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Cornish Pirates – Partnership with Kernow Resilience Hub

Posted: December 15, 2022
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The Cornish Pirates have very much welcomed the opportunity to partner this season with Kernow Resilience Hub (KRH), which is based at Pool, Redruth.

Our players have used the Hub’s fantastic facilities for recovery sessions, they also sponsor squad member Robin Wedlake, and an advertising board is on display at the club’s Mennaye Field ground.

KRH was designed around the ‘5 Dimensions of Wellness’ – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social, and it is a place where people can meet, work, eat, train and recover, and all under one roof. For more information, please link to:   https://kernowrh.com/

With reference the partnership, KRH’s Director David McNicol-Jones has commented:

“Kernow Resilience Hub is proud and delighted to be official partners of the awesome Cornish Pirates Rugby Team. The values shared between the Pirates and the whole team at KRH, centre around wellness, resilience, the holistic development of body / mind / spirit, individual excellence and teamwork. So, this is a partnership that just makes sense for everyone involved.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Pirates for our own work and together helping to provide real Resilience facilities for the communities, businesses and everyone in the South West and beyond. See us at www.KernowRH.com where you can see what we have at the Loyly Health Recovery and Resilience suite (ice bath, float tank, sauna and advice), also at Kernow BJJ (the only full time BJJ centre in Cornwall), Kernow Yoga Club (tailored to athletes, martial artists and people seeking inner and outer resilience), Kernow Self Defence Club (dedicated to developing confidence and safety for ladies, children, mental health and emergency services workers). As well as our professional spaces meeting pods and conference spaces for working away from home…….and our COMING SOON café!” 

Speaking on behalf of the Cornish Pirates, CEO Rebecca Thomas said:

“It has been a real pleasure getting to know the team at KRH over the past few months, their combined experience in all areas of business, health and recovery has been clear to see and is a huge asset to our training and recovery programme. 

“The KRH is a superb modern facility, multi-use and with a friendly and accommodating team.  From a business perspective having a hub that can cater for larger conferences, smaller meetings and with a space to provide wellness and down-time to staff is a great thing.”

Also very much appreciating the benefits that KRH offers, Head Physiotherapist Simon Edwards added:

“We have been using the Resilience Hub for a number of months now, it has proved to be an invaluable asset. We use it in a number of ways. One morning a week we use it for the rehabilitation of all non-training athletes, it has a very well-equipped Gymnasium, which not only allows us the ability to carry out resistance training, but furthermore allows us to re-introduce resistance exercises to injured players in a safe environment. It also has the benefit of a spacious soft matted area which is ideal for early-stage movement exercises and as the mats are of such a good quality it allows us to perform return to contact drills, again in a safe manner.

“We also make use of the recovery facilities which are without doubt excellent. The ice bath and the saunas are extremely popular with athletes, and the flotation tank is gaining in popularity. The recovery equipment is used for an hour post-rehabilitation on a Tuesday.

“On a Wednesday the athletes have a 3-hour time slot for recovery, this has proved very popular as this is aimed at the training players, who have by Wednesday performed two tough days of rugby training.

“I have no doubt that the use of the recovery centre is helping our soft tissue injury statistics this season, as we are able to formally recover. Importantly, the added bonus is the ability to safely rehabilitate our athletes.”