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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Ampthill (H) Cup

Posted: November 21, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ampthill

Keniver onan a wodhya y fia Ampthill ow strivya rag venjans woja aga fethans y’n diwettha gwary an gam mis alebma. Hag yndella y provis y vos. Ampthill a omsettyas dhyworth an dalleth hag yn despit dhe’n Vorladron ow ry dhe ves dew spal y’n kensa diw vynysen, ny aljens y scorya. Yth esa An Vorladron ynwedh owth omsettya yn crev mes an defens Ampthill a omsenjis fast, ha dyswaytys o keniver onan pan ve dew jons a scorya kellys gans An Vorladron war an linen Ampthill, dre ry dhe ves spalyow. Nynj o kens pedn an kensa quarter y teth scor, ha hedna ve cowlwres gans Ampthill neb o sewen gans pot spal a-dherag an peulyow. Hebma, dell heveli, a ydnias An Vorladron dhe yncressya an gwask hag a-jy dhe dhiw vynysen yn udn sewya linen-dowlel, an bel a ve oberys yn uskis a-hes an linen – yn udn squardya a-les an defens Ampthill – gans an delivrans final mos yn diwla Shae Tucker rag assay treylyes gans Harry Bazelgette. Ena orth 33 mynysen, Ampthill a scoryas nessa pot spal dhe dhegea an scor dhe 7-6, mes gans ogas ha’n diwettha gwary an hanter, Max Norey a scoryas nessa assay treylyes An Vorladron, ow levenhe defendyer orth y wul. Hanter termyn, 14-6.

An Vorladron a dhallathas an nessa hanter yn ta hag y’n mynysen 47, Will Trewin yn udn sewya y bot a-rag y honan, a fethas defendyoryon dhe’n bel ha scorya tressa assay An Vorladron y’n gornel. Ny alja Bazelgette seweny gans an attent treylyans cales. Yth esa An Vorladron lebmyn ow strivya rag an peswora hag assay poynt mas, ha keniver onan a brederis bos hebma certan pan wrug woja gwary uskis dallethys gans Nagle-Taylor arta a squardyas a-les an defens Ampthill, mes y’n lacka prys, ny wrug an diwettha delivrans mos dhe dhorn ha’n chons a ve kellys. Ena, dhe’n marth a geniver onan, Ampthill a dorras cler ha scorya assay yn-dadn an peulyow. Gans an scor lebmyn 19-13, An Vorladron a’s teva batel dhe omladha, ytho, pan vons y pewashes spal, kemerydh Arwel Robson a dhewisis dhe botya orth an peulyow dhyworth 45 meter. An pot o sewen dhe ry bulgh a dhew scor. Byttegyns, y’n mynysen 71, An Vorladron a waynyas an poynt mas, pan wrug Arthur Relton contrewaytya delivrans ha scorya assay andreylyes. Kyn whrug Ampthill scorya nessa assay y’n mynesen 80, nynj o hedna lowr hag ytho an scor finel o, An Vorladron Gernewek 27, Ampthill 18.

The Cornish Pirates v. Ampthill

Everyone knew that Ampthill would be striving for revenge after their last play defeat of the game a month ago. And so it proved to be. Ampthill attacked from the start and in spite of The Pirates conceding two penalties in the first two minutes, they could not score. The Pirates were attacking strongly as well, but the Ampthill defence held firm, and everyone was disappointed when The Pirates lost two chances to score when on Ampthill’s line by giving away penalties. It wasn’t until the end of the first quarter before there was a score, and this was achieved by Ampthill who were successful with a penalty in front of the posts. This, it seemed, urged The Pirates to up the pressure and inside two minutes following a line-out, the ball was worked quickly along the line – tearing apart the Ampthill defence – with the last pass going into the hands of Shae Tucker, who scored the try converted by Harry Bazelgette. Then on 33 minutes, Ampthill scored a second penalty to close the score to 7-6, but in almost the last play of the half, Max Norey scored The Pirates’ second converted try, flattening a defender in the process. Half-time, 14-6.

The Pirates started the second half well and in the 47th minute, Will Trewin following up his own kick ahead, beat defenders to the ball and scored in the corner. Bazelgette was unsuccessful with the difficult conversion attempt. The Pirates were now striving for the bonus point try and everyone thought that this was certain when a move started by Nagle-Taylor again tore apart the Ampthill defence, but unfortunately the final pass did not go to hand and the chance was lost. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Ampthill broke clear and scored a try under the posts. With the score now 19-13, The Pirates had a battle to fight, so, when they were awarded a penalty, replacement Arwel Robson opted to kick to the posts from 45 metres. The kick was successful, giving a two-score gap. However, in the 71st minute, The Pirates gained their bonus point, when Arthur Relton intercepted a pass to score an unconverted try. Although Ampthill scored a second try in the 80th minute, this wasn’t enough and so the final score was, The Cornish Pirates 27, Ampthill 18.