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Good on You Gabe!

Posted: June 3, 2020
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Good on You Gabe!

HUGE congratulations are expressed to Gabe Judge, a 21-year-old Cornishman from Illogan.

Despite suffering cerebral palsy in four limbs, plus autism, epilepsy and being registered blind, he used a walker on Monday to not only attempt the last of 10 x .26 mile walks to raise a fantastic amount of money for the charity ‘Scope’, but in the process achieved his 2.6 mile goal. He was also accompanied on the last leg of his walking challenge by Cornish ‘Pirate’ Tom Duncan.

Ready for the off! Tom Duncan (left) is pictured with ‘Team Judge’ members Jacob Englefield, Gabe and his dad Simon, mum Debbie, and brother David.

Gabe’s mum Debbie is the shop manager for Scope in Camborne and Gabe is the mascot for all shops in the area.

On behalf of ‘Team Judge’ his dad Simon has commented:

A first target for Gabe was to raise £250 for achieving a 1 x .26 of a mile walk. However, we extended that to achieve 2.6 miles over 10 days, with the target raised to £1000. Incredibly, thanks to the support of so many individuals, by the time he completed his challenge the magnificent sum of £17,926 had been raised.

Simon added:

Many thanks to the Cornish Pirates for their support. Now Gabe is getting used to noises we hope, as fans, we will be able to come and watch a game.

A big thank-you also for Tom. He was great and really helped get the message across of look at the ability not the disability!

Following the last leg, Tom said:

It was a huge effort by Gabe to complete his challenge and I am humbled. His was a massive effort and the self-determination he displayed was so admirable.

His is an incredible story and I was really glad that I saw him in action. He has been an inspiration and with so many things happening in lockdown this was right up there with everything else.

The community got behind him, and I was so happy to be a small part of it. When convenient the Cornish Pirates will also look forward to welcoming Gabe as a guest to one of our matches.

More About Gabe

Born eight weeks premature in 1998, after staying for eight weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit, Gabe spent the first five years of his life in and out of hospital with various medical conditions.

He has cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs and includes a twisted left ankle and muscular weakness. His speech and memory are also affected, plus he has autism and related hyperacusis which means he is extremely sensitive to everyday noises and can get upset by new ones. He also has epilepsy, which is controlled with medication, and added to all this Gabe has been registered blind because he has stellar opacities in both eyes.

Despite everything, ahead of his challenge Gabe felt he had the confidence, acquired skill, and determination to achieve his aim, and throughout he greatly appreciated the support of his amazing family.

To find out more about his story, please visit:


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