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Fly Half/Centre




6ft 1




Growing up within a farming environment in Herefordshire, Bar first played rugby at the age of eight.

Heavily influenced and encouraged by his father, who played for the Harlequins, Bar’s late grandad Ricky was also a natural inspiration. A former skipper and fly-half with the ‘Quins’, and capped seven times for England (1957-58), he sadly passed away in 1984, aged just 55.

Educated at Malvern College, Bar was also part of the Academy at Worcester Warriors, besides playing county cricket for Herefordshire Schools. On leaving school, he spent a year playing rugby at Bromsgrove in National Two under the careful and influential guidance of their coach, former ‘Pirate’ Duncan Roke. He then went to Loughborough University.

During his time at ‘Uni’, Bar played in the BUCS League and then in his final year for the 1st XV in National One. Also, whilst at Loughborough, he played in some ‘A’ league games for Worcester Warriors.

First arriving in Cornwall to train with the Cornish Pirates in the summer of 2015, Bar made one appearance, to which he added 12 more in his first full 2016-17 season with the club. He was also able to display his musical skills as a singer/guitarist, forming with playing colleague Will Cargill and former physio Dan Mannix, a gifted group called ‘The Black Jackets’.




Rocky, Demba

Previous Clubs:

Bromsgrove, Loughborough Students

Rugby Idol?

Johnny Wilkinson - the ultimate.

What item can you not travel without when on an away trip?

I don't really take anything, I just need to be sat amongst some good chat!

If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

The Ashes series in Australia, I've always wanted to go

What training drill do you dread the most?

I'm quite a nause and enjoy training, but I am relieved we don't do 'low man wins' anymore!

If you could be any other team mate for a week who would it be and why?

Anyone fast! I've always wondered what it would feel like to run around someone

Tell us something that the supporters may not already know about you?

My family have 3 bee hives and we make our own honey!

Where is your favourite place in cornwall?

Gwenver Beach

If you were not working in high performance sport what job/career would you like to do?

I would like to be in the marines

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