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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Ampthill (H)

Posted: April 4, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ampthill

Woja an coll disweytus an seythen eus passys warbydn Ealing, an diwettha fyt ma y’n kesunyans ynwedh o onan posek rag an Vorladron – gwitha an covath anfethys tre. An Vorladron a dhallathas yn ta – 2 assay trelyes kens bos 15 mynysen war an clock, an kensa yn udn sewya spal pot scav kemerys gans Antonio Kiri Kiri ha’n nessa pot connek dres pednow an waryoryon Ampthill avonsya gans Arwel Robson dhe ry spas meur rag Tommy Wyatt cuntell an bel ha scorya yndadn an peulyow – 14-0. Y heveli del esa keniver tra ow mos yn-rag herwydh an towl. Byttegyns, Ampthill a dhewhelis gans assay treylyes y’n 17ves mynysen dhe dhegea an bulgh. Lebmyn tackow a dhallathas chanjya. Yn despit dhe Ampthill kelly ogas ha keniver onan aga linednow-tewlel, An Vorladron a fyllas dhe wul prow an chonsow ma hag yn herwydh cabmwriansow aga honen ny wrussons y scorya mes udn assay moy y’n hanter – y’n 27ns mynysen gans Tom Channon. Yth esa chons kooth dhe’n Vorladron cavos an assay poynt mas udn vynysen kens hanter-termyn, mes y a gollas an bel war an linen. Hanter-termyn 21-7.

Yth esa gwaytyans y whrussa an Vorladron strotha aga gwary y’n nessa hanter, mes dhe scruth an scoodhyoron Ampthill a scoryas dew assay y’n rew uskis a-jy dhe’n kensa 10 mynysen – 21-21. Gans an Vorladron ow quary pell yndadn aga savon usyes, y heveli y halja an gam bos kellys. An dhew bara a besya gul lies cabmwrians – neppyth na veu gweresys gans whytell-lowen breusydh. Y’n 67ves mynysen, Syd Blackmore, cudhys a bedn dhe dreys yn lystednow – a scoryes an peswara assay. Mes whath nynj o an gam salow rag an Vorladron, neb esa whath ow cul cabmwriansow hag gans mynysen gesys war an clock, Ampthill a scoryas y’n gornel. Aga fotyer o sewen gans an treylyans cales dhyworth an linen-duch. An Vorladron a’n jeva udn chons moy dhe sesya an gwayn pan vons i pewashes spal ha potya dhe’n gornel, mes an linen-dewlel a fyllas hag yn despit a dhaswaynya an bel, dathel fell a wharva ogas dhe’n linen hag a welas carten rudh rag an Vorladron hag onen melyn rag Ampthill. Hedn o diwettha chons a scorya, ha Ampthill a potyas an bel marow dhe worfedna an gam. Gans a dhew bara o cul niver cowrek a gabmwriansow, an kesscor a 28-28 o teg, drefen na wrug udn para na y gila dendil gwaynya. Byttegyns, An Vorladron a withas aga covath anfethys tre.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ampthill.

After the disappointing loss last week against Ealing, this last match in the league was an important one for the Pirates – to keep their home unbeaten record. The Pirates started well – 2 converted tries before there was 15 minutes on the clock, the first following a quick tap penalty by Antonio Kiri Kiri, and the second a clever kick over the heads of the advancing Ampthill players by Arwel Robson to give plenty of space for Tommy Wyatt to gather the ball and score under the posts – 14-0. It seemed that everything was going to plan. However, Ampthill came back with a converted try in the 17th minute to close the gap. Now things began to change. In spite of Ampthill losing nearly all of their lineouts, The Pirates failed to take advantage of these chances, and along with their own mistakes only scored one more try in the half – in the 27th minute through Tom Channon. The Pirates had an excellent chance to get the bonus point try a minute before half-time, but they lost the ball on the line. Half-time 21-7

It was hoped that the Pirates would tighten up their play in the second half, but to the horror of the supporters Ampthill scored two tries in quick succession in the first 10 minutes – 21-21. With the Pirates playing far below their usual standard, it seemed that the game could be lost. Both teams continued to make a lot of mistakes – something which was not helped by a whistle-happy referee. In the 67th minute, Syd Blackmore, covered from head to feet in bandages, scored the fourth try. But yet the game wasn’t safe for the Pirates, who were still making mistakes, and with one minute left on the clock, Ampthill scored in the corner. Their kicker was successful with the difficult touchline kick. The Pirates had one last chance to seize the win when they were awarded a penalty and kicked to the corner, but the line out failed and in spite of regaining the ball, a fierce fight broke out close to the line which saw a red card for the Pirates and a yellow one for Ampthill. That was the last chance to score, and Ampthill kicked the ball dead to finish the game. With both teams making a huge number of mistakes, a 28-28 draw was fair, as neither team deserved to win. However, The Pirates kept their home unbeaten record.