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Rod’s Cornish Match Report – Ampthill (H)

Posted: October 11, 2022
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An Vorladron Gernewek w. Ampthill

Woja collow keyn dhe geyn, gwayn an bennseythen ma o pur bosek – rag an para ha’n scoodhyoryon maga ta. Yth o Ampthill neb a ygoras an scoryans. Yn udn sewya dew spal yn rew res dhe-ves gans An Vorladron a-jy an kensa peder mynysen, Ampthill a botyas dhe’n gornel ha dhyworth an movyans ‘cachya ha lewyas’ y a scoryas assay andreylyes. Yth o tro An Vorladron scorya nessa pan wrug Ampthill ry dhe ves spal adherag an peulyow. An Vorladron a dhewisas an pot orth gol, ha ny wrug Arwel Robson fyllel, 3-5. An dhew bara a besya omsettya mes lies movyans posedhek gans An Vorladron a fyllis dre po spalyow po camwriansow. Yth o Ampthill arta neb o an nessa dhe scorya, an pyth a wrussons y woja ken spal bos res dhe-ves gans an Vorladron, hag yn udn sewya linen-dewlel 5-meter y a scoryas aga nessa assay andreylyes, 3-10. An Vorladron a omsettyas yn crev ha woja aga omdowl-rolya bos synjys yn-badn, y a sewenis gans aga nessa chons, pan ve Will Crane herdhyes dres an linen rag assay treylyes gans Robson. Y hevely dell via hebma an scor dhe hanter-termyn, mes arta An Vorladron a ros dhe-ves spal a-dherag an peulyow – an pyth a welas ynwedh carten velyn – hag an dhew bara a asas an park gans an scor 10-13.

An nessa hanter a brovas bos yn gwir an keth avel an kensa, gans an dhew bara owth omsettya yn fell, mes dre dhefendya stowt, heb chanj dhe’n bord scorya. An hanter a besya yndella hag yn fenowgh y hevely bos certan y whrussa Ampthill scorya, mes ny aljens y tremena an linen. Ena gans 7 mynysen gesys war an clock, An Vorladron a ros dhe ves spal pella hag yn kettermyn, gweles carten velyn rag knoukya yn-rag dre dowl. Gans fowt a udn voward rag remenant an fyt hag Ampthill owth omsettya y’n parth rudh, coll a hevely bos certain. Ampthill a welas aga chons ha potya rag an gornel. Martesen an studh ma a sevis both An Vorladron rag y dhe dhefendya an diwettha 7 mynysen ma gans keniver tra esa gansa. Y’n diwettha mynysen, gans An Vorladron ow tefendya war aga linen 5-meter, y a spedas ladra an bel ha tabm ha tabm a dhallathas dhe obery aga fordh yn-badn an park. Gans an clock down y’n rudh, y a wrussa seweny drehedhes an 22 Ampthill ha whath owth avonsya, bel uskis a ve delivrys dhe Robin Wedlake, neb a scoryas yn gornel. Kyn whrug an attent treylyans fyllel, An Vorladron re waynsa 15-13!

The Cornish Pirates v. Ampthill

After back-to-back losses, a win this week-end was very important – both for the players and the supporters. It was Ampthill who scored first. Following two consecutive penalties given away by The Pirates inside the first four minutes, Ampthill kicked to the corner and from a ‘catch and drive’ move, they scored an unconverted try. It was The Pirates turn to score next when Ampthill gave away a penalty in front of the posts. The Pirates chose the kick at goal, and Arwel Robson made no mistake, 3-5. Both teams continued to attack but many of the Pirates’ positive moves failed either by penalties or mistakes. It was Ampthill again who were next to score, which they did after another penalty given away by the Pirates, and following a 5-metre line-out they scored their second unconverted try, 3-10. The Pirates attacked strongly and after their rolling maul was held up, they succeeded with their second chance, when Will Crane was driven over the line. It seemed that this would be the score at half-time, but again The Pirates gave away a penalty in front of the posts – which also saw a yellow card – and the two teams left the field with the score 10-13.

The second half proved to be in reality the same as the first, with both teams attacking fiercely, but through stout defending, without change to the score board. The half continued thus and it seemed certain that Ampthill would score, but they were unable to cross the line. Then with 7 minutes left on the clock, The Pirates gave away a further penalty and at the same time, seeing a yellow card for a deliberate knock-on. With one forward down for the remainder of the match and Ampthill in the red zone, a loss seemed certain. Ampthill saw their chance and kicked for the cornel. Perhaps this situation raised The Pirates’ will for they defended these last 7 minutes with everything they had. In the last minute, with The Pirates defending on their 5-metre line, they managed to steal the ball and gradually work their way up the field. With the clock deep in the red, they had succeeded in reaching the Ampthill 22 and still advancing, a quick ball was passed to Robin Wedlake, who scored in the corner. Although the conversion attempt failed, The Pirates had won 15-13!