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New Defibrillator Cabinet Installed at The Pirates

Posted: September 28, 2022
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New Defibrillator Cabinet Installed at The Pirates

It was back in 2015 that thanks to the generosity of rugby supporters a portable Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was purchased and installed at the Mennaye Field, Penzance, which is the home of the Pirates rugby teams.

Mounted on the outside wall by the entrance door to the club’s Squash courts, a new store cabinet for the Defibrillator has now recently been installed thanks to the Penzance Lions Club, with support also from The Cornishman Newspaper and the Pirates.

Defibrillators are life-saving machines that in an emergency analyses the heart rhythm of a patient and then uses visual voice prompts to guide through each required step.

The more people aware of such machines, and where they are sited, is considered important, as is knowing how to use them in an emergency.

Speaking on behalf of the Pirates, Phil Westren said:

“It is also important for local residents and businesses to be aware that we have a Defibrillator on site – to act immediately, including telephoning 999, should an emergency arise. The emergency services will stay with you online whilst the Defibrillator is removed from the cabinet and will provide the necessary reassurance and help needed.”

The spread of Defibrillators about West Cornwall in the past decade came about following the passing of Ronnie Richards, a well-respected and affable character who sadly collapsed and died from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) whilst playing his beloved game of football at Penzance Leisure Centre.


The Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity (RRMC) had been set up with Paul and Liz Williams co-founders of the non-profit Penzance-based

charity, which was established in memory of Liz’s very close brother and Paul’s good friend and brother-in-law, Ronnie Richards.


Paul has commented:

“The installation of the latest new outdoor 24/7 Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) equipment at the home of Penzance & Newlyn RFC and the Cornish Pirates is very pleasing, and we would like to thank the Penzance Lions Club, along with the Pirates and The Cornishman for their support.

“Our charity helped create a recognised national and international multi-award-winning Public Access Defibrillator programme over nine years ago, which continues to help save dozens of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest lives for both adults and children.

“The delivery of a Defibrillator shock time is crucial to survival outcome, considering that one life is claimed every three to five minutes in the UK through lack of equipment. The quicker the shock is delivered the higher the chances of survival, up to 70% if given in the first three to five minutes.”


Paul added:

“All involved in our programme all working together to protect and save lives, and the location of the Defibrillator and its new store cabinet helps protects those associated with the Pirates, which is very much recognised as a community-orientated organisation, plus those people in the immediate surrounding locality.”


For more information on the RRMC PAD programme contact Paul either by email: [email protected] or telephone: 01736 360864.