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Pain Management Through ‘BioWave’

Posted: October 18, 2020
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Pain Management Through ‘BioWave’

Cornish Pirates Confirm Sponsorship Deal with BioWave

Cornish Pirates are pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal with BioWave. BioWave is an external, drug-free, pain management device that blocks pain signals at source.

It works by using high frequency electrical signals that travel into deep tissue to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. BioWave has been proven to help reduce the need for patients to use addictive pain medication. Clinical studies have shown that 85% of people have experienced a significant reduction in pain from just one 30-minute treatment.

BioWave has been used by professional sports teams and elite athletes for well over a decade in the USA, particularly in the NFL and Major League Baseball, and will soon be available to the UK elite sports market and the general public.

Steve Dechan, founder of Platform-14 the company responsible for bringing BioWave to the UK, said on the sponsorship with Cornish Pirates:

Cornish Pirates not only share our love of all things Rugby Football, but we each have high ambitions and a plan to achieve them.

We also share a common value to support and stay close to our local communities.

Platform-14 is a medical device company specialising in treating nerve conditions, including chronic pain. It was founded eight years ago by Steve Dechan and is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

Cornish Pirates’ Head Physiotherapist, Simon Edwards, has commented:

At Cornish Pirates we have been using the BioWave product during these difficult times of the pandemic.

What BioWave has done for our athletes, who are training to prepare themselves for the restart of rugby, is allow some of the athletes, especially two with Achilles tendinopathies, to complete their rehabilitation and fitness training with far less pain.

During these times it has been very useful, as hands on treatment and face to face contact has been severely compromised. Initial results show very good pain scores using the VAS allowing greater adherence to rehabilitation.

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