niver a spalyow ha woja 13 mynysen, Ampthill a sowenis arta gans ken spal. An Vorladron a besya omsettya ha woja Ampthill aga honan dhe ry dhe-ves niver a spalyow, ha’n Vorladron a scoryas dew assay treylyes moy dhe’n 15ves ha’n 20ves mynysen dhe dhry an scor dhe 6-26. Y hevely y fia assayow moy ow tos, mes lies chons a veu scullyes dre vras y’n niver a linednow tewlel kellys. Ytho, nynj esa scor pella ha hanter-termyn a dheuth heb chanj, 6-26.

Yth esa gwaytyans y whressa An Vorladron tydnhe aga gwary rag an nessa hanter, mes un trueth dhe dherivas, an nessa hanter a brovas na via onan perthys yn cov. Whath ny wrug niver a linednow tewlel An Vorladron obery yn ewn, hag ynwedh An Vorladron a scullyes niver a jonsow dhe encressya aga scor. Yth esa an dhew bara ow ry dhe-ves re a spalyow, ha rag an nessa seythen yn rew, An Vorladron a veu dysquedhys cartednow melyn – 3 anodhans arta – dell viens y kevys warbydn Cardhana. Mes dhe’n lyha, drefen defens An Vorladron dhe dhriga crev, ny alja Ampthill scorya kens an 73a mynysen. Gans an scor lebmyn 13-26, yth esa gwask war An Vorladron dhe witha dien aga linen, hag yn despit niver a omsettyansow gans Ampthill, y a gowlwrug hebma. Gans an golow ow fyllel yn uskis – nyns eus livwolowys dhe Ampthill – an breusydh a elwys ‘heb tu’, nebes a-varr martesen herwydh an clock. Kyn nag o gam dha, dhe’n lyha An Vorladron a sowenis ha dewheles tre gans 5 poynt. Scor finel: Ampthill 13, An Vorladron Gernewek 26.

Ampthill v. The Cornish Pirates.

So that The Pirates could hold on to second place, it was important that they won this match – and if possible, with a bonus point. The game was a half-hour late in starting, as the requisite ambulance had not arrived at the field. But finally it arrived, and the game started at two o’clock. There wasn’t more than a minute and a half on the clock before The Pirates opened the scoring. With Ampthill setting up an attacking move, Tom Kessel intercepted a pass and ran under the posts for the first score. 3 minutes later, Ampthill scored three points via a penalty kick. The Pirates immediately responded with their second try – 3-12. The Pirates started to give away a number of penalties, and after 13 minutes Ampthill were again successful with another penalty. The Pirates continued to attack after Ampthill themselves gave away a number of penalties, and The Pirates scored two more tries in the 15th and 20th minute to bring the score to 6-26. It seemed that more tries would come, but many chances were wasted through a number of lost line-outs. So, there was no further score and half-time came without change, 6-26.

It was hoped that The Pirates would tighten up their play for the second half, but sadly to report, the second half proved that it would not be one to remember. Still a number of Pirates’ line-outs did not work out properly, and also The Pirates wasted a number of chances to increase their score. Both sides were giving away too many penalties, and for the second week in succession, The Pirates were shown yellow cards – 3 of them again – as they had received against Doncaster. But at least The Pirates’ defence remained strong, and Ampthill were unable to score until the 73rd minute. With the score now 13-26, there was pressure on The Pirates to keep their line intact and in spite of a number of Ampthill attacks, they achieved this. With the light failing fast – there are no floodlights at Ampthill – the referee called ‘no side’, somewhat early perhaps according to the clock. Although it wasn’t a good game, at least The Pirates succeeded and returned home with 5 points. Final score: Ampthill 13, The Cornish Pirates 26.