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Mennaye Clean Up!

Posted: September 11, 2019
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Mennaye Clean Up!

There is no end to the manual work required to be carried out at any rugby club, so literally digging in at times to recently provide their input, playing members and coaching staff from the Cornish Pirates have played their part in a ‘Mennaye Clean Up’.

Under the direction of Team Manager Chris ‘Jan’ Rendall work was carried out about both the main field and the adjacent Nurseries ground. It all proved a very worthwhile exercise, with Jan commenting:

What we achieved for such a tasking in just three or four hours would have taken up to three weeks using volunteers and manpower ordinarily available.

The lads actually found it quite hard, doing things such as digging out thirteen tonnes of soil from the dugouts, and it certainly gave a total appreciation of work tasks that have been undertaken by our volunteers over many years.

Work was not just about the main field but also the Mennaye Nurseries. I have been here nineteen years and it is looking amazing at present, with old tree growth cut out and the place really tidied up.

Jan added:

Former player Peter Joyce has also worked hard on the grounds this summer, and together everyone did a really good job, which is to be appreciated.

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