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The Pirates and Truro & Penwith College

Posted: September 7, 2018
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The Pirates and Truro & Penwith College

Success Achieved Through Hard Work and Resilience

The Cornish Pirates feel very fortunate to have had Truro & Penwith College as a partner for over 8 years, and being one of the main sponsors their logo sits proud over the East Stand at the Mennaye Field, Penzance.

Cornish Pirates’ COO, Robin James, has commented:

Truro & Penwith College have just released their A-Level results, with record numbers putting the College and 900 students at 10% above the national average. This is a fantastic result and well done to all the students and staff.

Hard work and resilience are core values of the Cornish Pirates and to achieve such results students and staff must have also worked very hard – and kept at it.

It is the Cornish Pirates ambition to achieve a higher league position than last season and this will similarly take a tremendous amount of hard work and resilience. Indeed, we look forward to demonstrating these core values to our supporters this season, so please come along and bring your friends, because a full stadium of home support is worth an extra player on the pitch!

Martin Tucker, Director of Operations at Penwith College, said:

Truro and Penwith College is well-known for its sporting links and for providing opportunities for young people to become involved in and progress in their sport of choice. The continued and positive link we have with the Cornish Pirates is a perfect example of that.

Ours is a partnership grounded in the enjoyment of sport at all levels. From those youngsters getting a first taste of competitive sport and learning the core values of hard work and resilience, to those experiencing the dedication it takes to compete at a professional level.

But importantly, it’s also a partnership grounded in success. As the Pirates continue their fine start to the season, Truro and Penwith College A Level students celebrate their best ever year for results – with 90% achieving a higher grade A* to C grade – with 450 vocational students awarded a Triple Distinction Star.

So it is the perfect time for us to celebrate joint achievements and to wish all those involved in our partnership the very best of success – to the Pirates for continued success on the field and to our young people as they take their next steps into higher education or a new career.

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