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From the Physio Room

Posted: October 1, 2019
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From the Physio Room

Welcome to the update from the Physio Department.

First on the list is Kyle Moyle. Kyle is now in the later stages of rehabilitation for the injury that he sustained towards the end of last season.

Kyle has been working incredibly hard to recover from his knee surgery and is at present starting to work on increasing strength and speed. All being well we may well see him back on the pitch towards the end of the year.

Next up and keeping us all amused in the physio room is the irrepressible Dan Frost. Having sustained a knee injury in the pre-season Bristol work-out, Frosty is coming along very well and it will only be a few weeks before we see him lining up again.

New boy Harry Davey managed to hurt his ankle. At first it seemed like he may well have been out for a lengthy period, however he has responded very well to treatment and after consultations with our Foot & Ankle specialist we only expect him to be out for a few more weeks.

Another new face, Antonio Kiri Kiri, is working hard to regain strength and fitness after undergoing a procedure for a neck issue. He has been out training and we are looking forward to seeing him play. Antonio has some outrageous skills that will excite the crowds when he returns to full fitness.

Last one on the list is Cian Romaine, who this week is starting the unenviable task of essentially a pre-season fitness campaign. Cian, rather unfortunately, had to have surgery for a medical condition, which went very well. He is now hugely determined to make a quick return.

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